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Sora X Riku Oneshots by Ciel_and_Payten
Sora X Riku Oneshotsby Ciel And Payten
Yeah, Sora and Riku. Figured I should make a story cause KH3 is finally out.
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Mute {KH/FF FanFiction} (Finished) by yunru28
Mute {KH/FF FanFiction} (Finished)by Gabrielle
In your past home you were abused, depressed, anorexic, you self harmed... Everything was going to hell after your mother passed away. You didn't think anyone could poss...
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Square Enix male reader x rwby by Destroyer_Creater2
Square Enix male reader x rwbyby Destroyer Creator
You are a person in rwby with a semblance that lets you use abilities from the many games Square Enix has made and worked to make making you have a giant arsenal Read to...
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Dark N' Light ➯ Kingdom Hearts Imagines by xgammers
Dark N' Light ➯ Kingdom Hearts Sup
/completed/ Basically the title. This is Kingdom Hearts imagines or oneshots, whatever you wanna call them.
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RWBY:Let Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key by Tojamaru
RWBY:Let Your Heart Be Your Tojamaru
Liam Rose was adopted by the Rose Family when he was left at their doorstep when he was an infant, for ten years they tortured him and put him down about himself. The on...
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~Together we Stand~ by XKingdom2DuelX
~Together we Stand~by XKingdom2DuelX
Join our adventures with young Nova. As she along with the Keyblade Master, Donald and Goofy find their friends and stop the threat of the Heartless spreading onto more...
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Kingdom Hearts (Riku x Reader) by Slinky-Dogg
Kingdom Hearts (Riku x Reader)by Shelby
Sora, Riku, Kairi, and (Name). We're the best of friends. But their friendship is tested when their world is taken over by Darkness. All four out separated from each oth...
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Cheating Destiny by mangosherbert01
Cheating Destinyby Alex
When the dust from the Great War settles, the worlds are finally at peace. But what happens if everything is not as it seems, and the Great War was just the beginning? ...
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🎼Kingdom Hearts One Shots🎶  by TheGirlWhoWonder
🎼Kingdom Hearts One Shots🎶 by Amarante
Kingdom Hearts One Shots (Completed) None of the pictures are mine and the characters are own by Disney and square enix
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The Thirteen Deadly Sins by sambamhaw
The Thirteen Deadly Sinsby sambamhaw
This is a story about the Malereader and 12 ocs known as the Thirteen Deadly Sins x anime multiverse crossover
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One Piece (Love Story) [Part One] by Punklovergirl68
One Piece (Love Story) [Part One]by Skye
Contains Chapters: 1 - 200 Summary: For years Skylar's been haunted with the memories of her past, unable to let it all go and move on. All hope seems to be lost for her...
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Smutty Fun ➯ SMUT BOOK  by xgammers
Smutty Fun ➯ SMUT BOOK by Sup
Requests open!! ⚠️ GRAPHIC PHOTOS WILL BE USED!!⚠️ Only when I'm in the mood of it.. Yes...this is a smut book...with photos! Enjoy!! Also mature things will be happenin...
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[KH/FF] Treachery of Fate: Blood and Betrayal by Panda-Gom
[KH/FF] Treachery of Fate: Blood Panda-Gom
[Name] [Surname] became orphaned at age five, and was raised behind the shadows of Japan's mountains. After an unexpected betrayal, she finds herself in a new world, and...
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Lyrics by gaming_girl
Lyricsby gaming_girl
Songs, lyrics and art of my favorite games, anime, and beloved K-pop group BTS. Probably add more later!
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The Skies Fate  by Oath_Keeper_Sora
The Skies Fate by Oath_Keeper_Sora
Aqua and Terra give birth to a beautiful boy, but they sadly can't keep him because Xehanort is after him and he wants to kill the boy. So Aqua and Terra leave there new...
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Story of the Half-Hearted Nobody (Kingdom Hearts Fanfic) by thehiddenwriter819
Story of the Half-Hearted Nobody ( You Can Call Me Val
The Keyblade War, a war of devastation and mystery. Kingdom Hearts, a force of power that caused both good and evil in men's hearts but is more mysterious than the war i...
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(Male reader x Kill La Kill) May your heart be your guiding key by SakuyaLover
(Male reader x Kill La Kill) May SakuyaLover
This is the second story that I was planning to write about. I really hope y'all like Kingdom hearts/Kill la Kill coz with the way I'm doing it, things will get funky. A...
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various x reader ficlets by josukejunk
various x reader ficletsby That xigbar tho
x readers of any gender
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When I'm Better...(AkuRoku) by yomilove96
When I'm Better...(AkuRoku)by Yomi
Years of friendship and then it was like a meteor hit. Things and people changed and Roxas learns that his old friends....aren't really his friends. Roxas was a shy kid...
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Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts One Shots [BOOK TWO] by Gay_Senpai
Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts One Sҽɳραι
It's here!! Please read the first part before making any requests!!
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