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XIII's Rebirth by UndeadAvenger
XIII's Rebirthby Stratos
Complete rework of an old Story, explanation in first chapter
(Male reader x Kill La Kill) May your heart be your guiding key by Greasyb19
(Male reader x Kill La Kill) May Mokoulover
This is the second story that I was planning to write about. I really hope y'all like Kingdom hearts/Kill la Kill coz with the way I'm doing it, things will get funky. A...
The Time Traveler (Kingdom Hearts Characters x Reader) by Vladimira121
The Time Traveler (Kingdom Vladimira121
The reader time travels throughout all kingdom hearts and win the hearts of many characters she comes across! From the original masters, to organization 13, and the hero...
Again and Again [Ventus x FEMReader] by Lok_the_Nobody
Again and Again [Ventus x Adiós
Arrived in the Land of Departure without any memories [Name] finally gets the chance to discover who she was when the opportunity arrives but is thrown into an unexpecte...
Kingdom Hearts: Eternal Balance (Male Reader x Female Harem) by StardustMaster
Kingdom Hearts: Eternal Balance ( StardustMaster
Y/n L/n, a boy of mystery. No one has a clue where he came from nor how he got to the island. He thought he was normal but that clearly was not the case. Of course, he i...
She-ra and the Warrior of Light by Phant0mona1
She-ra and the Warrior of Lightby Connor Harris
Y/n, Adora, Catra, three best friends who see the truth of the Horde and leave, entering a whole new better way of life. I own none of this.
Balance | Sora x Reader | by LittleBitOfSadness
Balance | Sora x Reader |by LittleBitOfOtaku
You are up late one night when you hear a loud thud on your lawn. What could it be? It surely can't be the MC of your favorite video game series. Can it?
I Love You. Vanitas X Reader by IlluXionXIV
I Love You. Vanitas X Readerby Bella E.
Once Vanitas gets dumped, he finally learns learns what love means besides sex.
The Nobody of Remnant (RWBY X OC) by Zen-Fire2020
The Nobody of Remnant (RWBY X OC)by Zen-Fire2020
(A.N. Cause i got bored with my other rwby book ima make a kingdom hearts crossover one cause why not!) Once he was a member of an he's a nobody in hi...
Heart of A Hero by SzmonSuteniec
Heart of A Heroby SinnamonBunn
Sora Seiten is a normal High school boy who favored by fate got a chance to be a real hero Kingdom Hearts x My Hero Academia crossover I did because I was bored. I don't...
The Somebody I Need (Roxas x Reader) by DuckFace165
The Somebody I Need (Roxas x Roxas_Anime_Shipping
Roxas. His name rang into your head almost everyday. Yes, you were falling for the spiky blond, and it seemed he was too. But how was this even going to work? He was a n...
Nibelhiem (Sephiroth Story) by JanelleOneWinged
Nibelhiem (Sephiroth Story)by Janelle Knapp
Janelle was a 1st Class Soldier. Very rare for a woman to be in combat. 26 years old, striking beauty, insane mako infused cat like eyes that anyone was memorized by. S...
[KH/FF] Treachery of Fate: Blood and Betrayal by Panda-Gom
[KH/FF] Treachery of Fate: Blood Panda-Gom
[Name] [Surname] became orphaned at five, raised behind the shadows of Japan's mountains. After an unexpected turn of events, she finds herself in a new world, and in it...
Zombie Girl | Final Fantasy + Kingdom Hearts by Black-RoseAlice
Zombie Girl | Final Fantasy + Rikki🌻
Every night it's as if her mind just shuts down, and her killing spree begins. (Y/N) is dead. Undead. However under special circumstances she still holds fractions of he...
Abused Desnity ( RWBY X Abused/Neglected Sora Reader ) by DoctorRoxas
Abused Desnity ( RWBY X Abused/ Dr.Roxas
I made this along time ago but deleted it but now I brought it back from the dead
May your heart be your guiding key (League of legends x male reader) by MasterKarma
May your heart be your guiding Zold1aK
Let's give it a shot. This story will happen in Runeterra, where The League of Legends will prepare her 13th season, but then you appear and will change everything. But...
Kingdom Hearts: Journey Into The Multiverse by KarmaFury
Kingdom Hearts: Journey Into The KarmaFury
(Y/N) is a mysterious keyblade wielder who wields three keyblades. One day, he heard news about his former friends using the Heartless to take over the Multiverse. With...
Kingdom Hearts Advent: The New Universe by Fireheartsage
Kingdom Hearts Advent: The New Fireheartsage
Sora didn't know how it happened... but he was sealed away and many years had passed. Riku and Kairi had died... his friends were gone when he awoke... the universe was...
Fibers Of The Heart (OP Male Reader x Kill la Kill fanfiction) by hodrod13
Fibers Of The Heart (OP Male hodrod13
Your job is pretty crazy...Go to different worlds, stop the darkness, and never let the existence of other worlds, or the heartless become known. But what happens when y...
Kingdom Hearts x Teen/Child/Baby Reader One Shots by AlpacaCute24090
Kingdom Hearts x Teen/Child/Baby AlpacaCute24090
Hello everyone! This is my first one shots book, request to your hearts content. And may the keyblade unlock somwthing new for you~ x3 Ps. Book is not ending until it ha...