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Hololive's Sugar Idol [Hololive x fem/male reader] by HidenSeeker_
Hololive's Sugar Idol [Hololive x...by HiddenSeeker
Despite being born with a voice gifted by Nature, the Protagonist in question is known to be quite lethargic; barely ever using his talent for what it's meant to be used...
From The Ashes, We Rise by ThatShyDude
From The Ashes, We Riseby ThatShyDude
Fire, it can denote passion, purification, anger, destruction, rage, pain, and suffering, yet it also brings with it life. The mythical Phoenix a being made from this el...
Izuku's New Life by YSingc
Izuku's New Lifeby Cing
Not much to say but just read
Hotline Hololive (Y/n Jacket reader x Hololive) by Codmplayer2514
Hotline Hololive (Y/n Jacket reade...by Codm
The infamous Jacket from Miami, Florida. He had singlehandedly bring down a mafia organization in America, he had gained infamy world wide among the mafia organization i...
Shadows of Vengeance: (Y/N)'s Raidraptor Rebellion by normal_writer1812
Shadows of Vengeance: (Y/N)'s Raid...by normal_writer1812
diamond city, a beautiful city where technology is advanced and where the best duelist is at. a place where many people have fun playing duel monster and duel on motorc...
How Far Down Shall We Go (Hololive x Reader) by Amecx10
How Far Down Shall We Go (Hololive...by Azared
My goal for this is a Manager x hololive fanfic i don't know what else to put here but i hope you have fun I don't own Any of the characters i use except Kruo and Y/N th...
Time Thief (hololive en x male reader) by Mr_264_The_Boi
Time Thief (hololive en x male rea...by Mr_264 The_Boi
all properties used are owned by their respective owners this cover is temporary till either A. I get good at drawing or B. I buy a commission
Eldritch Reincarnation by Seinaki
Eldritch Reincarnationby Ryo Yamada
[Hololive x Tensura] Hololive Productions by Cover Corp Tensura by Fuse ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The cold winter breeze brushed up against his face as he takes his final hitche...
The Machinations Of Greed by MichaelTheHaxor
The Machinations Of Greedby MichaelTheHaxor
Once upon a time, there was a lonely robot who had no-one but shackles and chains holding its arms, so... he wanted more.
Hololive's Big Brother by SeramLumie
Hololive's Big Brotherby Sick
There exists a shrine in the inner reaches of the darkest forest, a place you're only allowed to see if the guardian deity lets you. Saiai Shinrin the nine-tailed God th...
Dragon Ball V(tuber) by normal_writer1812
Dragon Ball V(tuber)by normal_writer1812
in a whole another world, where monster roamed and terrorize people. there were 7 legendary heroes who resides on the world. these 7 legendary being known across the wor...
[ON HOLD](VOL3) Why Am I In Another Situation? [HOLOLIVE X YOUTUBER MALE READER] by KorWhoWrites
[ON HOLD](VOL3) Why Am I In Anothe...by [⧰] KOR
Previously on 'Why am I still in this situation...?!', Y/n gets sent to jail. This volume follows Y/n and his journey in prison and more. (READ PREVIOUS VOLUMES FIRST.) ...
Artorias Male Reader X Hololive Harem: The Wolf Knight Bodyguard Of Hololive by AddictedToHololive
Artorias Male Reader X Hololive Ha...by Yami Omikami
Wanting to protect his Members from danger, Motoaki "Yagoo" Tanigo, traveled across the world to find the legendary Wolf Knight. A person he thought was just a...
Hololive reacts to VanossGaming & crew by Codmplayer2514
Hololive reacts to VanossGaming...by Codm
(If you want to add others from JP or ID then go ahead and tell me. I'll do my best on translating.) What happens if a famous agency of vtubers react to a Youtuber who f...
Our Wills by BronyaLover
Our Willsby Esoteric
In a world where myths exist, hidden beneath the cloak of darkness, a young man finds himself embroiled in the war against evil. Follow his story as his destiny becomes...
The Arc of the Holostars by EienNoSetsuna
The Arc of the Holostarsby Skyfall
Jaune Arc. The leader of Team JNPR, the weakest student of Beacon Academy and the school's punching bag. A boy who cheated into the Academy to be a hero like his ancesto...
The Hololive Council (a Hololive Fanfic) *Completed* by ArlWrites
The Hololive Council (a Hololive F...by Arl
Are you ready? "The Council has decided your fate!" Concepts of the universe manifest into anthropomorphic-like beings are tasked with maintaining the struct...
Protector Of Hololive? (Kamen Rider Decade Male Reader X Hololive)  by D-D-Decade
Protector Of Hololive? (Kamen Ride...by Decade
Let's just say Yagoo didn't hired an ordinary guy in fact quite more than ordinary because he is the son of Kamen Rider Decade and the current user.(Hololive and Decade...
A fools guide to dying ! - (hololive x male reader) by Horikemo
A fools guide to dying ! - (hololi...by Horikemo
Boredom has been killing me... Well let's get into it ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Y/n L/n is a 20 year old co...
Hololive Madness! (Reader X Hololive) by HidenSeeker_
Hololive Madness! (Reader X Hololi...by HiddenSeeker
[ STORY COMPLETED ] A simple, fun, and chaotic story with all types of twists and turns. As you embark on your journey inside Hololive, you will learn what it means to s...