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Last Turn Home by MackieJay
Last Turn Homeby Mackie Jay
Carly Atwood always remembered the man that used to live in the loft above the barn when she was a little girl. John was her childhood crush, he was the guy she wrote ab...
  • army
  • cute
  • love
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Who am i ? (Destroyer of worlds) by Abyz_07
Who am i ? (Destroyer of worlds)by Abyz_07
Skye was kidnaped by Hydra since she was just a baby. Hydra experimented on her and tortured her for years. They gave you powers she could never imagine. She could contr...
  • blackwidow
  • samwilson
  • thor
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Chasing Pearls by Le_Muslim_MAN
Chasing Pearlsby Abdullah
Good things come to those who wait, but what of those who choose to chase fate? Might all good efforts go to waste, for those who pursue their goals in haste? Ahmad Abdu...
  • pakistani
  • uk
  • romance
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Wither Wings (An Avengers Crossover) by drownyourdarlings
Wither Wings (An Avengers Lorelei
"Your old gods are dead. Long live the new." Six dead, thirty injured. That's what the news report said regarding the fire at a medical research facility in no...
  • iron
  • america
  • avengers
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Rebellion by elise_in_wonder
Rebellionby E. Thomas 🌙
Book One of the Iris Chronicles _Dystopian _Science Fiction _Young Adult Reads · · Betrayed by her best friend, lied to by her own community, and experimented on by her...
  • perfect
  • white
  • government
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So We're Doing This. by ekrisc
So We're Doing ekrisc
Eva is fresh out of a break up that didn't end well. Her and Julian have always been really good friends. Can they set aside their pride and handle a not so relationship...
  • newengland
  • julianedelman
  • new
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Politics Part 1 by NiallsLaughIsMyLaugh
Politics Part 1by that girl Renee
This book is in no way meant to persuade or offend anybody. However, if your opinions are different than mine, I'm sure some offense will be taken. My advice: don't be...
  • politics
  • republican
  • democrat
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Designation XS-83  -  A Fallout 4 Synth Fanfiction by Thshjs
Designation XS-83 - A Fallout TristenMTrotter
Following the story of XS-83; an escape synth seeking refuge from the harsh wasteland via The Railroad. Alone with little supplies and ammunition, he attempts to find th...
  • fallout4
  • apocalypse
  • institute
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Cooties! (Patriot X reader) by eggsbendict
Cooties! (Patriot X reader)by eggsbendict
(Y/N) is a girl, who is the leader to Patriot and Dink, she has always had a crush on Patriot but didn't know he liked her back. When Clint walked in the room (Y/N) wink...
  • wade
  • rebekah
  • patriotxreader
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Marvels Rising by GhostSpider-
Marvels Risingby Ghost Spider
  • ghostspider
  • marvelrising
  • squirrelgirl
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Revolutionary Love {The Patriot Fanfiction} Part 1 by xDreamingOutLoud
Revolutionary Love {The Patriot ღLost In Translationღ
Hope Forrester is a history loving 18 year old living in the year 2012. Spring Break has just started for Hope during her senior year of High School and everything seems...
  • tavington
  • isaacs
  • benjaminmartin
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Time Jumpers ~American Revolution~ by AngelNatari
Time Jumpers ~American Revolution~by AngelNatari
Abigail, Hannah and Chrissy are time travelers for a living. They work for a secret agency to monitor time to make sure not events are changed. Join them as they go back...
  • fighting
  • romance
  • time
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The Prisoner (Completed, Editing) by Victoriad177
The Prisoner (Completed, Editing)by Victoria Damore
"There are no beautiful surfaces without a terrible depth." - Freidrich Nietzsche Colonel Banestre Tarleton is an unfeeling young officer, head of a regiment...
  • fiction
  • 18th
  • wattys2016
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The Revolution by ahnamaija
The Revolutionby Maija
"Right now, I don't know if I want to kiss you or shove you off a bridge." "Can I pick?" ... 1774, Boston- When Eden Williams is called from her qui...
  • love
  • patriot
  • historicalromance
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What Happens By Candlelight Wattys 2019 by LolliFenn
What Happens By Candlelight LolliFenn
#2 in Patriot Christina Evans is everything a lady should be, refined, elegant, and clever to top it all. She survives on her family plantation alone, awaiting the day s...
  • revolution
  • war
  • wattys2019
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Only Through Victory by SincerelyMarigold
Only Through Victoryby Lisa Carol
["Patriot" Fanfic] You know him as "The Butcher", but every now and then, we catch a glimpse of an entirely different man. What if a moment of vulner...
  • fanfiction
  • thepatriot
  • romance
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Revolutionary's Tears by edorable15
Revolutionary's Tearsby Mirra 💋
Entry for Historical Fiction's #ASnapshotInTime contest. He was one of those who dreamed of a better America. He was one of those who longed for peace and independence. ...
  • war
  • americanrevolution
  • family
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Brothers at War by Bostonjay
Brothers at Warby Bostonjay
Chase Taylor has a good life, he has a wife, a daughter, good job and house. In 2016 the United States goes to war with North Korea and Chase and his twin brother find t...
  • loneliness
  • comradeship
  • reads
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Beneath The Ashes by windmillmonger
Beneath The Ashesby F. M. P.
"Sometimes, in order to accept yourself, you must first tame the worst in you" ~~~~~~~~~~ Evalynn Mosby's life was bittersweet and cut short. She left the wo...
  • america
  • purgatory
  • freedom
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【凯源】Mountains and Rivers [GCA2019X] by Thominho19
【凯源】Mountains and Rivers [GCA2019X]by 难得
At the last part of the dream, Yuan caught hold of his hand and said, "Have you noticed, when our names are stringed together, it becomes 山河 Mountain and River.&quo...
  • 加油少年
  • 王俊凯
  • 王源
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