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who is my love  by jazminecalantas
who is my love by jazmine calantas
Kong Saan BA talaga ako mas masaya Yung taong mahal ako o mahal ko at mahal ako
The day we met  by alydenandjella
The day we met by alyden_2.13 (Lyca)
I still remember the first day I met you. Ito pong kwentong ito ay gawa gawa ko lamang, pero sasamahan kopo ng kwento nangyayari sa tunay na buhay at yun lamang salamat...
Tears Of Sorrow by blahhhblahhhhhhhhh
Tears Of Sorrowby blahblah
Kahit anong gawin mo para maging enough ka at maging proud sila sayo kung iiwan ka iiwan ka talaga. I love my parents so much pero wla tayong ma gagawa dahil choice nila...
Meant To Be by Author0224
Meant To Beby Story maker
a story wherein jema and ella are lovers, but always separated by playful destiny
Greatest Love (Jella) by Author0224
Greatest Love (Jella)by Story maker
Jema and Ella story wherein they are bestfriends but suddenly they realize that they are slowly falling in love with each other
rainbow high Sleepover by anametakenfromme
rainbow high Sleepoverby Someone else
They have a sleep over and play truth or dare. It takes place somtime between 'Gurlfriend Take Over' and 'Bella's Night Out' cover art is not mine This is a fanfic , I...
Nobody knows us the way that we do by clawdeenisqueen
Nobody knows us the way that we doby clawdeenisqueen
Violet needs a way to get clout, even if it means she has to be on her favorite show. Meanwhile, Jade confesses her feelings for Bella .
End of her rainbow (a Jella fan fiction) (rainbow high) by mikayuhhh
End of her rainbow (a Jella fan Mika
This is a rainbow high fan fiction (I DO NOT OWN RAINBOW HIGH OR ANY OF THESE CHARCTHERS) the ship I am doing is Jella aka jade hunter and Bella Parker, anyways This is...
Superior Ship (Seby) by Mnl48ships
Superior Ship (Seby)by Mnl48ships
Mnl48 I-School ay isang all girls school. Kung saan magtatransfer si Abby who know nothing about Sela. Paano kaya magkakakilala at magiging close ang dalawa? #Seby Let's...
Colour by clawdeenisqueen
Colourby clawdeenisqueen
The colour block party from Bella's perspective for all the Jella shippers!
Blue and red by Robotcj505
Blue and redby I am totally not a killer
Since I am in a writer's block in my other books I decided to make a lemons on erza and Jellal so hope you enjoy!!
Thinking about you by clawdeenisqueen
Thinking about youby clawdeenisqueen
Valentine's day is around the corner, and with Bella gone, Jade needs a plan to confess her feelings for Bella.
( nalu)  CON TIM DUNG ĐỘNG  by HaiVan131316
( nalu) CON TIM DUNG ĐỘNG by Katori Miriki
Fic này mình edit và chưa có sự đồng ý của tác giả fic gốc, nếu bạn ko thích thì đừng đọc . Xin đc gửi lời xin lỗi tới tác giả fic gốc Chúc cậu đọc truyện vui vẻ ^_...
Untitled Rainbow High Fanfic by andershaws
Untitled Rainbow High Fanficby andershaws
Follow the students of Rainbow High as they go on a (rewritten) journey through their new school. This follows the storyline of episodes 1-18, Season 1 of Rainbow High o...
Family's torn by War by Fairytailfan1702
Family's torn by Warby Fairytailfan1702
Two boys grew up together in a town raised knowing their fathers were dragon slayers but were killed in war. They are then forced to go to war as their mothers disguise...
EAH Next Generation one-shots by CatWhoKills
EAH Next Generation one-shotsby Account Deactivated
So, this is collection of one-shots about character's from my book EAH: Next Generation. You can request, if you want to :-)
[ Aikatsu/Fairy tail] jerza( jella, erza) Cuộc chiến trường học by jdjdjcj
[ Aikatsu/Fairy tail] jerza( jdjdjcj
Truyện đầu tay, mong mọi người đừng chọi đồ ạ
Twilight: A New Day Coming 🐺🧛🏻‍♀️ by DustofDreamsband
Twilight: A New Day Coming 🐺🧛🏻‍ Dust of Dreams band
Bella woke up with a bottomless pit in her stomach... She had married Edward and had been turned.. She had everything she ever wanted... Or did she? She wanted out! She...