The faces of America by Flawnii
The faces of Americaby Flawnii
America, A loud and obnoxious burger loving hero obsessed idiot But what's behind that smile,what's going inside his head? Well he might not show it but America has a sp...
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| Hetalia x Reader | Oneshots by Mayumi_Maria
| Hetalia x Reader | Oneshotsby Potato
I wanted to make my own Hetalia x reader shizz soooo.. ©Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya. Only the story belongs to me. Enjoy~
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Ladders by CircleHex
Laddersby Anastasia
Emil knows his family is struggling with money. Emil knows they need help. Emil meets the man who offers exactly that. Money that easy comes at a price. And that price w...
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Hetalia Randomness by CatOnAComptuer
Hetalia Randomnessby Human Person Thing
Ships, Characters, AU's, Etc... -Most Art Will Not Be Mine-
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Funny/Sad hetalia pictures by ColdHeartedLake
Funny/Sad hetalia picturesby ColdHeartedLake
Just some cute, funny and sometimes sad Hetalia picture.
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You Love I? (Yandere! Fem! Canada x Fem! Popular! Reader by Pufferfish01
You Love I? (Yandere! Fem! Canada...by Anahi Arenas
Madeline Williams (Fem! Canada) is a member of the (Name) Fan-Club. Finally getting close to the popular female loving the sexual meeting she had with (Name) but she wan...
  • yuri
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The Stars Between Us (rusame fanfic)  by space_waste_face
The Stars Between Us (rusame fanfi...by space_waste_face
⭐️⭐️⭐️ A rusame fanfic dealing with long distance relationships and the trials that come with them. ⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Hetalia Pictures by -Niichu-
Hetalia Picturesby Satan
I need a life and more Kill La Kill...................
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Hetalia cast React to... by shinshinjane
Hetalia cast React to...by shinshinjane
As the title says I will post list of ideas for the cast of Hetalia and see how they will react to whatever I post. Rated T for just to be safe. Also; I do not own a...
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Gakuen Hetalia: Campus Romance [Hetalia x Nyotalia selfcest] by ObsidianInTheSnow
Gakuen Hetalia: Campus Romance [He...by Kathleen Faith
[HetaliaxNyotalia selfcest] The Hetalia nations are still too young to take over their countries, which is the reason why their bosses have enrolled them to World Academ...
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Meeting Them (Nyotalia and Hetalia) by Anime_4_life5
Meeting Them (Nyotalia and Hetalia)by Anime_4_life5
What happens when the Nyotalia version's of the nation's, get sucked into a portal, taking them to another dimension? How will they Hetalia characters react when they fi...
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Individual Rp hetalia by Darkenight
Individual Rp hetaliaby Darkenight
Read the version you prefer :) Picture isn't mine, I've found it on Pinterest ^^
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Hetalia Oneshots by ItzMoChi25
Hetalia Oneshotsby Mochi La Patata! >:3
Well, just as the title says, Hetalia Oneshots for Female AND Male readers! Both Female and Male characters as well! Requests are open! NO LEMONS OR SMUT. (Maybe a lime...
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Storm story by ES083002
Storm storyby Eli Saenz
During a rain storm, Xander gets scared and it's up to his parents to tell a story.
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Yandere China?!  by SamanthaClawar
Yandere China?! by Samantha Clawar
yandere Amechu one shots :3 for when I'm bored and for those who can handle.. gore, torture, obsession, cages, death, and violence, etc~ (AMERICA X CHINA)
  • torture
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Hetalia One-Shots by LisaLovelyK
Hetalia One-Shotsby Lisa K
This is just to get me into a writing mood. Requests open! Name the ship and I'll do the rest ;) These will be character x character. Hope you enjoy! (Disclaimer: I don'...
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'American Thighs' by supremequeen58
'American Thighs'by secretly fem america
The life as a woman in a male society is a hard one, so hard one might hide ones womanhood to get by... So there is one question everybody must ask themselves... What is...
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Pancakes『Hetalia Oneshots 』 by yonebayachi
Pancakes『Hetalia Oneshots 』by saiko seiko
A bunch of Hetalia drabbles! Prompts! Oneshots! And stuff! A Hetalia: Axis Powers ヘタリア fanfiction | Hetalia!! | Copyright © All Rights Reserved 2016
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Nyotalia X Male reader X Hetalia ONE SHOTS by Spark-rose
Nyotalia X Male reader X Hetalia O...by Sparky-Kun
This a bunch of Hetalia X Male Reader X Nyotalia one shots. I got tired of searching for a good Nyotalia X MALE reader or Hetalia girls X male reader so I made one up my...
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Norwegian Flower by kumajiro71
Norwegian Flowerby Matthew & Matt
"Stay out of this unless you want a troll after you. That goes for you, too, stupid Dane." ~~~~ Disclaimer: Hetalia doesn't belong to me, it belongs to Himaruy...
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