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Hetalia X Reader [The Dating Life] - Boyfriend Scenarios by Aninayrt
Hetalia X Reader [The Dating Life]...by Aninayrt
Ah, ~ Hetalia boys... We all love them. Wouldn't it be great if one of them were your boyfriend? Well, now you have it! Hetalia X Reader [The Dating Life] - Boyfriend...
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Romano X Abused! Reader - Rules by MeowHime
Romano X Abused! Reader - Rulesby owo
(F/N) has been living in abuse for most her life, she shows no emotion, and despite her situation, she never cries. Just when she is losing all hope, she accidentally ge...
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Hetalia x country reader by Minakirby
Hetalia x country readerby Asher
This will be where I will put all different types of Hetalia x reader pieces. If you have any requests please specify what you want to be written :3 Btw the one that I'm...
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Hetalia x Reader (Maybe Lemons~) by leahimogenx
Hetalia x Reader (Maybe Lemons~)by Leah Imogen
A new collection of crappy fanfics written by yours truly .~. BTW PLEASE REQUEST FOR STUFF And finally, I hope you enjoy your experience, love~
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Spamano One-shot! by narwhalsssss123456
Spamano One-shot!by animal
This is exactly what it says. A SpaMano one-shot.
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The Childhood Mafia by Gagahhahaqqq
The Childhood Mafiaby Cur Ergo
((Mafia! Romano x Shy! Reader)) It will be explained in the story~
Sister!Reader x Brothers!Romano & Italy || OneShots by MusicalLlama_
Sister!Reader x Brothers!Romano...by Musical Llama
//I don't know if the song goes along with the story, but the Acoustic Cover of it by Olivia Penalva kind of does // Hey Brother; (YourName) was the persona of a dead c...
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Hetalia X Reader Oneshots :^ by Chreeios363
Hetalia X Reader Oneshots :^by ~hetaliatrash~
ok im actually gonna try to make a good description..HMMPPPPFFFFFF.....ok i tried anyway, here's some sexy Hetalian bois (and gurls i guess) so i hope u like 'em BTW, fi...
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[UNDER REVISION] Reconnection by SkylerSA
[UNDER REVISION] Reconnectionby Sky
~•Hetalia Human Café AU•~ Even with his great wealth, to Ludwig, life always seemed bland and grey... That is until he meets Feliciano, a young Italian who works at a sm...
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Italian Lessons- Romano/S. Italy x Reader by TubbLife
Italian Lessons- Romano/S. Italy x...by TubbLife
EDIT- I found a story with a similar name, so I changed mine... I'm sorry I just don't want people to think that I copied someone else's story. Written- May 30, 2017 Pub...
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Strong Bond by ClearNo69
Strong Bondby Joki
Regular meeting and /FWP/
oh, simple thing by Seyella
oh, simple thingby vienna
I took great inspiration for this story from Arrietty (the film), which, furthermore, is based on the book, The Borrowers. Lovino and his brother, Feliciano, reside in a...
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2p!Canada x Reader Lemon by SPICYLEMONS69
2p!Canada x Reader Lemonby SPICY LEMONS. MMMMM~
Matt was coming home from work, with his hockey stick covered in blood. He was going home, he needed to relieve some of his stress, on his partner, [Y/N]. He loved them...
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{UNDER EDITING}Ti Amo, I Love You by MrziaPangles
{UNDER EDITING}Ti Amo, I Love Youby MrziaPangles
" I promise that I will come back to you no matter what! And I'll promise to love you and when the time comes, when we're older, I'm going to prove that I'm worth...
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~Hetalia Next Gen~ by Star_2186
~Hetalia Next Gen~by Star_2186
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Never a Doubt- Hetalia Romano by AUQueen
Never a Doubt- Hetalia Romanoby A.U.Queen
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Cracktalia Fanfic : Romano The Kindergarden Teacher by h_greennnnn
Cracktalia Fanfic : Romano The Kin...by hey sis
I saw a tumblr post about this and i just wanted to write a crack fanfic. Enjoy!~
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Hetalia Theories, Headcannons, and More! by AtomicMapleBurger
Hetalia Theories, Headcannons, and...by Maple Burger Otter
Anything you need and or want to know about Hetalia is all stashed here! Feel free to request a headcannon or theory.
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Would You Be So Kind? - Romano x Reader by Gyeorgey
Would You Be So Kind? - Romano x R...by Horselphant
Inspired by a song by the same name, written and performed by the lovely Dodie Clark (notice me senpai) Just a little something lighthearted and fun, I started writing a...
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Flamenco!  (Spamano) by Hai-iroga
Flamenco! (Spamano)by C.C.
He was just there to watch Spain dance in the San Fermin festival... ... So, I saw this fan-art one day, and thought up this little story.
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