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The First Gladers by MaryH250
The First Gladersby Mary Holland
(Newt X Reader) A Newt Imagine that starts from the beginning... the very beginning. Y/n and her friends wake up as the first ever Gladers, left to their own devices as...
The Death Cure Trials (TMR Love Triangle) by gallyslilslut
The Death Cure Trials (TMR Love loulou
Book 2 in The Maze Trials Series. Thomas X OC X Newt After Penelope and Gally are rescued from the maze by The Right Arm and presumed dead by the gladers, they must face...
Until The Sun Dies by MaryH250
Until The Sun Diesby Mary Holland
Imagine... You are sent up into the Maze instead of Teresa. You're scared alone and the only girl. But one boy in particular makes you feel welcome, loved, and worth som...
Once In A Blue Moon by l_hinrichsen
Once In A Blue Moonby Lauren Hinrichsen
(Newt x Reader) (TMR) Y/n is WICKED's first mistake. She tries her best to fit in, but being the only girl in an experiment full of boys is the best way to stand out. Sh...
The outlander  by onlynewtmas
The outlander by onlynewtmas
[COMPLETED]Newt was living an happy life in the 21st century with his boyfriend Adam and his many friends. But one day, his boyfriend and him went to an historical site...
Maze Runner Imagines [DISCONTINUED] by Fcsanchez
Maze Runner Imagines [DISCONTINUED]by Fabi ✨
*Discontinued permanently* Cute one-shots and short stories about you and the character of your choice. What is life in the Glade like when you're there? What's it like...
WICKED games 2 (Newt x female reader) [COMPLETED] by hollybell51
WICKED games 2 (Newt x female Holly May
Sequel to "WICKED games" and based off the Scorch Trials movie. (Y/N) and the other Gladers escaped the Maze, learned of the organisation WICKED and their hun...
𝐀𝐠𝐚𝐩𝐞 ↠ Stiles X Newt by Mazerunnersalways
𝐀𝐠𝐚𝐩𝐞 ↠ Stiles X Newtby 𝐒𝐈𝐑𝐀
RESTARTING: 30th of July! ............ 𝐀𝐠𝐚𝐩𝐞 | a • ga • pe | (n.) the highest form of love selfless, sacrificial, and unconditional love; persists no matter the ci...
The First Gladers; Into the Scorch by MaryH250
The First Gladers; Into the Scorchby Mary Holland
(Newt X Reader) The second book of "The First Gladers". A Newt imagine that started from the very beginning. After Y/n and five others woke up in the Maze, t...
New Beginning by Passionbean_reads
New Beginningby K Y L E S :)
SCORCH TRIALS-DEATH CURE AU- Newt falls in love with a girl named Kaya from Group B.
Newt Fanfics--> NewtxReader, Newtmas, Etc.. by NewtsLady
Newt Fanfics--> NewtxReader, Emma B
Fanfic include--> Reader POV's Newtmas Dylmas Etc..
Two Turtle Doves by l_hinrichsen
Two Turtle Dovesby Lauren Hinrichsen
(Newt x reader) (TST) After escaping the Maze, the Gladers are forced to enter the Scorch. When the relationship between y/n and Newt grows faulty, tension arises betwee...
The notebook of a flarus boy  by onlynewtmas
The notebook of a flarus boy by onlynewtmas
[COMPLETED] It's over. The gladers finally made it to the safe heaven. But at a terrible cost for Thomas. He lost the boy he loved. But one day, Minho came to see him to...
breathless // a newtmas one shot by tomnnewt
breathless // a newtmas one shotby tom & newt
an au in which eight year old thomas moves into an oddly constructed house
promise // a newtmas one shot by tomnnewt
promise // a newtmas one shotby tom & newt
an au in which thomas is hit with reality
Thomas Sangster imagines  by thomasmile
Thomas Sangster imagines by Thomasamgstersmile
A/N This is a book made of many short imagines Hope y'all like them ❤️ feel free to comment imagine ideas or if u want me to continue an imagine with a part 2 then also...
The Maze Runner quotes. by AshBethx
The Maze Runner αѕh
A bunch of quotes from both the film, and the books, maze runner, The Scorch trials, Death cure, and the kill order. You may find some of the funniest things you read or...
Since Day One (Newt FanFic) by SinceDayOneNewt
Since Day One (Newt FanFic)by Since Day One
You are the second glader, after Alby. (Feel free to image you look like yourself if the picture and description don't match you) You are the co-second-in-command with N...
Hope is stronger than Fear. by schrijversmeisje13
Hope is stronger than schrijversmeisje13
Nikky comes up in the box. The first girl. The boys are really confused, but The Creators put her there for a reason, she's the Hope for al the boys. The first change in...