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Faith In You ✅ by favblues
Faith In You ✅by favblues
MahiRat and RohiRat story. This is my old book which was lost.
Always Your Mahiyaa by Avii_Zra
Always Your Mahiyaaby AviiiiiiZRA
It's a book with Ms being Dada's kid
CSK '23 by randommgurl
CSK '23by .
IPL 2023 was an absolute treat to the csk fans. And I am not over the team and the win. I didn't see many writing about them so I thought why not myself. So yeah, writin...
A Journey of Hearts by Mahirat_1807
A Journey of Heartsby Mahirat_1807
MS and Virat were happy in their lives, what happens when they get to know that they have another brother? How will Rishabh's sudden entry affect their lives? This is a...
My dear King by Tangledrupaunzelll
My dear Kingby Navya
ICT BL STORY!!!! "yeh to wo hai! aree WOO!!" screams rohit "Bhenchod! Shut up!" Shouts virat holding the others jaw firmly. A short love story of 3 v...
LIFE  by hetu_07
LIFE by heta_07
Fanfiction - read to know 😉
Memories by RainbowGiggles_718
Memoriesby RainbowGiggles_718
OS on our very own ICT members
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Light of my Life  by mahivirat718
Light of my Life by mahivirat718
After one failed relationship, trust issues, trauma and torture that she beared, will she be able to find light in the darkness Tune in to know more!
What happens in the future  by 07forlife
What happens in the future by 07forlife
Not realising that time travelling can actually be true, mahi decided to test a fan's gift. And to his surprise reaches in the future. But in the future he comes to know...
Stories behind pictures  by 07forlife
Stories behind pictures by 07forlife
In these book i will write one shots, two shots, short stories or even small conversations based on some of the pictures. I will write what i can imagine might be happe...
Love, family and Revenge by Autumneyes0405
Love, family and Revengeby Autumneyes0405
Mahi was either worshipped like a god or looked down like a filth. He was tired of all the allegations every time they lost a match. He was tired of his family being dra...
Trust You Always ✅ by favblues
Trust You Always ✅by favblues
What happens when Virat Is accused of helping another team to win ? Will the team trust him ? Read to find out more
A love lost, A life gained by Atifsvocalchords
A love lost, A life gainedby Aadeez
I love reading ICT fics here, love the platonic bond shown between juniors with their seniors. But somehow no one has written a fic about Mahi losing his then love to an...
Unhealing wounds by Navami_i
Unhealing woundsby Navami_i
The great Mahendra Singh Dhoni is known to be a strong, cool, stubborn man who stand for his teammates in their difficult tym and who fight with any force in the world f...
Mere Pyaare Bhaiya by dreamerlass
Mere Pyaare Bhaiyaby Saumya Saxena
After a life altering event, a young man, just barely an adult himself, had dedicated his entire life to taking good care of his little brother. A promise made to his fa...
Back For Revenge  by ICTLOVERS
Back For Revenge by ICTLOVERS
"I...I love you Mahi!!", And he was shocked. Why won't he? It was his best friend..the only friend he had...the most dear one to him!! "I...I respect your...
Brothers Forever and Beyond by gaslaybish
Brothers Forever and Beyondby cloudyxvani
Two brothers are so close to each other that no one can tear them apart. What will happen when jealousy and insecurities take place between them ? Will this bond survive...
We Need You by siri_reddy
We Need Youby siri_reddy
Hey... Guys this story revolves around Mahi Bhai, Virat, Rohit, dada, jaddu... Or let's say entire team Just go read and enjoy..