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Damsel In Distress by Yashfeen007
Damsel In Distressby Quashiya Yashfeen
Damsel In Distress #3 in spiritual Winner of WOTY(The Writer Of The Year) Awards 2017. This book brings forth the story of a young Muslim girl, Laiba Hayat Hussain who g...
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Flawed Hearts 💞 by Jidderh_K
Flawed Hearts 💞by El diabla 🖤
❝we all have secrets that we keep, hidden away from the world❞ She had always being a loner, content with the little bubble she created around herself, finding comfort b...
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Arranged Marriage by Princessziya20
Arranged Marriageby Ziya
#2nd 🥈 🏆place winner of the Spiritual entry for the Ocean Blue Award #second runner up 🥉 🏆of the Spiritual category for the choice awards 2019 What happens when two...
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Better With You | EDITING by Gea105
Better With You | EDITINGby Georgia Edwards
~THIS BOOK IS UNDER RECONSTRUCTION~ " Tori" his voice was low, so very low. "Y-yeah?" "Would you hate me?" "For what?" "For...
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Hunters' Shadow (Book one of the Hunter Chronicles)    by EmmaConnolly379
Hunters' Shadow (Book one of the Emma Connolly
Hunter's Shadow... 26 year old Blake Hunter is the Alpha of the largest pack in the region and finding his mate is the last thing on his mind. Then, his father turns up...
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Falling For A Hijabi (part 1 And 2) by egyptian2111994
Falling For A Hijabi (part 1 And 2)by egyptian2111994
#1 in spiritual in 16/6/2019 Previously known as " My very own hijabi" Two young people finding shelter within each other from the world and its evils Jannah...
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Not My Idea (A Gentleman of Misfortune Book One) by thequietwriter
Not My Idea (A Gentleman of Bethany Swafford
"Lucas, you must return home." Twenty-two-year-old Lucas Bywood abandons his Grand Tour in response to those words from his father. Everything is not well at h...
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Into Your Heart |•EDITING•| by ChelseaTHall
Into Your Heart |•EDITING•|by Çhël Sėå
Highest Ranking #1 Teenstories "Get your hands off me!" He smirked and leaned closer to my face. "Why should I?" "Because I said so you idiot!&q...
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Hi, Beautiful ✓ by paintblotches
Hi, Beautiful ✓by jules
you either start as strangers, stay as strangers or leave as strangers. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ © 2018 by jules. cover by @ajmxkenna
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Withdrawal (Michifer) by charlietaylor101
Withdrawal (Michifer)by Hannah
Everyone has their metaphorical drug. The thing they need everyday; they are addicted to it. For a teenage boy, that thing was his best friend. His best friend who was t...
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CAN'T WE BE FOR REAL? [MICHAENG] by amdlockwheresmykey
CAN'T WE BE FOR REAL? [MICHAENG]by amdlockwheresmykey
#Michaeng #Reallife struggle A true life story of two beautiful celebrity girls who fall in love with each other. An impossible love story. Their journey in-between the...
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Pulling Your Heartstrings✔ by jasminestars
Pulling Your Heartstrings✔by Jasmine Haastrup
*COMPLETED* -A recipe for disaster- "Childhood frenemies, Nara and Tife must work together to prevent Imade (Nara's best friend/Tife's sister) from making a mistak...
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Beneath Ivory Skies (Book Three of The Whispered Tales) by angelapoppe
Beneath Ivory Skies (Book Three Angela Poppe
A young man moves into an abandoned house from a small village to run away from the lost love of his life. He lives secluded, far from the curious, jolly people in the v...
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Belong - an adopted by Hamilton fanfic [Hamilton] by Chilnava
Belong - an adopted by Hamilton chilnava
To belong is a verb that Ruth barely ever experienced. Her parents gave her up, only nine years old. And as any nine-year-old would've done - she waited for them to come...
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Tales: Moments That Defined Us | Short Story Collection by Mansonmarie178
Tales: Moments That Defined Us | The 🦔 writer
The moments pass us by; time flows without restrain, never waiting for us. Before we know, moments in our life fly by. But we always have those moments locked in our min...
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Him & I ✔️ by seneca29
Him & I ✔️by Hazel
Peep in to know.
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Ten  by ___Yoshi___
Ten by Random User
Kate knew one thing for sure; she wanted to find a cure. Max knew one thing for sure; he was supposed to be dead two years ago. ••• When Princess Kate and Prince Josep...
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A Hufflepuff's Loyalty by HogwartsDungeons
A Hufflepuff's Loyaltyby Naomi
Street urchin Jena finds her life turned upside down when a man tells her she's got magic. He takes her away and gives her a home, on the condition that she serves his L...
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Here In Rosefalls | √ by darlaAmores
Here In Rosefalls | √by indecisive
"Gwyneth has a beautiful ring to death, right?" One fateful night in La Digue, a death threat dated seventeen years ago reappeared. Why would anyone, send a de...
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le bonheur de vivre by dwionysus
le bonheur de vivreby ✆
the island of st barths, cradled by the north end of the gulf of the carribean, is a pretty place. on first glance the people who lived there were pretty too - their lip...
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