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A Different Werewolf: The change Bxb *ON HOLD* by loveboyxboy1
A Different Werewolf: The change loveboyxboy1
Two years. Two years has pasted for Hydroik. His life was finally turning out alright. Until his family had to visit. With no idea how to react Hydroik decided to give h...
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Liar's Burden by Eve_Estelle
Liar's Burdenby Eve Estelle
Lying is a survival skill. Sometimes, lying is a necessity, if not just a mere way to sugarcoat the unpleasant, dodge the unnecessary, and temporarily keep someone or so...
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Forever by YoungOrator
Foreverby YoungOrator
In this world of darkness I will forever fight with the pain. I will be in forever search of light. I won't let anything stop me. I will forever go on. **** So, my secon...
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Poem by Care_Bear_Whit
Poemby Carrie
trying to get back into poetry.
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Quote by ipodchicklet2250
Quoteby ipodchicklet2250
Tis a quote
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Heart Of Ice by Larasreads17
Heart Of Iceby Larasreads17
Aura is a girl but not just any girl. A Hockey Girl. She's tough, Feisty, wild and Mysterious but when it comes to her close friends she's sweet, kind and goofy. But s...
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An Ambiverts Canadian Summer by stylishbubblygeeks
An Ambiverts Canadian Summerby stylishbubblygeeks
What happens when a girl from a third world African country goes to Canada for the first time? Read on.. This book is about the adventures of an Ambivert (definition in...
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Among Goddesses by CarolynTellier
Among Goddessesby Theatrelife
Petrah O'Brien has trained for years for this day. She has dedicated many years of her life in order to join the best of the best on the skating rink, but will she make...
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The Curse of Darkness by Starlitskies11
The Curse of Darknessby ✨Raine✨
During junior year of high school, every student goes through the metamorphosis process. Emiline Dawson is a Junior and it's time for the students to go through the pro...
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The Battle by steviebana
The Battleby stevie
A battle between two wolves, where the one who wins is the one you feed. ***This is my first published story. I'm working on others too. Give this a chance please. Any...
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Can of Worms Poems by InstantPoemSoup
Can of Worms Poemsby Poem Soup
A selection of short, quick poetry that I write daily and will be uploading frequently!
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DEAR DARK PAST by simbaet7
DEAR DARK PASTby simbaet7
"Guys what are we going to do?" Ray asked with a panicked expression on his face. "I don't know," Carter said in a low voice. "Chase this is all...
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Falling (A Short Story) by iheartbackstage
Falling (A Short Story)by Another Fangirl
This is a quick short story which a deeper twist to a basic plot. These angels have come down to Earth and mutated to join humans in there immoral ways. One fateful will...
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The voices in my head by Mastanispeaks
The voices in my headby Reshmy Raphy
An internal dispute between the voices within us. A constant battle we all go through. Some decisions that these constant battles may lead us to and some mistakes that m...
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The Lullaby Of The Moon by StarrkZero
The Lullaby Of The Moonby JDS
It has been months since I have new friends. No, they are not ghosts. Nor are they apparitions. Rather, they are voices. The one that would exist in the mind of a schizo...
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Forsaken youth by thevalleyslayer
Forsaken youthby thevalleyslayer
A collection of poems
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Stereo Hearts by Scarlet-Forest
Stereo Heartsby Scarlet-Forest
IA, the new girl in town stuck in the past, and Yuuma, the local bad boy, an unsolved mystery. Both misunderstood, both always grieving, both broken. One meeting and the...
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