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Just a Small Crush.. Right? {Kyman} by cloud_drizzle
Just a Small Crush.. Right? {Kyman}by cloud_drizzle
Eric Cartman has secretly had a crush on Kyle Broflovski for longer than he can remember, but what happens when that secret starts to come out? (This is the first time I...
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  • kyman
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No Longer A Secret (Kyman/ Kyle X Cartman) by ItsYaGirlAce
No Longer A Secret (Kyman/ Kyle April
Now Kyle and Cartman don't have to keep it a secret of their relationship. Their secret is now out and Stan knows. Boy X Boy Don't like Don't Read!
  • southpark
  • staig
  • kylexcartman
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I don't want this ( Kyman ) by chubbypastel
I don't want this ( Kyman )by Lili
Relief to confusion then to pain, Eric Cartman can't seem to escape a relationship with the girl he ruined as a child. Its been years of trying to escape, wanting help...
  • stan
  • broflovski
  • ericcartman
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Mine And His by Fallen_princess_
Mine And Hisby Fallen princess
This is a continuation of a great author, you should read the first part of this and then come back and read this, author will be mentioned in the opening
  • kyman
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  • shouthpark
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The one who rocked him -SPAU-STONEPARK- by wowwow97AJ
The one who rocked him i.make.stuff.avi
this is a remake btw ^^) everyone in the school starts picking on Eric cartmen to get revenge. They had no idea what would come next.. -WARNING this story contains: eati...
  • rockedau
  • kyman
  • southpark
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Kyman ❤️  by X_Kyle_The_Jew_X
Kyman ❤️ by Eric_Broflovski
Kyle x Cartman story! Twists and turns hope this goes well! thanks guys! -kikikittypewdscat x
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  • kyman
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South Park On Crack by KrispyKrii7y
South Park On Crackby -
The Daily Conversations Between The People Of South Park. ༺🌮༻🌹༺🌮༻ <!>Disclaimer<!> ❂Characters Belong To Matt Stone And Trey Parker. ✺TV Show: South Par...
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Kyman Onshots by South_ParkFanXD
Kyman Onshotsby South_ParkFanXD
Whole Bunch if Kyman oneshots I have really bad spelling sooo :/ ⚠️TRIGGER WARNINGS⚠️ •Cuts •Depression •Eating Disorders/Bad Mental Health • fetishes •More that I can...
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  • southpark
  • ericcartman
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Kidnapped my little monster  by keithisyaboi
Kidnapped my little monster by keithisyaboi
Eric cartMan kidnapped Kyle what happens next This also can be an rp and I'm opened to try it I call Kyle
  • kyman
  • kinky
  • boyxboy
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the broken pieces (kyman) by ilove_kyman
the broken pieces (kyman)by emicalynn veliz
This is a kyman story ... Cartman is the new neighbor of Kyle they become friends then lovers, but a tragedy happens where the two split and one is never seen again...
  • ericcartman
  • kylebroflovski
  • kyman
South Park Oneshots by TamingStrange
South Park Oneshotsby I love South Park
Hey guys! This is my South Park book! I do x readers or of ships I like from the show! I do oneshots, maybe twoshots but not usually. You're welcome to leave ANY request...
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  • tweekxcraig
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South Park oneshots~! by xXGayLordCraigXx
South Park oneshots~!by A Nobody
A bunch of South Park, character X character oneshots~!
  • one-shots
  • stenny
  • lime
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i ship us; kyman by TWELVETEARS
i ship us; kymanby ❛ тупой ❜
Eric Cartman siempre ha conseguido emparejar a las personas que él pensaba que serían buena pareja, desde Token y Nichole, Tweek y Craig -con ayuda de las asiáticas clar...
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kyman comics/pictures(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) by GayMonika
kyman comics/pictures(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)by ❤
  • comics
  • hawt
  • kyman
South Park Yaoi by MidnightNoises
South Park Yaoiby A Nobody
Just a bunch a cute One-Shots!! Requests are welcome :-) I mainly do BoyxBoy Disclaimer: I do not own South Park or any of the characters involved. The images are not mi...
  • yaoi
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' crenny snapchat. by tridentt
' crenny ander
¡ "teorikallykenneth" te ha añadido !
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Criminal. (COMPLETE) by south_eater
Criminal. (COMPLETE)by daddy ;)
Tweek Tweak is an abusive marriage. He has been in one for about 5 years. One night his husband, Token, decides to have a formal party........something happens that nigh...
  • tokenxtweek
  • tweek
  • tweektweak
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Shipping Wars by caffeinetea
Shipping Warsby caffeinetea
"Kyle, could you and whoever you're currently dating give us a demonstration of how consent works? You're dating Stan, right?" asked Mr Mackey. Before Kyle cou...
  • romance
  • ericcartman
  • bebestevens
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South Park Headcanons And Randomness by FandomSwitchers
South Park Headcanons And M i l e s
My own South Park headcanons! If you want to request some just DM me!
  • karuby
  • sasnaru
  • twendy
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South Park Picture Book by pokegirl04581
South Park Picture Bookby pokegirl04581
Just posting some pictures I found. I DO NOT OWN pictures! I'm happy to do any requests as-well!
  • tweektweak
  • phonedestroyer
  • canadaday
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