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💜 It is based on Reunion of 6 best friends. It will also include the flashbacks of their college life. 💙
His Little Love by myraa_writes
His Little Loveby Geet
"She will always be my Little Love."
MaNan - Destiny Has Its Own Plans [Completed] by Gulshan_14
MaNan - Destiny Has Its Own Plans...by Gulshan
Journey of MaNan amid their friends as interns with destiny bringing something new for them every other time. Cover credits @adarart
LOVE + by mysterygirl638
LOVE +by mysterygirl638
This story is a fan fiction of the popular MTV serial Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan and the Star Maa serial Love which aired in 2009-2010. Set in the medical background, the story...
Strings Attached (ON HOLD) by Desiresoflife
Strings Attached (ON HOLD)by Anansha
When destiny plays cruel games, how the pure hearts survive to find their solace again. Read more to find out. this story is titled as CONQUER OF HEARTS on Instagram.
One 'Hidden Secret' in the Palace  by mahimahive
One 'Hidden Secret' in the Palace by mahimahive
It's a Dark story. The famous Rockstar and one commoner. He is belongs to the Royal family aka Rajgharana. And one is just a servant in his Palace. The story is about th...
His P.A. ✔️ by StarsAndFireflies_
His P.A. ✔️by Heer
Manik Malhotra, the name itself brings so many emotions in ones mind- love, passion, music and fear. He was a rock star and a businessman for the world that looked upon...
After the Breakup by takeiteasyriya
After the Breakupby Riyyaa..✧
Ranked 6 in #manan on 26/04/23 After the Breakup, Nandini gets expelled.. She begs Manik to stop her but he doesn't, and she leaves forever.. Will they ever meet again...
Manan 10 Years Back by nifi777
Manan 10 Years Backby Alifiya
FEW CHAPTERS ARE MADE PRIVATE Manan ff From lover's to stranger's.... Although you are married to that person for long time, you love him but what if that person change...
Manan SS - Escaped Into Eternity❤ (✅)  by Lost_Soul_in_city
Manan SS - Escaped Into Eternity❤...by Bhavika!
So guys I am here with a new story!! It is a Short Story Inspired by KAISI YEH YAARIAAN ❤ Story where Manik and Nandini unites after facing so many difficulties! Let...
MANAN :BEAUTIFUL MONSTER by __thebrokensoul
Highest Rankings :- #1 on friendship out of 292k #4 on emotions out of 48k #1 on bestfriendsforever out of 513 #1 on bff out of 9k #8 on darkness out of 31k "Sup...
MaNan-Colors Of Destiny by PaNi39
MaNan-Colors Of Destinyby PaNi39
Manik Malhotra and Nandini Murthy once dated. He was the rich spoilt brat and she, an innocent angel brimming with positivity. Ten years pass and unforeseen circumstanc...
MaNan ff: Kaisi yeh yaarian 4 by MaNan_fanclub
MaNan ff: Kaisi yeh yaarian 4by MaNan_aka_PaNi
This story is about the next events that happen in everyone life after Mukti's marriage and all It is completely my ff , my imagination so it will be on extreme If they...
Manan : Arranged to Fall In Love by malvika0911
Manan : Arranged to Fall In Loveby M
This story is about our very own manan, who are arranged in such a way that they slowly and gradually fall in love and enjoy their own family time with everyone This is...
Differences by maNanstories_
Differencesby MaNan stories👇🏽
A Mafia love story featuring Manik and Nandini. Manik Malhotra who is a dangerous mafia who does not think twice before killing anyone, his paths cross with Nandini Murt...
ⲃⲓ𝓵𝓵ⲓⲟⲛⲁⲓꞅⲉ ⲥ𐌵ⲧⲉ ⲁⲛ𝓰ⲉ𝓵 It's a story of a billionaire who is waiting for a person who loves him only as Manik and a cute angel who wants family love care n her Prin...
Ties That Bind✔️ by _ScarOfTheWind__
Ties That Bind✔️by Amayaa
A father who immensely loves his Champ but can't show that. A son who loves his father but thinks that his family hates him. Family who hates him or do they really? An i...
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In His Custody ✎  (MaNan) by parthxniti
In His Custody ✎ (MaNan)by ♛ krishi ♛
If there's one thing she disliked so strongly, it was clichés. In her world, nobody was entirely bad; she was that embodiment of positivity that saw people as a little i...
Manan: Will Love Happen [ Completed] by malvika0911
Manan: Will Love Happen [ Complete...by M
This is my second Manan story... jump in to the bumpy ride to see if love actually happens or not...
Unveiling Hearts by Risou7
Unveiling Heartsby Sia
In a world of arranged unions, Nandini's life takes a dramatic twist when she steps into the role of a 'replaced bride.' As secrets unravel and hidden passions ignite, t...