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Madly in Love (Spartace) by AurumWP
Madly in Love (Spartace)by Aurum
🔞🔞🔞 (Sexual scenes involved) Disclaimer: This book contains adultery scenarios and just a fanfiction.
Attracted To You by khati17
Attracted To Youby khati17
Chloe Park, a rookie in the kpop industry, but whose fame is rising non-stop, meets the freshly voted best actor of the year, Song Joong Ki. Their first meeting on the...
Asia Artist Race (Running Man Fanfic) by Cheeriness
Asia Artist Race (Running Man Cheeriness
Running man members have 5 guests from around the Asia. The 2 groups of 6 will challenge themselves on missions and receive points. Their last mission is a bell hide-and...
The Korean Variety Queen by Tillymint05
The Korean Variety Queenby Chloe
Samantha, a 19-year-old girl from America moves to Korea with her Mum, Dad and younger brother. After an accidental bump into the 'Running Man' cast who were looking for...
My Guide // ON HOLD by kunikida_dp
My Guide // ON HOLDby T~T
"Who do you think you are to tell me what I am capable of?" Somin raised her voice in annoyance. "Do you think I actually have time to comment on your fla...
[COMPLETED] Those Broken Promises -- y.jaesuk by princessseokkie0814
[COMPLETED] Those Broken Eli💗
"no, those aren't broken promises." 2ND BOOK OF SHE DOESN'T KNOW ME [started] - 2/14/21 [ended] - 4/9/21
my spartace and kwangmong heart:' by highquality_woozi
my spartace and kwangmong heart:'by #ilywoozi
♡spartace, kwangmin, kwangmong~ ♡one-shots unless otherwise stated ♡i love rm:') ▲△CONTENTS: (so far) ↣spartace (not included in mini series): pt.1, 2 ↣kwangmong (not in...
Spartace: Love Again by kinesthetix
Spartace: Love Againby kinesthetix
Given a choice to pursue their relationship or careers, Kim Jongkook and Song Jihyo chooses the latter. Though, their strong feelings paves the way to bring them back to...
His revenge  by Liger012
His revenge by Liger012
A man with cold hearted and arrogant , who had awful past , he was hunted by his past all his life . And he make sure to take revenge for his past . A woman who is warm...
I Chuyển ver I Vợ, sao em quậy quá vậy! ( Karik x Lan Ngọc ) by nocnoc1234
I Chuyển ver I Vợ, sao em quậy quá Sơn Nguyễn văn
Chào mừng mọi người đã đến với fic đầu tiên của tớ. Vì đây là lần đầu tiên tớ viết truyện nên mọi người thông cảm ạ !! Truyện : Vợ, sao em quậy quá vậy Thể loại : Sủng...
Arranged marriage that bind us by Liger012
Arranged marriage that bind usby Liger012
Kim jong kook is a 36 years old business man . He is a very successful business man but his mother want him to marry a woman he didn't know. He also has a girlfriend but...
Spartace: Reaper Of My Heart by kinesthetix
Spartace: Reaper Of My Heartby kinesthetix
Song Jihyo has moved to a new school for her final year before college. She meets a boy named Kim Jongkook who changes her life due to unseen events and he ends up havin...
SpartAce : Today more than Yesterday by MongjiGuin23
SpartAce : Today more than MongjiGuin23
The path they had taken lead them away from each other, making them forget their beautiful past that had somehow ended up with pain and had changed them. As they now ta...
Happiness by Liger012
Happinessby Liger012
She love him like a fool,she gave him all of her but he broke her,he make her to think herself like a whore.She hates him,the father of her child
SpartAce: Eternal Love by MongjiGuin23
SpartAce: Eternal Loveby MongjiGuin23
The vows were made and the love was united. But then Jong Kook and Ji Hyo found themselves bickering more often and figting more gravely that they actually ended up hurt...
Challenges by esthersgf
Challengesby inactive account !!
COMPLETED Two lovers destined to be together. The girl, so blind to the love that he gives her. He will never give up because he knew that she was the one. This is only...
Song Jihyo Oneshot by hahihu123
Song Jihyo Oneshotby hahihu123
Song Jihyo x Everyone
Love at First Sight (Kim Jong Kook Fanfiction) by blobiblo
Love at First Sight (Kim Jong Jongkook Abs
A man named Kim Jong Kook fell in love with a new rising model named Jessica since their first meeting. And Jessica have the same feeling as Jongkook. Their relationship...
[C] Running Man High -EDITING by _AuthorL_
[C] Running Man High -EDITINGby Author L
Running Man High. A school in which only the top and wealthy students can attend, but every year five lucky 'commoners' get to join the school free of charge. And when S...
Blood thicker than water by himulgokizary
Blood thicker than waterby 물고기자리
This story is about Kim Taeyeon and her colleague which are Kwon Yuri, Jessica Jung, Tiffany Hwang, Choi Sooyoung and Sunny Lee. Taeyeon attend one of the well-known uni...