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love letters | shourtney by notenoughcalcium
love letters | shourtneyby notenoughcalcium
There's always been something between Courtney and Shayne, whether she acknowledged it or not. Now that Shayne has been appearing in Courtney's dreams, things are going...
Maybe It's Alright Here. by Mizz_Lizel
Maybe It's Alright Here.by Mizz Lizel
hey y'all constructive criticism is welcome. Y/N moved to LA 4 years ago and still hasn't found her spark. After a huge fight with her roommate she meets Courtney, a l...
So Scarlett, it was Maroon - Spencer Agnew by alecisnotcool
So Scarlett, it was Maroon - Spenc...by Alec
Making this because my man needs more fanfics about him!!! Scarlett Aurora Carmine is a Twitch streamer who grew up in Florida. She grew up with her best friend, Tommy B...
There's No Way (Damien Haas Fanfiction) by daddyneedshismmmunge
There's No Way (Damien Haas Fanfic...by trash
The day Damien and Chloe met, they both knew that there was no way that nothing would happen between them. Will their relationship blossom despite trying to keep their f...
right where you left me | angela giarratana by lolsadiesink_
right where you left me | angela g...by abi 🐌
who says your right person wrong time can't get a second chance... guys i love angela and there are very little fanfics so i knew i had to do something about that angela...
head over heels | shayne topp ✔️ by lolsadiesink_
head over heels | shayne topp ✔️by abi 🐌
a classic best-friend-knows-best situation changes brooklyn harper's life forever. is anyone gonna read this? idk, but i hope so (okay famous last words... thank you eve...
Quality Content ~Shayne x Reader~ by WallFlowerOutlet
Quality Content ~Shayne x Reader~by WallFlowerOutlet
You decide to drop everything and move LA to pursue your dream of acting. When you get a job at Smosh, you find yourself falling for Shayne Topp, and he might be falling...
Smosh Preferences/Imagines by midwestloser
Smosh Preferences/Imaginesby midwestloser
(Smosh Guys with Feminine Pronouns) *discontinued*
Edit My Feelings ~Shayne x Reader~ by WallFlowerOutlet
Edit My Feelings ~Shayne x Reader~by WallFlowerOutlet
Your new roommates Damien and Shayne get you a job at Smosh because they're the best roommates ever, duh. But one of them gets you more than just a job, they get you cat...
A Vibe: Damien Haas x Reader | Smosh Fanfic by The_Tale_of_a_Girl
A Vibe: Damien Haas x Reader | Smo...by I write sometimes??
~Completed March 27th, 2020~ "Wanna be part of Smosh for two weeks? (Smoshtest)", the title of Smosh's new video made your heart skip a beat, was this real? Up...
the mystery girl | COMPLETE by unspokenchichi
the mystery girl | COMPLETEby unspokenchichi
Meet Alexis Evans, seventeen years old and a senior in high school.... sort of. Her life hasn't always been easy, but it was always something new with her. When she ste...
Behind The Scenes, Spencer Agnew by museumofzy
Behind The Scenes, Spencer Agnewby zy
She was a writer for Smosh and he was a part of film crew and a cast member. She gets asked to work with him which will require spending copious amounts of time together...
Eccentric | Damien Haas [discontinued] by dolores-haze
Eccentric | Damien Haas [discontin...by dolores-haze
Laila George doesn't want a relationship. Damien Haas only wants one with her. After Laila left So Random they never thought they'd see each other again. But oh how wron...
Our love couldn't go wrong  by Aut_writes_fanfic
Our love couldn't go wrong by Aut_writes_fanfic
She's starting to spiral and she knows it. It doesn't even take a split second for her mind to start going over anything and everything she's done recently that could ex...
Saudade || Amangela || by Vyerismoq
Saudade || Amangela ||by Vyerismoq
An Amanda Lehan-Canto and Angela Giarratana love story. where it starts with two and ends with one. - - DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction, PURELY FICTIONAL. Names, c...
Every Meet-Cute Ever (Shayne Topp X Reader Imagines) by XxShaynesGirlxX
Every Meet-Cute Ever (Shayne Topp...by XxShaynesGirlxX
Are you mentally dating Shayne Topp? Cool! Me too! Let's dive down this fluffy imagine rabbit hole together!
Everything Changes  - A Smosh Fanfic by OliviaDyson6
Everything Changes - A Smosh Fanf...by Olivia Dyson
As Ian's little sister, you've been apart of smosh since it all began. Growing up you helped edit, produce and write for smosh. Growing close to everyone member of the c...
SMOSH ONESHOTS by Padillahistorian
SMOSH ONESHOTSby Link ★🎸🎧⋆。 °⋆
SMOSH ONESHOTS! - Feel Free To Request - No Smuts sorry
being truthful by unspokenchichi
being truthfulby unspokenchichi
Alexis Padilla, eighteen • Last time you saw her, she was in the hospital. She has no memory of her life before the accident. Except for minor details. But what will ha...
Almost, But Not Quite [Damien Haas] by GeneralEyes
Almost, But Not Quite [Damien Haas]by Amy ✨
Welcome to WriteBack, an app where you could throw back to the 90s and talk to people without knowing their names, addresses, appearances, and more. There's one thing ab...