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Raegan Gallagher-Milkovich by Strawberries0312
Raegan Gallagher-Milkovichby Strawberries0312
Raegan is Mickey and Ian's daughter, the biggest badass of the south side. She is Ian's biological daughter with Mandy being their surrogate. She has Mickeys blac...
shameless insert Y/N X Mickey X Ian X Lip by yodasbummhole
shameless insert Y/N X Mickey X Ia...by yodasbummhole
(UPDATE! I just decided this will me like a love square between lip Ian and Mickey cuz I can't decide lmao)sooo I got bored of my other story so I'm making a new one it...
MILKOVICH (UNDER EDITING) by fadedinthedark
What's the number one rule to live by in the Gallagher house? Expect the unexpected. Frank Gallagher is a raging alcoholic with 7 kids. Fiona, Phillip, Ian, Hannah, Debb...
Little Morgan Gallagher  by Strawberries0312
Little Morgan Gallagher by Strawberries0312
Morgan Gallagher was the middle daughter of seven kids. Born to an alcoholic junkie father and a mother who ran off, she's being raised mainly by her oldest sister Fiona...
Three stories involving the Gallagher brothers, and you. Each brother will have their own set of chapters. Finishing Ian's story first, then going down the list. FEMALE...
<~| Can't Get Away • Shameless Fic |~> by Fandom_Monarch
by Rae
What happens when positive, loving, vibrant, but unlucky Parker Gallagher. Falls in love with the ruffest, meanest, badass Southsider in Chicago? What will happen when s...
Cameron Monaghan One Shots. by davidbowie76
Cameron Monaghan One Shots.by davidbowie76
One shots about Cameron, Jerome, Jeremiah, and Ian. WARNING- CONTAINS HARSH LANGUAGE, VIOLENCE, AND SEXUAL SCENES.
Anne Gallagher by adenev
Anne Gallagherby Catherine
Go through the life in the viewpoint of Anne Gallagher. The youngest, and twin to Carl Gallagher (sorry guys. Liam just wouldn't work out in the plot. Although he IS my...
Kelepto I.g by shetoowild
Kelepto I.gby Bittersweetbitchbaby
"She went from stealing glances to stealing my heart" **lots of smut
broken ↠ lip gallagher by insecured
broken ↠ lip gallagherby insecured
"I fell in love with the way you looked at me. The way you questioned me. The way you touched me without having to use your hands. Being with you left me breathless...
Metanoia  by scottydoesknow
Metanoia by bby :)
Lip picks up on a summer job to help tutor a girl named Phoenix Richardson. The softball player finds herself developing feelings, not for her tutor...for her tutors bro...
The Saviour (Fiona x Male OC) by IFEDURMOM69
The Saviour (Fiona x Male OC)by WEDNESDAY IS MY BAE
The Gallagher family where known for their lack of money and abundance of problems. Well thats until Carl comes back from military school with a new friend. Callum Abb...
Gallavich Daughter- Completed  by 1008Shelby
Gallavich Daughter- Completed by OK then
Ian wants kids. Mickey, not so much. But it seems their fate is written in the stars when 6 year old Maryanne Brown shows up at their house in desperate need of some hel...
Fucking Gallagher's  by asha826
Fucking Gallagher's by asha826
A shameless story about y/ n Gallagher and her family's drama Y/n is 15 btw
Saving Her || Ian Gallagher by Aelgort134
Saving Her || Ian Gallagherby Aelgort134
On the date of July 9th 2016, Lexi's whole world was turned upside down as a road trip turned fatal when a semi truck hit the car her and her sister were traveling in on...
biological  》ian gallagher by shamelessgoons
biological 》ian gallagherby goons
The unfortunate events of Ian Gallagher's daughter living with him as he struggles with bipolar disorder. written by; jellybean / @SunnyDiCaprio cover by; hayl...
Gallavich Daughter 2 by 1008Shelby
Gallavich Daughter 2by OK then
Maryanne is back! But she's no longer the little girl mickey and ian saved. Being 13 years old, things are changing for her. And it's becoming increasingly more difficul...
We're kinda the same  {I.G} by Rafe__Starkeys__hoe
We're kinda the same {I.G}by Ruby Page
"We're kinda the same. If you think about it." "I guess we kinda are, Gallagher."
To be or not to be (male oc X Ian) by fandom_addict2097
To be or not to be (male oc X Ian)by fandom_addict2097
When monica comes back into town someone Familiar follows Will Ian let him back into his heart or will he lock away his feelings and throw away the key This is a Reader...
Delilah Gallagher-Milkovich   by Shameless_12
Delilah Gallagher-Milkovich by Shameless_12
Delilah has been through some tough shit through childhood. Living with an abusive father and mother. Her siblings had no choice but to abandon her. Ian, catches Delilah...