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Prinxiety Oneshots By Me  by that-one-emo-enby
Prinxiety Oneshots By Me by Name/pronouns in bio
Prinxiety (Roman x Virgil) (Creativity x Anxiety) Mostly fluff. No smut May take requests Cover art is NOT MINE CREDIT TO THE CREATOR Characters are not mine. They b...
College Love - Sanders Sides by ariww19
College Love - Sanders Sidesby ariww19
Virgil's band plays Friday nights at a music lounge. Roman has never been, he doesn't even know anything about Virgil other than they go to the same school and share som...
Prinxiety- Royalty  by AubreyLong5
Prinxiety- Royalty by The Wallflower
Roman is a Prince of a rich and well off Kingdom. Virgil is a notso Prince of a poor Kingdom. What happens if the two meet? Read to find out.
Prinxiety camping trip by isabel190808
Prinxiety camping tripby ♠️DareDevil♠️
Virgil Black-Panic , emo. Roman Prince, theatre kid. Patton Parker, mom of the group. Logan Laws, brainy kid. Remus Duke, class clown. Janus Corna, liar. Remy Hatholtoe...
Drown Out My Thoughts by happy-nonsense
Drown Out My Thoughtsby 💜Happy Nonsense💜
Remus constantly struggles with his intrusive thoughts.
The Swan Prince by Ruby64350
The Swan Princeby Ruby64350
Firstly, and most importantly, Ships: 👑🕷️Prinxiety❤️💜 👔🐸Logicality💙🤍 🐙🐍Dukeceit💚💛 Once Upon a time, there was a king named William. Though he was kind and bel...
Prandium Est Sors- Sander Sides Kingdom AU by Shipperoftheships21
Prandium Est Sors- Sander Sides Ki...by my OTPs are basic
Sander Sides Kingdom AU (Prinxiety, Logicality, Demus) Young royals of the same age are all required to go to the Prandium Est Sors, a dinner that will not only decide t...
What Makes A Hero by I_Like_Triangles
What Makes A Heroby I_Like_Triangles
Heroes always get their happily ever after while the villains are left to suffer. But who decides who's a hero? Who's a villain? In this story, they decide for themselve...
You're....real? by ItzMarsHere
You're....real?by Double
This story is about a journey through self discovery and reflection, as the sides must learn to live as more than just a part of Thomas. (and maybe just maybe there may...
World Burn  by GH0ST1C1DE
World Burn by 6Ft Down
| < Sanders Sides & Eddsworld Crossover > | | <Highschool Au > | Break the rules, a broken nose.. Legs dangled over the edge of the roof, flicking the edges...
Don't Leave Me (Demus Oneshot)  by lil_sweetheart7
Don't Leave Me (Demus Oneshot) by Naf 💙✨
This oneshot is dedicated to @Marbarwrites23 uwu This is kinda for her birthday, but I hope the rest of you like it too I posted this late so I'm sorry Mar TwT ~ Love h...
Truce by bendrowned-
Truceby Oliver
All of these thoughts swirled through Janus's head as Thomas's rambling became muffled and his breath came in shorter gasps. "Do you think i'm evil?" It was t...
Royally in Love - Sanders Sides by ariww19
Royally in Love - Sanders Sidesby ariww19
Prince Roman and Prince Virgil meet for the first time. The rest is history. (I suck at descriptions)
* prinxiety  teaching Au * by killlugonnx
* prinxiety teaching Au *by Princly•prince
Starts place at the 1st day of school, getting to know each other. Roman soon meets Virgil and they talk a lot. Almost all the time everyday, during free periods, which...
Worlds Apart by BallofAnxiousness
Worlds Apartby BallofAnxiousness
This is Book 2 of Worlds Collide. If you have not read that book please do otherwise this story won't make sense. Characters belong to Thomas Sanders aside from my own c...
Three Sides Of A Coin by i-tried-ok
Three Sides Of A Coinby insecure_eli
'Ah yes, what better way to see what your school rival is really like then to watch them in their most vulnerable state. Moments when they believe they're alone.' This c...
Unlikely Embarrassment  by Denks13
Unlikely Embarrassment by Denks13
Remus had some..unholy thoughts of Janus one night and, much to everyone's confusion, he got quiet. He was avoiding everyone, but mostly Janus; hoping that they wouldn't...
Haunted - Sanders Sides by ariww19
Haunted - Sanders Sidesby ariww19
Virgil's house is haunted. I do hope you like this even a little bit. (I'm not sure how I feel about this fanfic but I enjoyed writing it. So there's that.)
~Better?~ A Demus Story by Frog_Stabs
~Better?~ A Demus Storyby Acid
(Honestly this is just a shitshow I made in my brain one night) A soft Janus and a clueless Remus make a perfect plotline. UNFINISHED after 4 chapters T-T
A Noble Boy and a Stable Boy ~{Sanders Sides}~ by AnxiouslyShipping
A Noble Boy and a Stable Boy ~{San...by A U T H O R C H A N
The aristocratic, rich, only and, most of all, bitchy son of Lord Adders has never cared for friendship. The only person Janus seems to tolerate is the butler's' son. Ot...