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Smosh Preferences & Imagines by nmwesson
Smosh Preferences & Imaginesby Noel Marie
These are a collection of preferences and imagines about the Smosh Squad and Smosh Games crew. (Disclaimer: I will be using primarily female pronouns unless requested ot...
That One Night at the Bar // COMPLETED  by bananarama432
That One Night at the Bar // BANANA RAMA
Young Alexis Lewis a street rat who works at a bar that does Jazz Gigs was singing one night when she meets Olivia Sui , moves in with her , gets introduced to the Smosh...
Smosh Imagines by NeverEndingWr1ter
Smosh Imaginesby clay
A collection of imagines about the whole Smosh crew. These are only one-shots. This includes Ian and Anthony, the Smosh Games crew, and the Smosh main channel fam. I'll...
~Pretty in Punk~ (A Dan and Phil/ More vloggers fanfic) by Mina_Howell-Lester
~Pretty in Punk~ (A Dan and Mina_Howell-Lester
Mira Smith. Just that punky-ish, awkward and shy 20 year old who lives a terrible life. Pretty normal, for her. Her daily routine is basically going up, food, YouTube...
You're here with me now (Shourtney fan fic) by Laneyhoohoo
You're here with me now ( justaregularshipper
This is my first fan fic so please don't judge. I except constructive criticism. Also other ships will happen in this video but it is mainly based off of Shourtney. Love...
Smosh One Shots by Lilyfromdownunder
Smosh One Shotsby Lily 🦕
I have a main Smosh book series, but I still have a lot of mini ideas! So, I decided to write them down and put them in this book! Hope you enjoy :)
the mystery girl | COMPLETE by unspokenchichi
the mystery girl | COMPLETEby unspokenchichi
Meet Alexis Evans, seventeen years old and a senior in high school.... sort of. Her life hasn't always been easy, but it was always something new with her. When she ste...
Smosh Family Preferences by CLTopp1999
Smosh Family Preferencesby Courtney-Lee Collins
Some preferences about the Smosh Family (games and squad, girls included, finished editing to add Damien and Boze, will also keep Anthony, Lasercorn and Sohinki included...
Ian's Little Sister -Smosh Summer Games-  by writer1092
Ian's Little Sister -Smosh Writer1092
Ian's little sister was asked to join the Smosh Squad, which Kayleigh accepts. She starts her job when Smosh Summer Games: Camp starts. What will happen when she starts...
YouTuber Oneshots by mylifeasidiot
YouTuber Oneshotsby Charzuru
X reader stories with your favorite YouTubers (requests are CLOSED)
Fools: Anthony Padilla x Reader by littlebiguniiverse
Fools: Anthony Padilla x Readerby p.s.
When you and your cheating boyfriend break up, you meet someone you never expected to meet. Will your relationship work out? Or will everything fall apart? HIGHEST RANKS...
I Knew I Had That True Love (Shourtney Story) by jc_rosewriter
I Knew I Had That True Love ( Jheny31
"What would happen if I was Shayne's girlfriend? No! Stop it Courtney. You two are friends and that is all. The girls are right. I just miss having someone be there...
Little Padilla 😌 by SnakeySlut
Little Padilla 😌by Paige-Marie Tanner
Shayne X reader. Being Anthony's little sister has its pros but it also has it's cons. As you move out to LA to live with your older brother, you finally meet the talent...
Smosh Games One Shots (and Smutshots) by SmallChild42
Smosh Games One Shots (and SmallChild42
Read the title. (Smh @ need for description)
What's a Smosh?(A Smosh Games Fanfiction) by The_Nameless_Writer_
What's a Smosh?(A Smosh Games ...
"Ian," I breathe out. He smiles and hugs me. He spins me around. "How's my favorite cousin been?" I ask. "I'm your only cousin," he says...
No Homo (An Ianthony Fanfic) by TheRadChick
No Homo (An Ianthony Fanfic)by ~So Rad~
Ian finds Anthony's diary which reveals some things that might change their lives forever.
Secrets -Courtivia- by comillfan
Secrets -Courtivia-by comillfan
Join the emotional roller coaster that is Courtney and Olivia's relationship. Will it work out?
I Hate You But .. Your Kind Of Cute-ianthony by ianthonyfiretruck
I Hate You But .. Your Kind Of ianthonyfiretruck
see what happeneds when Anthony is Ian's bully in high school.
SMOSH X Reader  by evieweaviee
SMOSH X Reader by evieweaviee
It is a SMOSH X reader, though I am not sure who to put you with. I'm going to be In the story being your best friend. Anyways, you guys need to comment who you want in...