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MS and Virat were happy in their lives, what happens when they get to know that they have another brother? How will Rishabh's sudden entry affect their lives? This is a...
A love lost, A life gained by AadeezTrashLuv
A love lost, A life gainedby Aadeez
I love reading ICT fics here, love the platonic bond shown between juniors with their seniors. But somehow no one has written a fic about Mahi losing his then love to an...
Tough love by DreamerTani
Tough loveby bookaholic@98
Mahi Bhai atlast has enough of RohiRat's frequent childish fights and decides to give them a little harsh reality check.
As You Sow... So You Reap - Ishqbaaz SS by Affrinsara
As You Sow... So You Reap - Affrin Sara
Roop bua finally succeeded in blackmailing Shivaay and thus made him to get married again to the bride she selects... The marriage got over and all the Oberois are displ...
Comeback Super Kings by RainbowGiggles_718
Comeback Super Kingsby RainbowGiggles_718
A tale of stories about csk and its players.
We Need You by siri_reddy
We Need Youby siri_reddy
Hey... Guys this story revolves around Mahi Bhai, Virat, Rohit, dada, jaddu... Or let's say entire team Just go read and enjoy..
Difficult Choice ✅ by ictFiction
Difficult Choice ✅by ictFiction
This book is about RohiRat friendship.
Mending the Broken Souls ❤(A Mahirat fanfiction)  by untangledmystery7
Mending the Broken Souls ❤(A MahiRat Nags 🌻
"I will find a way to mend my broken soul and i won't need you anymore I will tear down the walls find a light to get me home." He is happy and strong for the...
MahiRat Tales Collection  by MahiRat_Forever
MahiRat Tales Collection by MahiRat_Forever
The title describes the book the best. This book is solely for Mahirat shots. It may be OS, two shots or even short story. Do give it a try!
Picking up Broken Pieces ✅ by ictFiction
Picking up Broken Pieces ✅by ictFiction
One friend is going through a lot but hides it from his best friend. What will happen when the other comes to know everything? Will the relationship survive or break fo...
Friends: The Reunion by incoherentme
Friends: The Reunionby Anonymous
The next gen of Indian Cricket Team... Rewriting Friends are Family... with major changes I hope you will love it Will be posting the original ones after completing it.
MSD - ICT's Big Brother by DreamerTani
MSD - ICT's Big Brotherby bookaholic@98
Short stories and one shots that focus on the beautiful bond that oor beloved MSD and shares with other members of the team... The main characters will be Virat, Rohit...
Brothers In Arm by siri_reddy
Brothers In Armby siri_reddy
For all those who love Mahi-Yuvi... You will love this book... And for all those who don't know them... You will start loving them... Give it a try...
Whom Will He Choose? by 07forlife
Whom Will He Choose?by 07forlife
What will mahi do when the current indian team feel that virat was done wrong by the bcci and stand against Sourav Ganguly who is supported by seniors like sachin paji a...
Nothing Can Break Us ✅ by ictFiction
Nothing Can Break Us ✅by ictFiction
Story of two best friends who were always there for each other in their highs and lows ! Will their relation survive a tough challenge ? To know more join me in their...
A Special Chocolate cake by siri_reddy
A Special Chocolate cakeby siri_reddy
With time we grow up...Some fast...some slow... some won't grow up ever. But does growing up mean we would never want to be a kid again? May no... At some particular p...
ICT Romance shots by ict_onedirection
ICT Romance shotsby june
ICT Romance shots because why not? 🤷🏻‍♀️