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Mythbuster (Hololive En HoloMyth X Male Reader) by HolographicCopier
Mythbuster (Hololive En HoloMyth HolographicCopier
In a world where mythical beings hailing from every corner of the universe exist, there exist a very special type of myth, the universe hopper. That's you. After enterin...
More than a Myth (Hololive Fanfiction) by Xanderush305
More than a Myth (Hololive Xarles Cruz
Xander Arthur A. Crux, your typical college student, one day discovered the Vtubers of HoloMyth. Uninterested at first, he succumbed to his curiosity and slowly fell int...
From Ban To A Legend(Old Ver) by Shima_Tokisaki
From Ban To A Legend(Old Ver)by Shima
Change of plans on the hololive book tehe~ yed I'm back shut up it's not like I'm back for someone or anything! Hmph. You will know once you read it, anyways I'm bored h...
Shark love [Gawr Gura x Male! reader by Akari-chan124
Shark love [Gawr Gura x Male! Nalin.
I meet Gura and fall in love -_-
Hololive High (Modern high school AU) (Gawr Gura x Male reader) by overlordjeffy
Hololive High (Modern high overlordjeffy
Recently I started shrimping(pun intended) hard for Gura so yeah I decided to make a fanfic about her in hopes to fill the empty gap in my heart XD (If I disappear don't...
HoloLove. (Hololive x Male OC/Reader) by A_quil69
HoloLove. (Hololive x Male OC/ Quil69
"What the fuck..." That was all I could say as I was thrusted into a world filled with the weird and wonderful. Magical unicorns, demi-humans, and the existanc...
SECRETS | hololive english by thenotoriusNICK
SECRETS | hololive englishby OMAO
𝙄𝙣 𝙬𝙝𝙞𝙘𝙝 | y/n mori navigates their way through hololive english's chaotic personalities, as they find themself falling for a certain shark. social media au / irl
The tides of love: A Gura x reader romance fan fiction light novel by caramelchocomint
The tides of love: A Gura x Caramel Chocomint
A love story between Gawr Gura of the Great Atlantis and Reader. Kinda Romeo and Juliet style love story except nobody dies where love between them is forbidden but they...
Holofantasia: The Final Memories of Monarch Butterfly by Qalunim
Holofantasia: The Final Memories Qalunim
It has been a month since our dear green necromancer,Uruha Rushia is gone.As I still mourn over her loss,suddenly,when I was sleeping,I woke up to find myself somewhere...
Detective and the Prisoner (Amelia Watson x male reader)  by Soviet_Onion15
Detective and the Prisoner ( I_Love_Maria_Marionette
Y/N L/N, aka Andromeda Aldryx is a Hololive Vtuber that joined the English gen 1. On camera he seems chill and high on himself, but outside the camera he's been through...
Symbiotic Sensation (Symbiote Male Reader X MCU/Hololive) by Kai-Lin31
Symbiotic Sensation (Symbiote Kai-Lin
Y/N was a symbiote which belonged to a man by the name of Eddi Brock. However, after messing with devices they did not know about, Y/N was transfered to another dimensio...
Help to Career Or Something Else? (Hololive EN x Male Youtuber Reader) by Man_With_Two_Wives
Help to Career Or Something Ciel Sakurajima
You have been a Youtuber 1 year after pewdiepie's debut and 5th on the "most subscribed channel on yt", your content are mostly filled with shit posts, gamepla...
A New Era Of Sharks(Gawr Gura x Azur Lane) by RavenArch
A New Era Of Sharks(Gawr Gura x RavenArch
A Vtuber,Gawr gura is a actual mystical being living amongs the humans,Gawr gura is then transported into Azur Lane while she was sleeping!Follow her on her journey to r...
HololiveEN X Male Reader (Continuation) by Electrolitis
HololiveEN X Male Reader ( Electro Litis
This is a continuation story. The original was made @S1mp_Senpa1. All Credits for the first 11 Chapters goes to them. I've modified the story but it is still the same st...
I Favor The Lioness by Yuriballs
I Favor The Lionessby Yuriballs
A snow elf, Yukihana Lamy, joined a noble school filled with mages to meet her idol, a white lioness named Shishiro Botan. However, the school is filled with tough oppon...
Love Beyond the Ashes  by Yuriballs
Love Beyond the Ashes by Yuriballs
Calli had killed Kiara for the thousandth time, but this time she felt empty. The joy she felt was replaced by loneliness. She was awaiting Kiara's return, but what happ...
Love Far Beyond the Ashes  by Yuriballs
Love Far Beyond the Ashes by Yuriballs
Calli and Kiara have been separated once again after finally rekindling their flame of love. The two want to reunite with one another by all means necessary and will do...
A Detectable Love (Amelia x Male Reader) (COMPLETED) by JuniMv
A Detectable Love (Amelia x Male JuniMv
Meet (Y/N) (L/N). A virtual youtuber idol streamer from Hololive who is apart of Hololive EN. But can also speak Japanese very fluently as well. (Y/N) haves a crush on A...
Cops n' Robbers: A Hololive Story by AgentOChaos
Cops n' Robbers: A Hololive Storyby Agent O’ Chaos
The 1920s went by many names. Roarin' 20s, Jazz Age or the Prohibition Era. But to a young man? He called it home. Up until he was put into the ultimate "isekai&quo...
My Neko | Amelia Watson HOLOLIVE-EN | Amelia Watson x Reader by itaitako
My Neko | Amelia Watson itaitako
You and Ina are close friends, you suddenly stumbled upon a cat.