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🔲 Lies In The Dark🔲 by soojungsa
🔲 Lies In The Dark🔲by Eva
❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌هشدار:اپ این فیک تا مرداد ماه سال 1400متوقف میشه..اگه نمی خواید داستان نصفه بخونید لطفا داستان رو شروع نکنید❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌ "بهم میگی هرزه..میگی وقتی درد میکشم...
We Got Married (LOVELYZ x BTS) by TheLoverStar
We Got Married (LOVELYZ x BTS)by Shian Lee
This is a popular reality show in Seoul,South Korea.That two popular idols are being married and try being a young couple. Watch out if who couple would be the next part...
Candy Jelly Love || JungIn by SHINeeingSunshine
Candy Jelly Love || JungInby ღ 정에인 × 전정국 ღ
Did you ever imagined having a very romantic and sweet relationship? YeIn did and when she got the love she wanted, she was so happy but after months, she found out she...
Tangled Fate // JYI + JJK ff by y_ing8494
Tangled Fate // JYI + JJK ffby Yein
"we're so close, yet can't recognized each other. just like those strangers, we passed by each other again. still not recognizing one another." - JYI "wil...
You are my Shooting Star!  by linda_trinh
You are my Shooting Star! by Linda Trinh
The shooting star over there It feels like it's talking to me It's the last time, so I got ready to say goodbye I said goodbye to the wind Blowing from faraway Then the...
secrets 【jungkook x yein ff】 {discontinued} by jhxpe_
secrets 【jungkook x yein ff】 {disc...by ☀︎ aekisu ☀︎
❝why call it a secret if everybody knows?❞ ‗‗‗‗‗ jung yein, the transferee from japan. who knew she had a little secret nobody could know? due to her family they suddenl...
here i am (Yein Lovelyz and Jungkook BTS) by TheLoverStar
here i am (Yein Lovelyz and Jungko...by Shian Lee
unfortunate girl named Yein was looking forward to a boy who named Jungkook. but unfortunately a barrier starts to happened when the love story began to bloom. will that...
again book 2 (Lovelyz Yein and BTS Jungkook) by TheLoverStar
again book 2 (Lovelyz Yein and BTS...by Shian Lee
a story of couple who overcome a conflict of their relationship. meeting new people to join their story is another challenge for them. do these persons will help them to...
Dream Catcher || JungIn by SHINeeingSunshine
Dream Catcher || JungInby ღ 정에인 × 전정국 ღ
Do you believe in such things as dream catchers? Some people do, some people don't but to one person it means a lot. Meet Jeong Yein, a girl who believes in dream catch...
No Name Academy by nobodyx-
No Name Academyby nobodyx-
》yeinkook fanfic《 Will they be only solving puzzles around No Name Academy? Or they could perhaps also unfold things beyond that? ㅡ language: english started: 11-08-18 ...
Human Scent 사람냄새 by SongSongMara
Human Scent 사람냄새by KpopKaintstop
Jung In & Gary Your Scent (사람냄새) I like you so much because of your human scent
my ex, officially my girl book 1 [Yein & Jungkook] by TheLoverStar
my ex, officially my girl book 1 [...by Shian Lee
a story of couple who are undergoing in a process of moving on. meeting new people is a new challenge for them to help themselves on moving on. but still finding each ot...
Naughty Love (BTS Jungkook and LOVELYZ Yein) by TheLoverStar
Naughty Love (BTS Jungkook and LOV...by Shian Lee
two persons will meet in unexpected path, they had no idea from each other's life. will they change each others' life or they'll feel the feelings they call 'romance'?
✔You're The Only One by Vulpesnow
✔You're The Only Oneby Vulpesnow
"I Miss you..." "Who are you?..." STARTED : 23/07/2015 COMPLETED : 23/01/2016