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Ideal of Hope (My Hero Academia x DC Comics Story) by Ashupinski07
Ideal of Hope (My Hero Academia Alex
22 years ago, a spaceship crashed on a farm in Japan. Inside the spaceship was a baby boy. The family adopted him and named him Clark. They raised him as their own and t...
Kryptonian and the Olympians  by JimmyNelson7
Kryptonian and the Olympians by JimmyNelson7
How will the story of pjo change with the man of tomorrow in it. I own nothing.
Supergirl KIDnapped? by allysun08
Supergirl KIDnapped?by Mayleene
Fresh from Krypton, Kara can't understand English and Cat has trouble communicating with the distressed child.
The Kryptonian aka Jay-Kr (Male x DC Harem) by ThatEhhGuy
The Kryptonian aka Jay-Kr (Male Civil Warrior
When a man dies saving someone he is given a second chance at his he chooses to be a Kryptonian reborn in the DC Universe but along the way certain beautiful heroines gr...
Red Capes: Saviors by TheStormKrigeren
Red Capes: Saviorsby TheStormKrigeren
It was clear as day that the Project was not human. Humans came from the Earth, but the child had come from the stars. Almost from the moment of her birth, the star-chil...
Broken (A Supergirl Fanfiction) by y0urm0md0tc0m69
Broken (A Supergirl Fanfiction)by yourmomdotcom
After Lena cages Kara in the Fortress of Solitude using ice cell filled with kryptonite, she leaves her there to suffer as she did when she found out that Kara had been...
Peace | A Supercorp story by TypicalShipzer07
Peace | A Supercorp storyby Typical Shipzer
Kara Danvers/Zor-el and Lena Luthor find peace with every moment they are together. If there are any grammatical errors I apologize. This story kind of just kicks off an...
Karas past by PagingJanthony
Karas pastby nobody important
This story is about Melissas character in glee(Marley) and her character in supergirl(Kara) both being the same person
Living History -Supercorp by attemptingtowrite07
Living History -Supercorpby attemptingtowrite07
Sequel to Fixing History Back on Earth after a year away how will Kara and Lena cope with getting back to life as it was before? Is it even possible? With more eyes on t...
Freedom-Steve Rogers(continued) by whats_max
Freedom-Steve Rogers(continued)by whats_max
This is a continuation of @money_mason book Freedom because I lost the password to that account. If you haven't read the first text then idk what you are doing💀 after y...
The Kryptonian has fallen by Clacefe
The Kryptonian has fallenby Maite
[SEQUEL to I'll go beyond the stars] ************************************* SLOW UPDATES Count 3 months after the defeat of the Nazis. Oliver and Kara are living a peace...
Lena realizes that Kara's Alien-ness is more than biology, it is cultural too. What makes a human wedding perfect is different to what would make it perfect for Kara. Le...
Kingdom Come Izuku (Finished) by Overseer874
Kingdom Come Izuku (Finished)by Overseer
This is the sequel to my Story Izuku The Man of Tommorow so go read that first if you haven't anyway Basically about 15 years after the first story an attack happened a...
Robin and Superboy by TonyRydingerx
Robin and Superboyby Tony Rydinger
The Son of Batman and The Defect Clone of Superman must work together and become friends when Lex Luthor and Brainiac hatches a plan to destroy the Justice League.
What do we do Now? - Supergirl by _KaRaMeL_4_Ever_
What do we do Now? - Supergirlby Gryffindor_Lord
I have a few random ideas that I don't have the time to write a whole story for, but I thought would make a good one shot. If you like a particular story, I can try to d...
After Dark (Mon-El Love Story) by DiedT0Live
After Dark (Mon-El Love Story)by DiedT0Live
I turned to look towards him. He was always her with me when I dreamt. He held me close to him, it was like he was afraid of losing me. Like this was the last time he wo...
The Luthor and the servant  by Gaybish42
The Luthor and the servant by Caity Lance
The Luthor are the most powerful kingdom they just purchased a group of servants one of them was Kara Danvers/zor-el who was taken from her village Lena grows quite fond...
At The End Of The Day by IronDaughter146
At The End Of The Dayby Slytherin Queen
Tyr-Van or Tyler was a 17 year old alien girl. Known as the youngest CEO and the youngest to develop their own entertainment business she was also a part time hero. Thro...
Kara and Mon-el two different Times apart by JusticeRewey
Kara and Mon-el two different Rewey123
what if Mon-el came back will it be the same what do you think read to find out.