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A human heart has its own rhythm, its own melody. It sings of songs of pain and happiness but what people don't know if you listen closely you'll hear songs that were su...
CHEATER  by __xaiii__
CHEATER by dal
Michaeng and 2yeon story ft.Jeongmi and Nachaeng A story where in Mina and Jeongyeon cheated on their partners Nayeon and Chaeyoung and now exes. Are they going to get b...
Who is Mr. Yoo ? by YooNash619
Who is Mr. Yoo ?by R.Nash619
The arrival of new young butler with mysterious background to Park's Mansion raises questions of the occupants, the heirs of Park's wealth. The sudden death of Park Yoon...
Opposite Poles [JeongMi] by wthjhnnh_
Opposite Poles [JeongMi]by han
Opposite poles; Will they ever learn to love and understand each other, when the both of them has everything in opposite? a Yoo Jeongyeon x Myoui Mina story. ---- ©All r...
It's gonna be me by Jeongmoftw
It's gonna be meby Jeongmoftw
Yoo Jeongyeon has had her heart broken way too many times and now believes everyone is the same. She became cold and distant and became known as the Ice Queen. Hirai Mom...
Till death does us apart  by i_cant_stop_mee
Till death does us apart by i_cant_stop_mee
Yoo Jeongyeon, a girl who has PTSD, suffers a huge amount in her daily life, she isn't really comfortable with anyone who she isn't close with like her family and friend...
Say Yes (Jeongmi ff) by BlueBirdByeol
Say Yes (Jeongmi ff)by Twice.sauce
Jeongyeon is the nerd and Mina is the popular girl in the high school they go to. What can Jeongyeon do to win the heart of someone out of her league? Jeongmi high schoo...
The Good Prince and the The Bad Prince by Mina_Son
The Good Prince and the The Bad Mina Myoui
There was once a girl name Myoui Mina who was bullied for being a nerd. One day, she fix herself and exchange school but little did she know that the school she was in h...
Think Of You by merakinefelibata
Think Of Youby nefelibata
"It hurts." - Im Nayeon "Bear with it." - Yoo Jeongyeon Im Nayeon who is a spoiled child and a beautiful bully fall in love with a cool new kid in th...
What the heart wants by StardustRainbow
What the heart wantsby StardustRainbow
Chaeyoung asks for Nayeon's help to win Mina over and offers to help her get with Jeongyeon as a return favour. A story where a series of mixed signals complicates thing...
Dream by MitangSon234
Dreamby MitangSon234
--Short story featuring twice.-- Was actually inspired by the dream I had last night. Written through a request of a special someone.
The Introvert by sixhernz
The Introvertby sixhernz
I don't really enjoy being on the crowd, going out and people's attention but not when it's with her, not when it's her. Yes I prefer to stay in the warmth of my bed tha...
5 Reasons Why You Should Not Love Me | JeongMi by judielMyoui
5 Reasons Why You Should Not JYP YOU BITCH
There's a lot of reasons to fall in love with me, yet there are reasons why you shouldn't. Published: December 10,2020 Ended: March 19, 2021
MiChaeng: Ms. Gold Digger by RoseColouredGay
MiChaeng: Ms. Gold Diggerby Yelyah
Mina Myoui. A hardworking, successful, but lonely CEO of Myoui Group of Companies, was told by her doctor to take a vacation in a place where she met the girl who will a...
Let's Not Falling In Love (1st Book) by Zozoel3
Let's Not Falling In Love (1st Zo zoel
Since something had happened to her when she was in high school, Jeongyeon always try to avoid girls and not to look attractive for girls. But suddenly her mom is transf...
Dangerously In Love (MiChaeng) by PengMi
Dangerously In Love (MiChaeng)by Pamela K
Highest ranking: #3 in fanfiction as of 07/08/18. She ended up broken. Not sure if she's willing to let someone in and fix it.
Incorrect Twice (part 2) by tinychaeng
Incorrect Twice (part 2)by E
Even more Twice incorrect quotes. Enjoy!
Long Distance Relationship(2Yeon) by nhdn0212
Long Distance Relationship(2Yeon)by nhdn0212
When love comes, 2 hearts become ONE. The most hurting thing is when we meet the right person but not at the right time. What will happen to their love? Will it succeed...
Precious Love by iceprincess022
Precious Loveby Jadey
"You have no idea how much I regretted letting you go Please come back to me, please forgive me"
TWICE is TWICEby You'll never know who I am
TWICE is not TWICE if they're not TWICE! Explore the goofy and humorous lives of our favorite TWICE members and entertain yourself with their unique characteristics.. ...