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Misfortune No One Sees, Until Now by WwEPSILONwW
Misfortune No One Sees, Until Nowby WwEPSILONwW
"All of you share bonds with that boy in some way or another, and so I present an opportunity. I will show you his memories, and the despair and hardship that lurks...
A Certain Powerful Omnitrix. (とある パワ の Omnitrix) by MystoganSeven
A Certain Powerful Omnitrix. (とある...by Lucas
(A certain magical Index and Ben 10 fan fic) Misaka Mikoto is a level 5 esper living in Academy City. Despite the occasional thugs, life is relatively normal for this gi...
A Railgun in Fairy Tail Book 2: Dragons by MisakaLovesYou
A Railgun in Fairy Tail Book 2: Dr...by Misaka Mikoto
Academy City. A city comprised of colleges, high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools all designed to develop and create espers. However there is a darker sid...
A Certain Powerful Omnitrix 3: The Hate That Dwells In Shadows by MystoganSeven
A Certain Powerful Omnitrix 3: The...by Lucas
(sequel to A Certain Powerful Omnitrix 2) In his last skirmish with Vilgax, Ben Tennyson unlocked a darkness within the Omnitrix he thought was long gone. Now Ben, Kamij...
A Certain Powerful Omnitrix 4: World War X by MystoganSeven
A Certain Powerful Omnitrix 4: Wor...by Lucas
(sequel to A Certain Powerful Omnitrix 3) Ben Tennyson has discovered his most powerful alien yet. And everyone wants it. Now, multiple factions from all the world gover...
Aeon of Roses by Nicko2453
Aeon of Rosesby Nicko_Kamijou
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." With those simple words, Ruby's whole world changed. ...
A Certain Magical Keyblade Wielder by KHVSFF
A Certain Magical Keyblade Wielderby KHVSFF
Waking up in an unfamiliar city, Sora has no idea where he is now. After saving Kairi and bringing her back home, Sora was told that he would vanish from his world and c...
Springtime of Our Youths by Tommyxd02
Springtime of Our Youthsby Stoiki
What if Touma's and Mikoto's first meeting went a little differently
A Certain eighth level five by PHAZE_ONE
A Certain eighth level fiveby Chaz Patuwai
touma kamijou, a boy with a mysterious power that resides in his right hand lives his day with very bad luck, to top it off he is involved in problems on the part of the...
Two Certain Dragon Emperors (Toaru Majutsu no Index x Highschool DxD) - Book 1 by KingFabia
Two Certain Dragon Emperors (Toaru...by Fabia
Accelerator and Kamijou Touma. Two sides of the same coin. As WW3 hits its peak stage and the two heroes face battles they can't afford to lose, something unthinkable ha...
Rainy Days: A Certain Magical Index Story by RiseOfTheGoosefish
Rainy Days: A Certain Magical Inde...by RiseOfTheGoosefish
After undisclosed circumstances lead Misaka 10032 to ask Touma for a place to stay, countless antics follow as she embraces life with two roommates. A comical, easy-goin...
A Certain Supernatural Dragon King by Gamethrowr
A Certain Supernatural Dragon Kingby Dragon Law
(A remake of the old story A Certain Unexplainable Dragon Slayer) A boy with the power of a King is born into a world filled with powers from science and magic. To reach...
Accelerator x Kamijou~{¿Is this love?}《☆》 by Accelerator_psycho
Accelerator x Kamijou~{¿Is this lo...by Λ𝚔ⅈ𝔯ɑ ꋬØɪ
Accelerator and Kamijou are big time enemies who can just never get along. The worst mistake anyone on earth could ever make is to put them in the same room, cuz the'll...
Las llaves by YukiMisaki97
Las llavesby YukiMisaki
Por culpa de un descuido del profesor, Hiroki y Nowaki se ven obligados a pasar una velada con Akihiko y Misaki. One-shot.
Misaka x Touma by Lwvaddddd
Misaka x Toumaby Lwvaddddd
A casual, slice of life Misaka x Touma fic about them doing romance stuff and being relatively normal people. Or if Misaka hid her feelings less to Touma and became clo...
Freakshow: Number 1 by DragonsScream
Freakshow: Number 1by DragonsScream
Kaminari has been alone in her short year of life.. and none of that had been pleasant. Poked and prodded by scientists for as long as she could remember. She isn't even...
Naruto: The Tale Of Imagine Breaker by Rein-san
Naruto: The Tale Of Imagine Breakerby Rein Asukara
He understand her pain, Kamijou Touma Understand Othinus's pain and Othinus understand his pain. Othinus berated herself for being stupid to kill the only person who und...
a certain tsundere confession by HassanElgarni
a certain tsundere confessionby Hassan Elgarni
a certain tsundere confession, is about the romantic live in the to aru universe that mikoto misaka has but she hasn't confess her feelings to touma, so you can say this...