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I'm just your problem {Kyman} by recoverygoals
I'm just your problem {Kyman}by кαтιє 🌻
Kyle Broflovski is dating a girl named Leslie Meyers, who happens to be very abusive. No one takes the abuse seriously, except for one person. Eric Cartman.
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Beginnings Are Ends by the6thhour
Beginnings Are Endsby the6thhour
I never thought I'd be in love with Eric Cartman. Or anyone like him.
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Just a Small Crush.. Right? {Kyman} by cloud_drizzle
Just a Small Crush.. Right? {Kyman}by cloud_drizzle
Eric Cartman has secretly had a crush on Kyle Broflovski for longer than he can remember, but what happens when that secret starts to come out? (This is the first time I...
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The Bet by supermoralpark
Kenny bets that Kyle would never let the fatass take him on a date. Of course Cartman must prove the poor asshole wrong, but will it turn into something more?
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Kyman lemon (kyle x Cartman) {FINISHED} by queenofclowns9
Kyman lemon (kyle x Cartman) { Queenofclowns9
This is a lemon, smut is involved between two males because this is also a yaoi, alcohol and drugs are in this, picture is not mine The four males are 18 in this book, a...
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Touch by LittleSimplicity
Touchby Simplicity
Ever thought that you would fall in love for someone you hated? Neither did Kyle when he felt Cartman's lips pressed against his for the very first time. If only they kn...
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Inconsequential Fabrication by _Coolcat242_
Inconsequential Fabricationby Coolcat242
The class is going to learn about the holocaust and read about someone who has been hold captive. The class make a sudden connection to Kyle and Cartman as the Jew and N...
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File xXx《Yandere Kyman》 by Nimue_Nyaa_707
File xXx《Yandere Kyman》by Nimue Rosewood
As the days fly by, suspicion rises. Eric has been acting very strange ever since school started and Stan and his mix-matched rescue squad are starting to get worried. K...
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Curious//Kyman-South Park by idontcare1677
Curious//Kyman-South Parkby idontcare1677
Cartman x Kyle because why not I haven't and probably won't put much effort into this besides the art, the cover art is mine. The boys are in highschool, I keep changing...
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A Kyman fanfiction. (bitter tears) by EllaMarkley9
A Kyman fanfiction. (bitter tears)by Ella Markley
Kyle has always hated Cartman but when he notices Eric's life at home he confronts him and is met with a side to his worst enemy that he had never seen before, a sad, we...
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Flirtatious gestures (kyman) by pikemanstoe
Flirtatious gestures (kyman)by pikemanstoe
Just your regular kyman fic, maybe a bit more eventful than just them doing regular everyday lives just as a couple Credit to piss_king on Twitter
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Secret Love by stockingstripes
Secret Loveby Sweet Melons
How does Cartman like to deal with being in love with a Ginger Jew from Jersey? Warning~ Cursing torwards the end.
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Tell Me What's Going On (Kyman) by BrBlRoLe
Tell Me What's Going On (Kyman)by BR
Everyone has a backstory they don't want to share, and these stories always reveal why the present is how it is. Eric Theodore Cartman was a bully. A racist, fat, sexist...
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Kyman- the dance by Creek4all
Kyman- the danceby CreekLover
Cartman has a crush on Kyle but tries to hide it. There was a school dance coming up will cartman ask Kyle to the dance? Let's see
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My Hero by Chaotic-Jinx
My Heroby The Skeptical Jinx
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Weird feeling's - Kyman fanfiction by aqualikessouthpark
Weird feeling's - Kyman fanfictionby Aqua Marine
merp,another South park fanfiction :vv i don't know where this is gonna go?i just hope you guys like it!
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Kyman Oneshots by addressmedead
Kyman Oneshotsby Mushroom Muffin
A red haired, jersey born, judicious jew. A brunet, racist, manipulative fatass. Both always at war with each other. Arguments never left resolved. Fighting with all the...
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Kyman~ Im sorry I love you by TheKymanShipper
Kyman~ Im sorry I love youby FabulousKyman
Warning this is a very sad and graphic Kyman (Kyle X Cartman) story with torture ,rape ,violence ,beatings ,burnings ,and more. But Cartman isn't the cause of this its S...
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Opposites attract by Vash0420
Opposites attractby Brent Michael DuPre
Story about a romance that sparks between two young teenage boys. Who would of guessed it right?
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kyman forbidden time love travel by Narman266
kyman forbidden time love travelby Narman266
a year after Kyle sudden cry cartman travels back to time! but he sees little Kyle and WHATS THIS??? Kyle x cartman first story please be nice
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