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I'm okay  by Krashlyn23
I'm okay by Krashlyn23
What happens when Maggie steps into the alien bar 2 years after ending her relationship with Alex and finds Kara nursing some alien alcohol. I know nobody really reads a...
reality isn't fun by supercorpppp
reality isn't funby kallie.anaya
used to be- a hectic supercorp story life's going great kara and lena have a baby girl and alex and maggie are together. but what happens when kara all of a sudden start...
What Could Have Been: SuperCorp Oneshots by Swoldeen55
What Could Have Been: SuperCorp On...by Swoldeen55
Series of all the different ways Kara's identity as Supergirl could and should have gone. I'm incredibly bitter and upset with the CW for the way they let the reveal unf...
Supergirl x reader by vellyhopcins02
Supergirl x readerby vellyhopcins02
Characters from Supergirl x reader Enjoy!!
SuperFlash:⚡One-Shots⚡ by CivilWarrior0
SuperFlash:⚡One-Shots⚡by Civil Warrior
I have seen billions of worlds..billions of them rise and fall..I see the hope and love they spread but what they have in common is one thing I find heart warming..Barry...
Amazon Steel by MistressErin
Amazon Steelby MistressErin
Sequel to The Rescue 'Everything was changing too fast, too soon and she needed to get her act together because it felt like she was about to fall apart.' There's only s...
The new English teacher by LenaPendragan
The new English teacherby LenaPendragan
Kara Danvers is in her final year of highschool and this is the first year she will be taught English by Ms. Luthor. Kara has seen her before in the corridors and admits...
The surprises he didn't know he was getting  by lucylocket2508
The surprises he didn't know he wa...by lucylocket2508
It's been seven months since superglue watched Mon- el get in his lid and fly away. A lot had happened, she has twins, Kara loves being a mum, but what will she do when...
Come Back To You » SuperFlash {4}  by themiko2
Come Back To You » SuperFlash {4} by em n ms
After Flashpoint, Barry accidentally changes the timeline and everything is ruined because of it. Iris and Joe aren't speaking. Cisco's brother, Dante, is dead. Barry h...
Immortal Love - Superflash Au by qxebtynjumk
Immortal Love - Superflash Auby qxebtynjumk
Barry Allen at the age of 11 lost both of his parents in a robbery gone wrong, and ever since then he has been broken. He gets adopted by the lead detective working the...
After a failed attack by Lex, Kara and Lena have switched bodies. The problem is that the process may be permanent and results in the two friends having another argumen...
the secret(karamel story) by karamel_4life
the secret(karamel story)by karamel_stan
kara and mon-el have a secret relationship and nobody knows but it's hard to hide there love for long will people suspect something
New Earth: Superman and Lois by Lauriver1fanboy
New Earth: Superman and Loisby Lauriverfanboy1
My name is Clark Kent. But that is not the name I was born with. My true name Kal-El. I came to Earth when I was only a baby after my own planet Krypton was destroyed. A...
Supercorp by SummersOfBlue
Supercorpby SummersOfBlue
Just a bunch of fictions I wrote, mostly fluff, some occasional angst.
In Your Head ─ lena luthor by shadymcgrath
In Your Head ─ lena luthorby 𝘴𝘩𝘢𝘺.
in which lex luthor's eleven-year-old science experiment worms her way into lena luthor's heart BEING REWRITTEN ★★★ (lena luthor) (supergirl pre-season 1-season 2) (not...
Lost Reign of Salvation by Watercapy10
Lost Reign of Salvationby .
Many years after Kara-El left the Earth to help the lanterns, she comes back to her planet. Could her friends and family open their arms and welcome the woman again int...
Supergirl Issue #1(DC Fancomic Series) by Wolfbaneillustration
Supergirl Issue #1(DC Fancomic Ser...by Wolfsbane Illustrations
After getting a vision of Supergirl defeating her in the future, the mystical villain known as Emerald Empress creates a team of villains known as the Fatal Five to defe...
Nia Nal x Reader by supergirlfanzbelike
Nia Nal x Readerby supergirlfanzbelike
You meet Nia through Kara, and eventually falling in love. Many things drive you apart but you eventually get together. Written in a females point of view, and I won't w...