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American Shenanigans  by Resoupe
American Shenanigans by Resoupe
America has quite a few points about him that make him stand out! The gravity defying ahoge, the Hollywood smile, his ginormous appetite for burgers, and glasses! Wait...
BTT x Reader | BloodXLust by CrystalRouge
BTT x Reader | BloodXLustby Crystal’s Fanfiction
How does a curious, world traveling, demisexual end up in a polyamorous relationship with a trio of lustful vampires? It starts with a broken down car, a Renaissance fai...
Finally Noticed by romanoindisguise
Finally Noticedby romanoindisguise
Arthur Kirkland is a successful lawyer in Philadelphia, living alone with his five year old son, Alfred F. Jones. When he takes the case of Francis Bonnefoy, a Frenchman...
The Light To My Darkness // Hetalia // Aph America by hunie_stArx
The Light To My Darkness // Hetali...by 《hunie》
America is the superpower. His family is extremely proud? No. Only Canada. After year of bullying from other nations, he has finally reached his max. With the support of...
I saw Her First! {Hetalia X Reader} by AngelinaSmith590
I saw Her First! {Hetalia X Reader}by I’m back bitchessss
{COMPLETED} While at the beach over summer vacation, you run into a bunch of cute boys. There's one problem though, they all think it's love at first sight! Yikes! Sure...
Hetalia diary reading by WorstAnimationsRuski
Hetalia diary readingby Ruski
Secrets upon secrets the ancients realize their children are suffering silently and they have had enough watching them so taking action they gather papers from each coun...
Just Read It... by TimmyTheAwesomeDork
Just Read It...by TimmyIsAwesome
A hetalia fan fiction where the ancients have noticed how many secrets their children are keeping and collect all their secrets and diary entries and put them into a boo...
51 Rules // Hetalia // APH America by hunie_stArx
51 Rules // Hetalia // APH Americaby 《hunie》
Alfred F. Jones, the personification of the United States, is in a meeting when he gets an urgent phone call and leaves in a rush. Wait... he left his bag! What? A super...
Group Chat (Spamano, Prucan, HongIce) by rosetealatte
Group Chat (Spamano, Prucan, HongI...by Nari O’Mara
Back at it again with some Hetalia garbage! Plot: There's a wall on a blog that randomly generates real numbers, so what happens when a certain Prussian and Spaniard dec...
I Don't Like to Share! Rusame vs UKUS by i_like_yaoi_anime
I Don't Like to Share! Rusame vs U...by Kawaii_potato5m
I'm bad at descriptions so just read the story please also none of the art is mine credit to all the wonderful artist there's also a bit of world/America cause why not
American Secrets by Silver_Rapier
American Secretsby Maiko
North America is a rather mysterious continent few know about. Quiet Canada, boisterous America and scoffing Mexico all deflect questions about their continent. But now...
Déjà vu- A Hetalia x Reader Story by twilrightnights
Déjà vu- A Hetalia x Reader Storyby Hana
"Dreams are viewing windows to reality" You never understood it but it had always been what you had lived by. Maybe it meant whatever you dream of will be of...
House of Memories 《Hetalia》 by kitty_unicorn_15
House of Memories 《Hetalia》by Hello! I’m kitty!
A person's mind works in strange, wonderful, and dumb ways. When you're falling asleep, horrid memories from your past haunt you and keep you up in embarrassment or of g...
Hetalia Memes by -kyrxchi-
Hetalia Memesby | Chi™|
It's time for your daily dose of Hetalia Memes! 5 memes per chapter. Note: Hetalia does not belong to me. Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaryua. These memes came from the...
Cardverse Hetalia : Time by ashliu03
Cardverse Hetalia : Timeby ashliu03
With all the blood and sacrifice from the past ancestors, the AU Cardverse can enjoy its peace along the prosperity of the Four Great Kingdoms. Now, these 4 young kings...
Amnesia(Spain x Reader) by soulsilver3228
Amnesia(Spain x Reader)by Soul
Both Hetalia and all characters from it mentioned in this story belong to Hidekaz Himaruya. You belong to you and the plot belongs to me! Ameera also belongs to me, as s...
Group Chat2 (Spamano, HongIce, Prucan) by rosetealatte
Group Chat2 (Spamano, HongIce, Pru...by Nari O’Mara
•The sequel to the first Group Chat• The six are all together with their respective partners and things seem to be going well... Except for the fact they don't get to se...
Hetalia Philippines Oneshots by tamangos
Hetalia Philippines Oneshotsby mango
Just another collection of APH Philippines oneshots!
The Pearl of Asia (Hetalia Philippines Fanfic) by uni_chan10
The Pearl of Asia (Hetalia Philipp...by 🍙 Nacchi 🍙
『 Hetalia Fan fiction 』 A story about a small island which is surrounded by bodies of water. A story about Philippines, the Pearl of the Orient Seas. *******************...
Ice Cold (Spamano)  by jelsa_fnaf_lover
Ice Cold (Spamano) by _anime_.trash_
Lovino is a quiet student who always tried not to get involved with other people. However, his true nature shows when a fellow classmate tries to break bread with him. A...