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Yandere Kouha Ren x Reader (Magi) by AhiruElric
Yandere Kouha Ren x Reader (Magi)by EniloraThePuppeteer
When your village was raided and you were sold off as a slave, you never imagined you would gain the love of a prince. However, this was a prince you wished you had neve...
Magi Oneshots [Requests Are CLOSED] by mintashti
Magi Oneshots [Requests Are CLOSED]by 🔱Mintashti🔱
A oneshot book of Magi for you readers. The first few stories are sucky in my opinion since I only wrote them when I was 11. But I'm sure my writing slowly gets better i...
MAGI oneshots by Mintpotato13
MAGI oneshotsby ashlynn13
it's just a one-shot book I mainly made for myself, feel free to read it. u can request me and I'll try my best. cover, characters. nothing is mine. (I don't own reader...
|| 𝕷𝖔𝖘𝖙 || Magi X Kny Reader (Original) by Aukaneva
|| 𝕷𝖔𝖘𝖙 || Magi X Kny Reader (...by ıllıllı 時代 ıllıllı
Read to find out! || Started from 6th January 2021 || ends from ??? ||
Arranged Marriage (Kouha X Reader) by ESKT_26
Arranged Marriage (Kouha X Reader)by about26noobs
Kouha from Magi When you find out you're to be in an arranged marriage with the Kou Empire you aren't the happiest girl. Upon fist meeting with Kouha you get your first...
Magi oneshots by Beyond-Brithday
Magi oneshotsby Beyond-Brithday
Hi guys it is as the title says magi oneshots plz request story's I need some characters kk see ya
Magi X Blind Reader by BlackRose2811
Magi X Blind Readerby Rosie
A young girl is stricken with blindness and now has to travel the world alone, proving people wrong and defeating her disability.
Magi: Hiraeth by lilyofthelamplight_
Magi: Hiraethby ☆
"Even the mightiest of kings fall once forced to the edge." The longing for a place you called home that never was yours, is the most painful form of lonelines...
My Love: Yandere Kouha Ren X Fem! Reader by Assiah-chan
My Love: Yandere Kouha Ren X Fem...by Assiah-chan
Yandere Kouha Ren x Fem! Reader •Short chapters• "Oh my gosh did you hear about Prince Kouha!!!" "Yeah everyone's been talking about him recently." ...
~Hiatus~ Wish (Various Magi x Reader) by Cookielzi
~Hiatus~ Wish (Various Magi x Read...by Cookielzi
[Y/N] found herself in the world of magi however she has a secret too. She too caught hearts of the boys and has to change and choose something. What could it be! Stay t...
Magi one-shots by Maryposavik
Magi one-shotsby ReturnToTheRukh
Just like the title says, a bunch of Magi one-shots! Magi belongs to Shinobu Ohtaka. Writing Belongs to Me The image doesn't belong to me either English is not my moth...
Magi x Reader One Shots by Words-Of-Fate
Magi x Reader One Shotsby Fate
A collection of reader-insert one shots with all of your favorite Magi characters~
The Legendary Warrior [Magi x Reader] (ONGOING) by Draculaura8
The Legendary Warrior [Magi x Read...by Saiko
Clad in black, wears a mask to conceal her identity and an aura of mysteries surrounds her persona. The Warrior who's making a name for being a savior to all. Traveling...
Magi Oneshots by holli456
Magi Oneshotsby ~Peek-a-boo~
Just a bunch of random oneshots with magi characters. Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, anime, or pictures. Everything belongs to there rightful owner
Drink a shot, Magi ! by Weverkins
Drink a shot, Magi !by Weverkins
Because I love magi I think it's time for me to make some oneshots 😈. Still do not own magi characters! Have fun reading the things that my mind can generate.
Mad Love  [Kouha x OC] by PrettyLittleDragon
Mad Love [Kouha x OC]by PrettyLittleDragon
Nori Arashi is the daughter of a magician. Her life as a doctor was great, but one day a prince enters her life after she saved his life and he changes hers.
Magi Stories by TooKawaiiTooLive
Magi Storiesby Rifa
These are basically just one shots but I thought it'd be better to put stories. Anyway, these are x reader one shots and I'll try my best to make them as gender neutral...
Magi X reader by JJ_Nation
Magi X readerby JJ Nation
Look at the title ☝🏻 X female reader ⚠️ Achtung!! ⚠️ Slow updates cuz nursing school... This may contain spoilers Possible mild language And yes! typos! Y'all hav...
Bride of Sinbad by Ryzracxx
Bride of Sinbadby ESR Studio