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too young ➖Ian Hecox➖*Match Makers 3* by writer1092
too young ➖Ian Hecox➖*Match Writer1092
"What's wrong? Do you think he's ugly?" Courtney asked, squeezing her way in between Maaya and Celina. "He's thirty!" Celina exclaimed, pointing at t...
History by Ejojorg
Historyby Ejojorg
A Young lady from the present was sent to the past, finding out the real story about the del Pilar pair's History. Y/n Ingrid Enriquez, Apo ni Col. Vicente Enriquez. Ma...
Smosh Boys Preferences Before fall of d**y media Started: 23/08/2018 Ended: 23/02/2020
Gamer Girl (Smosh Games, Discontinued) by Rosalina-Lucia
Gamer Girl (Smosh Games, Rosa (🌹-a)
You got into watching YouTube because one of your cousins works on a YouTube channel. You two were really close, but you could only talk so much once she moved to Califo...
Smush  by iddiedo
Smush by Melanie
Smosh Smut; Shit I wouldn't want my family to see? Maybe not?
All the feelings: A Damien Haas X Reader Fan Fic by Yeetos17
All the feelings: A Damien Haas Yeetos17
You are Joven's younger sister and just lost your job. He just so happens to know of a job opening in the Smosh games crew. You meet Damien and feel an instant connectio...
Smosh Imagines by dumbfishbowl
Smosh Imaginesby Dumbfishbowl
All of these imagines include smosh, smosh pit, and smosh games male members. I didn't include the girls , but I still hope you enjoy them! I was editing most of this s...
Hermosa Destrucción. by FireFly020
Hermosa Destrucció Firefly
Ellos perdidos en un eterno bosque de agonía, se dedican sus últimos alientos. En honor a un amor perdido, un amor incomprendido... un amor suicida. Todos necesitam...
perfect ➖Shayne Topp➖ *Match Makers 2* by writer1092
perfect ➖Shayne Topp➖ *Match Writer1092
"I just moved here from Japan!" Maaya mumbled. "No boyfriend?" Joshua asked. "No boyfriend," she repeated. "Perfect!" he smirked...
Just Friends? | Shaylivia by PepperoniPlayboi
Just Friends? | Shayliviaby PepperoniPlayboi
To the squad and the rest of Smosh, Shayne and Olivia just seem like friends. Their increased interactions and secrets make them start to wonder though. Are Shayne and O...
Christmas Vacation (Shaylivia) by PepperoniPlayboi
Christmas Vacation (Shaylivia)by PepperoniPlayboi
The Smosh family stays in a cabin in the snowy mountains for Christmas. During the vacation feelings arise and secrets are revealed.
Say you won't let go// #shourtney by supersmosh_
Say you won't let go// #shourtneyby lynx
Shayne and Courtney have been friends for a while now. What will happen when they realise they have feelings for each other?
It Just Happened // Ian Hecox X Courtney Miller by Justboreddotcom
It Just Happened // Ian Hecox X JustBored
Ian accidentally falls head over heels for one of his employees. Courtney's heart is torn all sorts of ways and she docent know whats going to come next!
How Deep Is Your Love -Shourtney Fanfiction [UNDER MAJOR EDITING] by sugarmommy4523
How Deep Is Your Love -Shourtney 1-800-EatMyAssBitch
WARNING! FIRST FANFICTION! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! WARNING WRITTEN IN 2020: Look, I think I was thirteen or twelve kay! I can't go through comment every four months when...
The Kingdom of Smosh by Lady_Saphyra
The Kingdom of Smoshby アレクス
Reposted from my AO3 account; Smosh is a kingdom in this AU, with Ian as it's King. A time of peace is interrupted by a strange figure in the palace town, who becomes a...
Smosh x Reader Imagines by westvirginiaexe
Smosh x Reader Imaginesby westvirginia.exe
Mainly male Smosh cast x reader stories Requests are open, I'm open to do almost anything, just dm me or comment on one of the chapters and we'll figure it out :P
Getting to the Top (A Smosh Games Fan-Ficton) by BlazeSage
Getting to the Top (A Smosh BlazeSage
Saige Blazer dreamed to be as good youtuber as Markiplier. No Smosh! But only a small town can get you far enough into your imagination. Smosh needs a person who can get...
My New Dad is Jovenshire by SinningCinnamonRoll
My New Dad is Jovenshireby AJ
Ash is an orphan who is adopted by a famous YouTuber. Cliche, am I right? She faces some crazy things, but has some clear intentions. She is shoved into a crazy new fa...
Smosh Imagines (Just the Boys) ~REQUESTS OPEN~ by jdawg111
Smosh Imagines (Just the Boys) Arsonist
These are short Smosh x reader stories. Smosh boys with female pronouns. Shayne, Noah, Keith, Ian, Damien, Joven, Lazercorn, Sohinki (tell me if I forgot any). Will also...
The Intern by The_Nameless_Writer_
The Internby ...
Ella has all three of us laughing and is cracking jokes for the rest of the Skype call. When we finally hang up and we all look at each other. "We have to hire her...