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Affection (Kakeru x Oc) by Aya_Write2
Affection (Kakeru x Oc)by Aya_Write2
"Please go out with me!" a loud called shouted across the school hair as a certain white haired girl stop and turned "I can't i'm sorry" The girl smi...
To Unfold A Mystery (Hiyori x Kiyotaka Fanfic) by bronoob8998
To Unfold A Mystery (Hiyori x Kiyo...by wong ernest
(This story is set after the events in Volume 9) Hiyori encountered a peculiar book named 'The Classroom of The Elite'. From there, she discovered the story behind her...
COTE Year 2 Reimagined by Kiyonami
COTE Year 2 Reimaginedby Who Knows
This story is my own take on COTE year 2. Some volumes will remain similar to the original, while others will be completely different. Some events from Y1 are also diffe...
Classroom of the Elite: Prepared by derpycote
Classroom of the Elite: Preparedby derp
After sucessfully passing the first year of his peaceful high school life, a new challenge arose, the second year. After dealing with Hosen and his plan to expel him, hi...
Classroom of the elite: Reacts by Kushi312
Classroom of the elite: Reactsby Kushi
Kiyotaka just finished with the special exam of the island and now is teleported to another world where they will be seeing it from a different perspective. What will th...
COTE reaction: Project Bland King by OpiumKoji
COTE reaction: Project Bland Kingby Opium-san
A god name Opium has summoned the vip cote cast to reaction to a future known as Project Bland King(with permission of the author angle99999). This takes place right aft...
Kiyotaka Of Class B ( Year 2 ) by GiKaRa_
Kiyotaka Of Class B ( Year 2 )by GiKaRa_
I can't believe i'm saying this. But this is the sequel of my fic 'Kiyotaka of Class B ( Year 1 )' and the second year book Highly recommended to read it before reading...
The Elites. (COTE Fanfic) by DeadEyesKun
The Elites. (COTE Fanfic)by D-Rip
(Discontinued) Yes, another COTE fanfic, IDK why I do them but, that doesn't matter. Synopsis: A new special exam was announced for the second years, the details of th...
Classroom of The Elite FanFic: Ayanokoji The Lucky bastard by user89814429
Classroom of The Elite FanFic: Aya...by Sentimental_Man
What if Ayanokoji Kiyotaka is a dumb nice guy who has the maximum luck stat. What if Kiyotaka uses only his luck power to survive in ANHS. He will not hide his ability...
I'm possessed in classroom of the elite as... kushida ?!?! by Misterloser890
I'm possessed in classroom of the...by Misterloser890
I lost my account so I rewriting it. title says it all.
COTE react to Elite Minus by MCPELuisTuican
COTE react to Elite Minusby MCPELuis Tuican
It was just another day in ANHS. But suddenly everyone was transported in a theater room and before them was a mischevious god who wanted to show them the acts of the mo...
Typical COTE reaction of the future. happens after y1v3. after the island exam I'll do my best to match the characters as much as possible while writing hope you all enj...
The Elite's Shadow [COTE x Female OC] by Kyaruwu
The Elite's Shadow [COTE x Female...by Kyaruwu
The Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School, considered the most prestigious school in Japan, is home to a variety of unique individuals. From tyrants to angel...
miyamura x reader || deja vu by just_breezi
miyamura x reader || deja vuby 𝐁𝐑𝐄𝐄
❝it all feels like an ingenuine deja vu.❞ ➳ in which the fake dating trope involves the gloomiest boy in class. ✧ notes: fluff. fake dating trope. based on the webtoon s...
Cote Oneshots. by PyroManiac8765
Cote Oneshots.by NAMELESS
Everyone has one, So I decided to have one aswell. Classroom of the elite is written by Syougo Kinugasa.
Which Side is She? (Idaten Jump Fanfic REWRITTEN) by IamPrussianAwesome
Which Side is She? (Idaten Jump Fa...by IamPrussianAwesome
Lisa Samejima realized today was going to be different after finding out that her brothers were up early on a Sunday morning, even earlier than her, but what she didn't...
A Monster's Influence: Route C by HundredBlossoms
A Monster's Influence: Route Cby Hundred Blossoms
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka has obtained his freedom - albeit limited. Upon observing his class for a while, he has unknowingly decided to walk his father's path before falling...
Kiyotaka traumatizing the school [COTE][on hold] by kylianmbappe087
Kiyotaka traumatizing the school [...by yakurr sakaj
'Will my illness really hold me back?' A young boy Ayanokōji Kiyotaka, is the youngest kid of the whole school with the age of 14. But that isn't everything. His educati...
The Unexpected Transferee. || Classroom of the Elite Fanfic by YellowPrimordial
The Unexpected Transferee. || Clas...by Iᴛ's Ðʀєαм
Another Crossover! Cote x Roshidere! Alya X Kiyopon. or... Alya, Maria x Kiyopon! Uniqueness is my Nickname so I write Unique Fics, JK! The Personalities are Similar to...
What if? Ayanokouji of Class C by timothy_g2
What if? Ayanokouji of Class Cby Ayanokoujibro
I'll try and make ayanokouji act like he does in LN and will change a bit of the story such as the manabu confrontation and sudo case and all because he in class c.