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The Bonds Between Us (Bleach Fanfic) by Angie_Sixx13
The Bonds Between Us (Bleach Angie_Sixx13
Kurosaki Enka had given up everything to be with her older brother. She lived as a human, became an aunt to his three children. She loved and lost alongside them. But on...
Who am I? by Ash_Chaos
Who am I?by Ash_Chaos
We all know how Ichigo lost his mother Masaki, who was a quincy, when he was very young. But what if he actually gets depression because of it? If his father started to...
Bleach Boyfriend Sceanarios by alex_the_kind_one
Bleach Boyfriend Sceanariosby Alex
Come in and see! I will try updating once a month the characters are Ichigo Shunsui Jushiro Byuakuya Chad Uryu Kenpachi Toshiro Renji Kisuke, hisagi Kaname, Kira Is...
Heroes by sunsetsoverscars
Heroesby Maycee
Adel had always looked up to the heroes of her favorite TV show, Bleach. The confidence, the fighting, it all seemed so amazing. But when she's mysteriously sucked into...
The Undeniable Truth (Bleach) by silver_lion17
The Undeniable Truth (Bleach)by Silver
Sosuke Aizen is tired of it. Knowing that his son is trying to kill him is slowly going to tear him apart. So while the intruders cross over the desert of Hueco Mundo, h...
Fate (A Bleach Fanfiction) by alexis2368
Fate (A Bleach Fanfiction)by Alexis Scott
So we all know the loving, orange haired 15 year old named Ichigo Kurosaki, well he has a twin sister other than Karin and Yuzu. Her name is Kuroki Kurosaki. She happens...
Twins Born In Darkness by Harli40
Twins Born In Darknessby Harli40
Ichigo, it means strawberry, it means one who protects, it means fifteen, it means best protector. Ichigo was bright and a huge extrovert. He loved talking to people and...
Grimmjow x Reader : Maffia series by bleachlove4ever
Grimmjow x Reader : Maffia seriesby bleachlove4ever
This is the first book of the Maffia series. The base of this story is an another story of mine: Grimmjow x Reader: The guy from the next door. I think many characters f...
Strawberry Ice (IchiNaru/Hitsu) by CloudNarutoHitsugaya
Strawberry Ice (IchiNaru/Hitsu)by Naruto Namikaze
Naruto Namikaze has been neglected for her siblings and because of her appearance. Hating the fact that she was neglected and disowned, she trained and trained and got...
Tattoos and Neglect. by NarutoHitsugaya
Tattoos and I need a life
Naruto has been neglected and forgotten by her parents and her siblings (except one). While wandering through the village on night, she met a boy. She fell in love with...
The Princess by NarutoHitsugaya
The Princessby I need a life
This is an inspired version of 'The Princess' on my step-sibling's account (CloudNarutoNamikaze). Minato arranged a marriage for Naruto before she was born. As a child...
Doctor Kurosaki~ (Ichihime Bleach Fanfiction) by ImSleeze
Doctor Kurosaki~ (Ichihime Sleeze
I mean I got a hand and I use it way more often than before. Ichigo and Orihime Fanfiction Rated M. Bleach.
What A Nightmare by MindDriftingOnOceans
What A Nightmareby Not Telling!
Ichigo unknowingly drinks one of Urahara's experiments it ends in disaster Preview: "Urahara you bloody Bastard you're so dead!" "Oh Hell Urahara is so d...
Karin in Wonderland by R3dLuv3Singin
Karin in Wonderlandby R3dLuv3Singin
Karin was in the park, minding her own business, when she saw a strange rabbit, who look just like Rukia. Suddenly she end up in the place called Wonderland with an 'ove...
The swapped lives. by CloudNarutoHitsugaya
The swapped Naruto Namikaze
Toshiro is an ordinary high schooler-until his family is attacked by a Hollow, a corrupt spirit that seeks to devour human souls. It is then that he meets a Soul Reaper...
Son born in darkness  by DJMM15
Son born in darkness by Vortex’s Multiverse
Alone, angry, sad, guilty and regretful this is what Ichigo Kurosaki former substitute soul reaper was feeling as right now he had no powers and no friends by his side h...
Inevitable by ZeraphEnd
Inevitableby ZeraphEnd
Basketball star Akane Urahara has surprisingly found herself in some kind of love shape. She doesn't even understand herself! Join the bleach cast in this AU. I have res...
Saviour  by Andromeda689
Saviour by Andromeda_writes
A short oneshot I wrote after listening to Death bed. It's sad but hopeful. Character death. Bleach modern Au
To Care, To Depend, To Love  by Andromeda689
To Care, To Depend, To Love by Andromeda_writes
High school Au, Bleach. Just how Shiro starts to make new bonds and friendships and starts to finally become a part of a friend group and perhaps, part of a family. Wil...
My 2nd Chance - Bleach Fic by Ana6318
My 2nd Chance - Bleach Ficby Anabelle Mae
Ichi lost all his shinigami powers, right? WRONG! Ichigo still has spiritual pressure. He's not able to feel it, but those who can feel it know he's still got it! BUT! W...