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Fallout: Fury Blood by StoriesNotHere
Fallout: Fury Bloodby StoriesNotHere
Rumbles from beneath, whispers from beyond, power from the sky, fury from the blood. Her world shattered, Kelly Harper battles her demons with Paladin Danse at her side...
Five Nights at Freddy's: Rewritten & Retold. by SimplyAGuy
Five Nights at Freddy's: Rewritten...by Some Dude
Five Nights at Freddy's: Rewritten & Retold is a reimagining of the story presented throughout the Five Nights at Freddy's series, presented through the lens of several...
Say you'd die for me ; MH by yourfuckinangel
Say you'd die for me ; MHby m
Do you believe in ghosts? Cassie Warrington is a sixteen year old girl who is seeking liberation from her stagnant and troubled hometown. A student exchange program emer...
Horror Stories *For Those Who Don't Want To Sleep At Night* by DoggiesXZ
Horror Stories *For Those Who Don'...by AuthorX
Updated Horror stories for brave(or stubborn - like me!) readers.
Chances || Yandere Harem x F!Reader by Mak_A34
Chances || Yandere Harem x F!Readerby Mak_A34
"We are meant to be together". In a small town on the outskirts of society comes secrets that have yet to be solved. Select females are worshipped as goddesses...
The Lamb's control by Bakugou__simp
The Lamb's controlby I-❤-big-boobies
The nature of psychological compulsion is such that those who act under constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative. The victim o...
Phobia by Ashes_and_Red
Phobiaby Ash
Introducing you to the land of the lawless.... What would happen if murderers never got caught? If people gave a free rein to their emotions and temptations? Deep dark w...
Horror Story by ElizaKnight128
Horror Storyby ElizaKnight128
Angela recounts a horrifying experience with her therapist, Dr. Shannon.
Elenas jay jakey adventure by nikiismura
Elenas jay jakey adventureby luvs.riki
Elena is in love triangle w jake and jay, feed her delusions and pls vote everyday or i will gone to your house and dump Elenas fart bags into your outfits.
A Chaotic World with a broken mind by GloomaWriter
A Chaotic World with a broken mindby Glooma Bear
The human population has been wiped out but 5 survivors who are scientists decided to make new life in the world. Slime people was the creation they made and it went exc...
The Samurai: Rise and Call of Cthulhu by allison765
The Samurai: Rise and Call of Cthu...by allison765
After dealing their common enemies, Adam and Sendak, What appears to be the near-end of their journey instead leads Keith and the rest facing against a new threat of an...
Rise of the Elemental Hero Slayers by TaelinMcRae
Rise of the Elemental Hero Slayersby Taelin/Angel Wolf
In Royal element planet, there is an rich McRae Daughter who has an Lunarmoon Night element Named Taelin, she's has been Princess Sia's student for ⅝ years ago, and she...
Dear Big Brother || Scream four || Trevor Sheldon [IN PROGRESS] by onlyposersfuckingdie
Dear Big Brother || Scream four ||...by poser
IN WHICH Stu's younger sister goes through hell living in woodsboro. she's set on finishing what her older brother and his friend started. she just didn't expect to fal...
Reinhardt x mylifeaiur by IPeeCheetos
Reinhardt x mylifeaiurby IPeeCheetos
A spicy romance for the dareing of readers.
Death Do Us Part by lovelystrawhat
Death Do Us Partby LovelyStrawHat
16+ ~ "Lovely" Vampire AU ~ "In the name of God, I take you to be my husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse. . .in sick...
The Haunted Hour by okayishcait
The Haunted Hourby 𝗖𝗔𝗜𝗧
[this is my work] This collection of spine-tingling tales will transport you to the eerie corners of the human psyche, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and the m...
Mother's Day  by prizivanje
Mother's Day by prizivanje
short horror story ~ love can be in many form... somtimes cruel
°•FNAF Roleplay | OPEN•° by Xx-Weeping-Willow-xX
°•FNAF Roleplay | OPEN•°by Xx-Weeping-Willow-xX
Cover was created by me using FlipaClip. A book to roleplay with FNAF characters. Please read the rules. Also, please fill out the whole form (unless its optional). Feel...
Inhuman by RMOlson
Inhumanby R.M. Olson
Medical researcher Jem expected the day to end with her execution. But when she's rescued, against all odds, she realizes she may have just stepped out of the frying pan...
A case that never sat right with me.. by reecehills82
A case that never sat right with m...by 😂😂😂😊👿
! This is satire ! A group of kids all decide to go out on a camping tour in a local forest, but disaster soon strikes as they discover that there is a mysterious murder...