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By your side.... always. by write_books_love
By your side.... writer_ love_ books
hey guys this is my first story so please ignore any grammatical mistakes. Omkara and Rudra 2 lifelines of shivaay Singh oberoi. shivaay can do any thing for his brother...
Hai Dard Kya ha Shivika Ff by vani_shivika_ff
Hai Dard Kya ha Shivika Ffby Vani Shivika ff
My force marriage shivaay - I love u Mallika - I love u too Nooo papa I don't want to get married.....that man I can't do any think mallika be ready for my revenge ba...
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ICT ONE-SHOTS (FRIENDSHIP) by bleedblue2011
Random friendship one shots on our favourite ICT members
Much needed time-Shivika SS by DevShabotra6
Much needed time-Shivika SSby Dev Shabotra
Short Story of the time Mahi living in oberoi mansion....
A bond of lifetime by _Ahankara_
A bond of lifetimeby _Ahankara_
"Meant to be" words that usually are used for couples and soulmates but can it be used for friendship too? Is it true that some people are meant to be our frie...
Hi this is VHM aka Harika...I am new to wattpad and this is my first update here.......please do read the episodes and let me know how you felt......I will deal with al...
When Destiny Plays Its Game (Completed)  by its_sanjh
When Destiny Plays Its Game ( Sanjh
What is Destiny? Does something like destiny exists in 21 century? When life has turn all modern. Where people believe that soulmates, true love are all concept of fair...
His love life-A Hardik Pandya Fanfic [Completed] by neha_cutie
His love life-A Hardik Pandya Neha
Highest ranking:#198 In fanfic Highest ranking: #26 in Chicklit Highest rankig: #97 in short story He's a cricketer She is a normal rich girl People expext him to play...
He is my cheeku always.... by Prahatikakrishnan
He is my cheeku Prahatika
About Rohirat,mahirat This amazing cover by @Niyati25
Always Your Mahiyaa by AvipsaHazra
Always Your Mahiyaaby Hazra_Avii
It's a book with Ms being Dada's kid
Fate Decides by Mahiro457
Fate Decidesby Mahiro457
"I hate you." They loved each other but fate played a cruel game with them . They had to part ways , the heart which was once filled of love was no longer wit...
All Those Moments by bleedblue2011
All Those Momentsby Neha Srivastav
Just a collection of the million and one moments when the Men in Blue post 2013 made us smile...
The social media mishap chronicles  by _Ahankara_
The social media mishap chronicles by _Ahankara_
"In which Kulya mistakes a 56," Ahankara can't beileve her luck, Neha doesn't even know why she is friends with them. And Tani and Siri are totally unaware of...
MahiRat Tales Collection  by MahiRat_Forever
MahiRat Tales Collection by MahiRat_Forever
The title describes the book the best. This book is solely for Mahirat shots. It may be OS, two shots or even short story. Do give it a try!
Family... (An Ishqbaaz FF) (Editing) by LunchbirdS
Family... (An Ishqbaaz FF) ( LunchbirdS
Three months have passed since ShivIka separated. Shivaay and Anika hadn't seen each other all this while. But when destiny brings Anika back to Oberoi Mansion, storms s...
In the Darkest Hour by bleedblue2011
In the Darkest Hourby Neha Srivastav
It's all about finding the ray of hope even in the darkest hour. A group of members outside the ICT force their way into the team's management with a deep, twisted plot...
Our Own Battles by Denita_D
Our Own Battlesby Deen kind for you know not what battle the other person is fighting. Similary Shivaay Anika and Mahi have battles going on inside of the each. They each have their own...
Twins - The Journey of Us (MaNaf FF) by MaNanlicious_Angel
Twins - The Journey of Us (MaNaf MaNanlicious_Angel
"Vivah - The journey from engagement to marriage" is one of those books which made me who I am today on wattpad. When the book got over there was a sudden emp...
Mending the Broken Souls ❤(A Mahirat fanfiction)  by untangledmystery7
Mending the Broken Souls ❤(A MahiRat Nags 🌻
"I will find a way to mend my broken soul and i won't need you anymore I will tear down the walls find a light to get me home." He is happy and strong for the...
ICT one shots❤️❤️❤️ by Prahatikakrishnan
ICT one shots❤️❤️❤️by Prahatika
It's a compilation of one shots showing the bond of ICT...