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Two Gangs and a Golden Girl by HollyShmit
Two Gangs and a Golden Girlby Holly Shmit
"I didn't ask to be in the middle of your ego-battle," I grumble. Blake pins me to my locker, hands resting on either side of my head. "Well, you got it i...
Love doesn't choose wrong by Riri_reenah
Love doesn't choose wrongby
No matter how rough the journey is, love will never lead you to the wrong direction.... Let's see how the journey goes between Eva and Mason. Would they give up on each...
Girl in Gold by HollyShmit
Girl in Goldby Holly Shmit
[The rewritten version of Two Gangs and a Golden Girl] DO NOT ATTRACT ATTENTION UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED FOR THE CONSEQUENCES. Such is the law in Tygerwel, a town torn ap...
Put it on my Tombstone by HollyShmit
Put it on my Tombstoneby Holly Shmit
"My sad story begins the day it all ends. Our tragedy starts before we were friends." Told in poetry form, we follow the story of an anynomys girl to find out...
This Vicious Melody by ClariHelens
This Vicious Melodyby Clari Helens
This is the fanfic I said I'd write. I hope it makes y'all proud and I kinda really enjoyed writing it. Not that I have any experience with fanfics. But oh well.
just some random series of poems by carzysketcher
just some random series of poemsby merry James
something about betrayal and something about broken heart.
From Silver to Gold by Jcara16
From Silver to Goldby Queen Peach
Two Gangs and a Golden Girl --- @HollyShmit Writing Contest Amber is revealed the secret of the Mysterious Fucker's true identity, she tries to make sense of it a...
Living with the Andersons  by rosesr4everyone
Living with the Andersons by rosesr4everyone
It's a story about romance, a heart breaking story, it's kind of based on a true story,I want everyone to enjoy it
Lost and Found by masked_creations
Lost and Foundby Violet
This is my entry for Holly Shmit's contest. If you haven't already read her book Two Gangs and a Golden Girl, I suggest you go and read it.
Two Gangs And A Golden Girl Fanfic by TGProductions
Two Gangs And A Golden Girl Fanficby T & G Stories
This is the short story of Amber and the gang's new life together 1 gang and golden girl For the @hollyshmit writing competition of 2018 Enjoy 💓💓 #1 on hashtag hollys...
Behind The Golden Girl- Jessy's Point Of View- TGAAGG by zosia5577
Behind The Golden Girl- Jessy's Po...by Zushi_the_sushi
A different person, a different point of view. Amber's cousin Jessy's point of view when the golden girl gets shot. This is a fanfic for @HollyShmit fanfic writing con...
Just some rhyming poems I created... The charectors aren't mine but the rhyming pattern and use of word is.. so do not copy my hard work... It's called plagarism ppl... ...
Let the light shine down by rosetta_masterminds
Let the light shine downby rosetta_masterminds
Emma is a shy, awkward, yet curious sixteen year old. When she is forced to move to a new school due to a family tragedy, it is up to her to create a new story. As Emma...
PASSION FOR REVENGE by itz_pineapple
PASSION FOR REVENGEby itz_pineapple
Hey just tap on the story and read..... Vote toooo
Blocked Digits by x_Titaness_x
Blocked Digitsby syline
This Short story is in a competition, the book series; Two Gangs And A Golden Girl, by: @HollyShmit. I hope you like it. UPDATE: This will NOT be continued.
Three Gangs and a Silver Sin by HollyShmit
Three Gangs and a Silver Sinby Holly Shmit
(Sequel to Two Gangs and a Golden Girl) *** "If you even think about touching me, I will literally rip off your arm," I growl when Xavier prowls closer. He doe...