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Love is Abuse (Kyle x Cartman) by Kerjae333
Love is Abuse (Kyle x Cartman)by Kerjae333
Kyle and Cartman are both known as the ones to bicker constantly. But underneath it all, they struggle to hide their relationship from everyone else. When their lives t...
You belong to me ~style~(Completed) by EG0ISTK1LL
You belong to me ~style~(Completed)by FROGS ARE FRIENDS
"Maybe I'll forgive you Maybe you'll try We should be happy together forever You and I" - Kyle has always thought his life was perfect,he's had his best friend...
Plastic Flowers  by Trashpannda
Plastic Flowers by Vinnie
Eric Cartman and Kyle Broflovski didn't have the best relationship, but as they entered Highschool, the two became closer. Cartman begin developing feelings for the redh...
Fatasseo and Jewliet by pixelated_nerd
Fatasseo and Jewlietby You're bootyful <3
*Kyle x Cartman fic* When Cartman gets the role of the dashing Romeo for the next South Park play, no one is willing to play the part of the fair maiden Juliet. So who h...
You and Her annoy me (kyman) by ViolaVargas
You and Her annoy me (kyman)by ViolaVargas
Cartman gets jealous, Kyle's frustrated and some closet time.....description sucks but whatever..
You never change  (kymen)  by kisyxoxo
You never change (kymen) by kisy.court
It's my first time writing so I'm sorry if I make any mistakes also English is not my first language, but I hope you enjoy my story. Eric was Kyle Brovlosky's biggest en...
Missing You - Kyman by EdgyCinnamonRoll25
Missing You - Kymanby Sophie
Ever since everyone graduated, Kyle had always had a dream to move away to a new town. His urge to restart was painful in his heart, too many memories stuck deep within...
Red Roses (A Kyman Story) by legendary_bebe
Red Roses (A Kyman Story)by meme queen
He looked over at me and he smirked, that was when he grabbed my shirt collar and pulled me to him and our lips met. My eyes were wide open and he looked at me. "D...
Snap out of it. [kyman] by kaivsq
Snap out of it. [kyman]by kai
Cartman blackmails Kyle into being his fake boyfriend to make Heidi jealous, but overtime they start having feelings for each other. cover: DoritoChan_ on twitter
Just a Small Crush.. Right? {Kyman} by cloud_drizzle
Just a Small Crush.. Right? {Kyman}by cloud_drizzle
Eric Cartman has secretly had a crush on Kyle Broflovski for longer than he can remember, but what happens when that secret starts to come out? (This is the first time I...
South Park fanfics by Kitbentley
South Park fanficsby Little $hipper
Not sure what I'm doing but I really want to try to Make a fanfic so yeah here I go Hoping for some kyman stenny creek and more
Real or Fake (Kyman fanfic) by teslarudisill
Real or Fake (Kyman fanfic)by TeslaCoil
When Kyle and Cartman are dared by Kenny to date for 2 months, They reluctantly agree. Will there relationship change or will it stay the same?
South Park sin by lemonmint60
South Park sinby lemonmint60
It's book about sin/smut/whatever you call it. Request are open. Feel free to suggest.
South Park Oneshots  by RitaAerog
South Park Oneshots by Rita
Just Some South Park one shots and film AUʼs including a lot of 𝐒𝐭𝐲𝐥𝐞. But you may find a bit of; 🦋 Creek 🦋 Bunny 🦋Kyman🦋 Bendy [And more] ✨just enjoy✨
Kyman~The Crimson Denial by a_horrible_person
Kyman~The Crimson Denialby A Person
Heidi and Cartman are finally over so things turn back to what it always was with Kyle and Cartman.Kyle starts to develop a crush on his rival as he did a long time ago...
The Jewish Butler - Kyman Fanfic by EdgyCinnamonRoll25
The Jewish Butler - Kyman Fanficby Sophie
When Kyle finds himself poor and in debt with a sick mother, he resorts to a job he dreaded of doing; becoming a butler. He's hopeless, with the fear of his mother dying...
south park fluff oneshots by lucky_lad_
south park fluff oneshotsby kimmie ;)
i don't see many fluffy oneshots, mainly only lemons so i decided i should write fluff oneshots :) (or maybe i'm just a weenie and i've just read all of them lmao) *DIS...
Rating South Park Ships by pakofin
Rating South Park Shipsby pakofin
I just wanted to say my opinions about random south park ships idk just saw someone else do it and copied it because i can't come up with original shit i would tell you...
Love for you ♡ Kyman by AsherLoV
Love for you ♡ Kymanby Asher Fernandez
A random southpark fanfiction