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A Powerful Silence by NonEuclideanHuman
A Powerful Silenceby Non-Euclidean Human
Izuku Midoriya; the ninth wielder of One For All. Rather was the ninth wielder, before Nezu makes an 'educated guess' of the U.A traitor. The unfortunate result; Midoriy...
My New Best Friends (Izuku x Nejire) by TheDreamingDeku
My New Best Friends (Izuku x Nejir...by TheDreamingDeku
After the Overhaul mission Izuku Midoriya becomes the best of friends with the big 3. They do everything together, that is until a certain set of events that lead to Nej...
I'm pregnant! by chavaliernoir98
I'm pregnant!by ChevalierNoir
After Nighteye's death, the superhero agency decides to follow his last wishes; "Smile, a society without spirits or humor will not have a bright future", so a...
Green Lightning God: Midori Raiko by NonEuclideanHuman
Green Lightning God: Midori Raikoby Non-Euclidean Human
Izuku has a quirk. Green Lightning. I do not own the characters, or My (Boku No) Hero Academia. Word count: 168,351 IF THIS IS NOT ON WATTPAD, THIS IS NOT THE ORIGINAL S...
What if our resident green haired boy was smarter,worked harder,more passionate,more dense and had different perspective's from his canon counter part while still saving...
Getting turned down by his number hero is bad enough but finding his mom died effect our main protagonist Izuku Midoriya without his mom he feels empty but then he gets...
Son of All For One by optimus_prime71
Son of All For Oneby My name is
This is a fanfic of extremely op izuku I do not own bnha
The songs that play in Izukus heart by PokemomMaster
The songs that play in Izukus heartby Pokemom Master
Izuku Yagi after losing all he loved and falling into despair he was saved by a song and chose the path of music he left his home and travelled the world becoming the nu...
Dekuverse? Sounds Interesting. (On Hold) by Anime-Lover-Meesum
Dekuverse? Sounds Interesting. (On...by Meesum Zain
My turn on the dekuverse. Also it is an izukuxharen story. yeah that is it. just read and find out.
Izuku's secret married life by ErvingGamer
Izuku's secret married lifeby Erving Garcia
Class 1a is having their classes like normal when the bell rings izuku is the first one out,his classmates are worried for the way he is acting so mina suggest to follow...
Izuku's children of the future by ErvingGamer
Izuku's children of the futureby Erving Garcia
A normal day in UA where we can see class 1a and 1b training together but all of a sudden a portal opens an out of it come...kids.Both classes are stunned because of thi...
Mha tag team (Izuku x Nejire) by myHeroAcademiafan132
Mha tag team (Izuku x Nejire)by youri
sup guys this will be my 2nd Izuku x Nejire fanfic. It's called mha tag team. Even tho it's a Izuku x Nejire fanfic she will not be his partner as the title would let yo...
Their future daughter (izuku x nejire) by SaitamaHeroforfun
Their future daughter (izuku x nej...by Saitama - Hero for fun
Completed On a normal day everything was going normally suddenly 1A was called to their dorms and when they reached thier they saw big 3 and a miracle what was that mir...
Hidden Assistance by AllACoder
Hidden Assistanceby Bl4nk
As Izuku follows through with his dream of becoming the number one hero and saving those in need, others start to question what exactly his quirk is. In the end, it turn...
I'm no longer Deku. I am.... by Shadow2190
I'm no longer Deku. I am....by Shadow2190
After finding out Ochaco was cheating on him with Bakugo he changes himself and becomes someone new his name is not Deku it's Gohan.
Ghost Rider Izuku by JinzoKing222
Ghost Rider Izukuby JinzoKing222
Two Siblings living with their Drug addict parents, Izuku and Izumi have lived The literal Hell on Earth But Izuku caring for his Sister Protected Her from being hurt i...
OPIzuku (IzukuxNejire by myHeroAcademiafan132
OPIzuku (IzukuxNejireby youri
a fanfic about Izuku with a special quirk! This is also an Izuku x Nejire
Mob Deku by Foxie807
Mob Dekuby Good Seasons
This is a AU where 80% of the population has quirks and 20% percent are quirkless, but back then before there were quirks, there were people called Espers with ability's...
Izuku, You lucky Bastard by TheholyoneIbara2
Izuku, You lucky Bastardby TheholyoneIbara2
Full of oneshots stories about Izuku with other girls.
That Night..... (Izuku x Nejire) by TheDreamingDeku
That Night..... (Izuku x Nejire)by TheDreamingDeku
There she was, sitting on a bench while the sun faded into the distance. Nejire Hado, top three student at U.A high, amazing at what ever she did and admired for it. Unf...