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Her Silent Scream by Loveistrator
Her Silent Screamby Loveistrator
Jenessa Reed has had a trashy life. Her mother died when she was eight, she is suicidal and has depression and anxiety, and her father is a very violent man. Now, at age...
  • intense
56 Dragonflies  by ebonystorm
56 Dragonflies by Joy
(Story of mental health, grieving, trauma, romance, passion, healing & growth.) Alexander. The girl with the boy name. The girl with no emotions. The girl with the so...
  • cryforhelp
  • lifestory
  • sociopath
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My Sexy Kidnapper [PUBLISHING SOON!] by livingthethuglyfe
My Sexy Kidnapper [PUBLISHING Ghostface
Picture this: You enter the mall with your friends, and as you're making your way to buy a delicious strawberry smoothie, you notice a guy walking towards you. Not just...
  • humour
  • kidnapper
  • skylar
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My Hijab,Jake and I. by Shazk80
My Hijab,Jake and Bookworm80
Medina Jahan a devout Muslim girl Jake William white her childhood best friend When they both realise that they see themselves more than just friends that's when the re...
  • mutualfeelings
  • love
  • separation
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The Promise Of The Color Yellow by LaurenTalby
The Promise Of The Color Yellowby Loz
Ophelia Townsend has spent the past four years of high school creating a perfect image of who she believes others want her to be. Now that high school is over, she's lef...
  • intense
  • quirky
  • mentalhealth
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I Like Me Better When I'm With You by mollysbooknook
I Like Me Better When I'm With Youby Molly W.
Charity was abandoned by her mother when she was two years old. She spent six years in foster care before the Harewood's welcomed her into their family..... What if the...
  • forbidden
  • romance
  • fosterfamily
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Silver heartbreak by melerzz_
Silver heartbreakby melerzz_
Lillian Black was 15 when she left her pack. She was 15 when she found her first love and her last. Her heartbreak is what she made her run. After a year and a half of b...
  • alpha
  • fiction
  • love
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Geeks of the Round Table: The Dark Invasion Part 1: Night Falls by Gem-Productions
Geeks of the Round Table: The Gem-Productions
The Geek Club is a group of highly powerful beings that call themselves the Geek Lords. Each Lord has a fandom and that title grants them all the abilities of their fand...
  • geek
  • crossover
  • fighting
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Cogito Ergo Sum by Saltymulgogi
Cogito Ergo Sumby Salty
A universe where humans are born with an animalistic faustian figure which provides guidance in shaping an individual's morality. Humans have the ability to fuse with th...
  • deity
  • romance
  • journey
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Love and Lust (The Hamartia Trilogy Book 2) by BanEnna07
Love and Lust (The Hamartia Harriette Mikaelson
Everything was going downhill. Caterina Mari Santelli is having trouble. At first she struggled to remember who the man in her hospital room was. Now, she doesn't exactl...
  • drugs
  • richboy
  • tragic
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Wicked Games (Bishop Mafia Series 1) by AthenaBipasha
Wicked Games (Bishop Mafia AthenaBipasha
Born into a powerful family, the world is at his feet. Yet, Dean fights a daily battle within. His only solace is the darkness, which covers him completely, consuming hi...
  • mafiagirl
  • darkromance
  • intense
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Obsessed With You by Saintsavage
Obsessed With Youby George Knightley
** Updated Every Tuesday and Friday ** It was inconsiderate of her, Rafael thought. She would laugh earnestly for everyone, her eyes crinkling and her smiles genuine. Ma...
  • plottwist
  • mature
  • lovetriangle
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Kane's Downfall  by Akanshi_v_kumar
Kane's Downfall by Akanshi. V. kumar
" i am scared of you" she whispered to him. " You should be" Tyler growled which biting her neck, leaving his marks on her. " I-I don't think, I...
  • nostringsattached
  • controlling
  • cold
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Unconditional Love : Finds it's  way !!  by Akukama
Unconditional Love : Finds it's akriti
#125 rank in unconditional from 1.13k stories..(on 15-06-19) # 919 rank in intense from 7k stories ( on 15-06-19) UNCONDITIONAL LOVE crosses every hurdles of life...
  • love
  • intense
  • truelove
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Reality by givemetheships_1
Realityby givemetheships_1
This book is about a boy who's name is Carter. Carter Black. He's 16, has bright white hair and pretty brown eyes. He's small and only stands at a wopping 5'3. Carters l...
  • hahamaybe
  • abusivecontent
  • truelove
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I LOVE THEE. (Swasan fanfic) by Gokka_Makka
I LOVE THEE. (Swasan fanfic)by Kamila.
"You should tell her how you feel about her." "Do you think I didn't?" "What did you told her then?" "I told her... I'm obsessed wi...
  • lovetriangle
  • slight-obsessive
  • intense
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Broken Shield And Suit by 9ShadesOfKai
Broken Shield And Suitby 9shadesofKai
What happens when Tony Stark didn't die after end game? "....Tony." Steve gently looked down to meet Tony's eyes, "I can't change the past, I'm sorry.&quo...
  • chrisevans
  • boyslove
  • yaoi
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A Broken World by Kfordboss
A Broken Worldby Kallie Ford
Many years after the so-called "The Last Ones" disappeared, they reemerged as something happened to their world. The world was full of people again instead of...
  • brokenworld
  • war
  • fights
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Eye of the Beholder [On Hold] by mollysbooknook
Eye of the Beholder [On Hold]by Molly W.
Karrington Walker is the sister of the infamous Brittany Walker. Brittany gets whatever she wants. Karrington works for what she has. Brittany has a gorgeous fiancé, Sam...
  • upset
  • heartbreak
  • intense
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COLD WATER by mmlemonworld
Addison Walker, the activist with the steamy mugshot, is fresh out of prison for a crime he didn't commit, but would have. On his way back to Denver, his Greyhound bus s...
  • twenties
  • complete
  • full-length
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