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~Yes Captain~ by _Ahankara_
~Yes Captain~by _Ahankara_
One shots featuring Virat and team, but specially Virat. Cover credits: @Parimala020
Trust You Always by viratxrohit
Trust You Alwaysby viratxrohit
What happens when Virat Is accused of helping another team to win ? Will the team trust him ? Read to find out more
Ict fanfictions || Part 1 || by Manushikaur
Ict fanfictions || Part 1 ||by Manushi kaur
A bunch of ict fanfictions to enjoy!! Rohirat : I just love this bond Mahirohirat : Mahi bhai and his not so lil idiots Jiviro : teen tigada Jass and Ro : Their bond is...
FOREVER AND ALWAYS  by 07forlife
This is the stroy about how Rohit and others try to fix the broken bond of Mahi and Virat. This is my first story and dedicated to all the ict story writers on Wattpad...
ICT : Crazy family  by Flora20518
ICT : Crazy family by Flora 20
My first try to write story on ICT Family. I love all of them. it's one shot.
ICT one-shots by ictmadfam
ICT one-shotsby Gauri Ghate
Random one shots including the ICT members.
A Trip To Jamnagar [On Hold]  by ict_onedirection
A Trip To Jamnagar [On Hold] by june
We all know trouble follows wherever the indian cricket team goes. So this time when they decide to take a trip to Jamnagar, madness and havoc happens, chaos ensues but...
In your highs, In your lows by introverts-veil
In your highs, In your lowsby introverts-veil
Everything seems to be going wrong for Hardik. First the Koffee with Karan fiasco, then the suspension and now coming back in the team, he senses that he isn't really we...
ICT Siblings (COMPLETED ) by Mahiro457
ICT Siblings (COMPLETED )by Mahiro457
The INDIAN CRICKET TEAM is a big family. Started:6 December,2019 Finished: 6 June, 2021 Story continued in Tangled relations by @Shaddy_45 And a collection of short st...
ICT ONE-SHOTS (FRIENDSHIP) by bleedblue2011
Random friendship one shots on our favourite ICT members
Masti and Short Stories with the ICT by ij0786
Masti and Short Stories with the LivelovelaughIJ
A few random thoughts that took form of a short story :)
You can Rise Above it (A Hardik-Virat Friendship Fanfiction) by bleedblue2011
You can Rise Above it (A Neha Srivastav
That Karan Johar show was a terrible mistake, Hardik knows. If he could go back in time, he would change it. But his teammates... especially his captain doesn't seem to...
Where I belong 🖤 by Gunjanjain413
Where I belong 🖤by Gunjanjain413
she is fire🛐 But who doesn't love to play with fire but When they play with it. It burns them hard ikk he is calm💫 Just like wind he is calm and composed. But when...
always with you... by mahirat718
always with Sanjhi
With the world against him, MS must believe in his brothers to fight his battle for him. With the whole nation against them, the bonds in the ICT are tested. Will the IC...
Look What We Found!  by ictmadfam
Look What We Found! by Gauri Ghate
The ICT is very obviously oblivious about the CRAZY fandom they have on wattpad. What Actually happens, when One of them accidentally comes across one of these books? R...
18 by ict_onedirection
18by june
~We made a start be it a false one, I know but I got a heart and I got a soul 🧿~ Rohit was never about serious relationships because he could never got over her. But h...
Peep inside to know more Cover pic by @Niyati25
Sensible jokes!  by ictmadfam
Sensible jokes! by Gauri Ghate
Two pairs of best friends, tons of fights, crazy decisions and much more! A fan fiction on my two most FAVORITE pairs of best friends, RohiRat and Rahul-harry.
The One With The Road Trip by bleedblue2011
The One With The Road Tripby Neha Srivastav
ICT embarks on a road trip with a defective van, a faulty compass, two ghosts and the consequences remain to be seen.
ICT - Bond, Relations and Family.!! by Chandrika9
ICT - Bond, Relations and Family.!!by Chaand
Hey guys, I am greatest fan of ICT and can never get over them. so here ill publish bond and relations between players, their kids and families.