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The Puppets, Their Creation, The Puppeteer (HoloCouncil x Fem Reader) by dimph21
The Puppets, Their Creation, The dimph21 ☄️
After finding out about her origins, (Y/N) is reminded of her purpose: to save her creators. Along with one of them, the Guardian of Civilization, they are to free The C...
"An Assassin?" | Hololive x Male!OC by ThePotat420
"An Assassin?" | Hololive x Male!OCby ThePotat21
So this is what happens when the man, the legend himself, Yagoo, kindly asks an infamous assassin...a killer for hire to work as a body guard and house keeper for five c...
The Knight of Nature  by yardhound
The Knight of Nature by yard hound
Drago was a knight serving his kingdom until an all-out war broke out within the kingdoms. On one day he was all that was left in the army he was in fighting with all of...
Hololive Untitle ft. reader by SeijunMei
Hololive Untitle ft. readerby meirin
Idk what to put here but enjoy it also includes y/n
Roommate Wanted. No Betrayers. by nayarune
Roommate Wanted. No Rune
Ouro Kronii lives alone in a big empty house, with only anxiety and abandonment issues for company. This needs to change. KronFauMei with background BaeRyS
The Triangle by MizuchiYoruka
The Triangleby MizuchiYoruka
My First Fanfic of a love triangle between, and owl, a warden of time and mother nature.
Hololive English x Male Reader by Phi1903
Hololive English x Male Readerby Luna VN
Hi, it's me again. This is the 2nd book written about Hololive English just a short story. You can see my first book of Hololive oneshots on my profile. Hope you enjoy...
Patient Vampire by NyxLau
Patient Vampireby NyxLau
Kronii is from a Noble Vampire family. Who rebels against her family's old teaching and wants to live together with the humans. But then, she meets Mumei, who will bring...
The Imperfect Perfection by Lazyumu
The Imperfect Perfectionby 메이
Ouro Kronii is the daughter of a very influential businessman in Tokyo. She was raised to be perfect ever since she was a child. She stood at the top of her class as she...
HoloEN X Male Reader by KazuiKuro
HoloEN X Male Readerby KazuiKuro
After Y/N had saved his Lover Mori Calliope from Getting Killed by a foe who can even kill immortals, He died and suddenly woke up 1000 years in the future. This is a ha...
The Owl and The Greatest Swordsman (coming soon) by yardhound
The Owl and The Greatest yard hound
Calvin Steel is otherwise known throughout the world as the Greatest Swordsman. He is hated by the world and loved ones the only ones he has that is loyal to him are his...
HololiveEn Text Messages by CharaNoSurnameBtw
HololiveEn Text Messagesby CharaNoSurnameBtw
the messaging app isnt rlly specified but oh well Just some funny text messages from ur favourite girls! :D enjoy >:]
Random holomyth and holoCouncil chats  by shukichi-chan09
Random holomyth and holoCouncil EnidGothWife<3
this is my first fanfic about hololiveEN
Hololive Highschool AU by -Yumirey-
Hololive Highschool AUby Yumirey
This AU is an interpretation of the illustrations by @amlichan who is the illustrator of the images that I put in this fanfic. In this Au, the Hololive girls find themse...
The delinquent and the rat (Hako Baelz x Delinquent!Male!Reader) by JakeIlagan7
The delinquent and the rat (Hako Rei
Holo-High girls academy and Matsubara "Matsu" high-school are two sides of the same coin both students and the faculty hate each others guts. This follows (y/n...
Holocouncil X Non-binary reader (how they met) vol.2 by ihatelife197
Holocouncil X Non-binary reader ( Ivan Smith
basically y/n Watson is Amelia Watson twin. y/n got dragged into doing it because of Ame, then they got seperated while travelling and y/n met...mother nature.. the guar...
A dance with you by BaeSimp
A dance with youby BaeSimp
A ball in the end of the world In the middle space was a small land with a courthouse on it Once in a hundred years,there was one special day where all the gods and myt...
Send Me A Sign - (Kronmei College AU Fanfic) [On Hold/Update Soon] by Tragic_Ghost
Send Me A Sign - (Kronmei 𝕲𝖍𝖔𝖘𝖙
Ouro Kronii is going to College along side with her friends, Tsukumo Sana and Hakos Baelz, as they start their first year together. Kronii expecting a regular college ex...
Holocouncil incorrect quotes by BaeSimp
Holocouncil incorrect quotesby BaeSimp
just some incorrect quotes I think of
Council, Hope, And Myth Origins Hololive by porina0
Council, Hope, And Myth Origins ポリナ
A story of how the Council, Hope, and Myth came into the universe by the Gods The beginning is slow... sorry but not sorry its my version of the lore :P