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Cote : Anger Issues  by Vkdwivedi12
Cote : Anger Issues by Vkdwivedi12
A boy goes in ANHS because of his father. He is put in the same class as ayanokoji.Can he survive among elites and rise at the top while having serious anger issues. Rea...
A New Masterpiece (COTE x OC) by kinato_
A New Masterpiece (COTE x OC)by kinato
Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, the masterpiece of the Whiteroom, an unchallenged existence in this world, with unfathomable abilities. is there finally an individual who can matc...
Identity Dance - Common Route  by UnderHocide
Identity Dance - Common Route by Homicide
Depression, anxiety, loneliness. What would happen to an individual when all these emotions pile up at once for their entire lives? Life is miserable enough, yet they so...
Classroom Of The Elite: A New Possibility by Omnius_Rebirth
Classroom Of The Elite: A New Omnius Rebirth
A place that represents the structure of society itself, readily taking in the myriad forms of human nature. A generation of youths walk the path beneath their feet, led...
What If Kiyotaka Showed His Abilities From The Start? by Aisuru_Hana13
What If Kiyotaka Showed His 𝓗𝓪𝓷𝓪~ 𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓷
After Sensei finished explaining things about this school, all of my classmates were ecstatic,they didn't even find it weird or suspicious that a school would give highs...
The Demon and the 007 - a CoTE Story by KingFabia
The Demon and the 007 - a CoTE Fabia
Disclaimer: This is a rewrite of my first CoTE fic, 007 in Class B. Discharged from his job, mystery following him, one Gabriele Fabianelli enrolls in ANHS, following on...
Ayanokoji-kun? You're a Teacher now?! by TypicalXiaoMain
Ayanokoji-kun? You're a Teacher Tsugi
An AU where Ayanokoji was a former student of ANHS, classmates with Sae Chabashira. He suddenly left due to "personal" reasons, but is now coming back, and as...
Two Elites in Class D by MasterpieceP
Two Elites in Class Dby 夫楽帝久
Ayanokouji and his younger brother go to ANHS with the permission of their father. This is my first fanfic so I will ty my best to provide you best stories there are sma...
Class D: Young Ayanokouji by timothy_g2
Class D: Young Ayanokoujiby Ayanokoujibro
Young Ayanokouji goes to ANHS all out but due to his age he will not be as op and this is going to be kind of fluffy with maybe some comedy if I can make it funny lmao. ...
Tital says it all. But there's a catch that there will be three different timeline that will be reacting. You can say I wanted to make there different reaction series...
Classroom of the Elite: The Eroge by RainSennin
Classroom of the Elite: The Erogeby That Eroge Guy
When Ayanokouji Kiyotaka wished for something that can interest him in his new school, he never expected that it would be something like this. After waking up with some...
COTE: Trial by LilAsian37
COTE: Trialby LilAsian37
(There will be some information from Volume 0) Atsuomi Ayanokouji has given a trial to Kiyotaka Ayanokouji to graduate from Class D to Class A in 3 years so he'll be abl...
Classroom Of The Elite Short Reactions [Hiatus until early May 2023] by Zebul1we
Classroom Of The Elite Short Warlock Zekrom
Yahallo!, Author-san here, I love reading reaction fics, but there aren't many good ones, plus I definitely, can't write longer ones therefore, I'm starting this new ser...
{HIATUS} COTE : The Twin Demons by Arlicto_44
{HIATUS} COTE : The Twin Demonsby Topzhu
FORMER NAME : COTE: 3 years with her (Kiyotaka X OC) The story about two successful products of Whiteroom. Having completing the curriculum, they are ordered to enroll...
Classroom of the Elite: Ayanokoji // The One-and-Only Lemon King by Korupt-sama
Classroom of the Elite: Elai Ayanokōji
This contains Lemon with Ayanokoji and Anime Waifus. Some will be from the original "Classroom of the Elite" whilst others will be either a crossover or an OC...
emotionless oc x classroom of the elite by kharoufe
emotionless oc x classroom of Hussein HOTEIT
2 strangers, one boy and one girl, one gets lucky and is reborn in a rich family and the other one is thrown into an unlobed environment. How will they react upon seeing...
What If : the Author is Living in CoTE World by HakimTheGameFirst
What If : the Author is Living Hakim// TheGameFirst
This story is just my imaginations running wild. Ayanokouji will be in this story, of course. Also, the Author doesn't have any knowledge of ANHS
Chiaki Matsushita x Oc by Sparky_boy31
Chiaki Matsushita x Ocby Sparky_boy31
Reul Fire, a student that just entered to the the Koudo Ikusei school, where a war between classes would start as soon as he starts school, not only he will have friends...
Tenko, Himiko & Angie Shrine by irlSophieFoster
Tenko, Himiko & Angie Shrineby Tenko lover
No art belongs to me Inspired by OneBigOlGay, go check him out (This was previously called Tenko Shrine, so the first 18 parts have revolved around her or a ship with he...
You were down I was up. (Tenmiko/Tenko x Himiko) by Nagit-oe
You were down I was up. (Tenmiko/ Miu i love her help im a big...
ah yes another story uhm sorry if this is bad im a minor and i tend to love stories about love even with no experience with it so if anythings off let me know! NO ART I...