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Hetalia x country reader by Minakirby
Hetalia x country readerby Asher
This will be where I will put all different types of Hetalia x reader pieces. If you have any requests please specify what you want to be written :3 Btw the one that I'm...
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Hetalia X Reader [The Dating Life] - Boyfriend Scenarios by Aninayrt
Hetalia X Reader [The Dating Life]...by Aninayrt
Ah, ~ Hetalia boys... We all love them. Wouldn't it be great if one of them were your boyfriend? Well, now you have it! Hetalia X Reader [The Dating Life] - Boyfriend...
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Hetalia x Reader (Maybe Lemons~) by leahimogenx
Hetalia x Reader (Maybe Lemons~)by Leah Imogen
A new collection of crappy fanfics written by yours truly .~. BTW PLEASE REQUEST FOR STUFF And finally, I hope you enjoy your experience, love~
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Hetalia x Reader One Shots by aphohno
Hetalia x Reader One Shotsby Aph Oh No
Some of the first ones I made are on my Hetalia Amino, but I liked it so much I decided to make this :) No characters nor Hetalia are mine but the storylines are :) Req...
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Spamano One-shot! by narwhalsssss123456
Spamano One-shot!by animal
This is exactly what it says. A SpaMano one-shot.
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spain/romano/Italy x reader by Namichan_
spain/romano/Italy x readerby Eva
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BTT x Reader | BloodXLust by CrystalRouge
BTT x Reader | BloodXLustby Crystal’s Fanfiction
How does a curious, world traveling, demisexual end up in a polyamorous relationship with a trio of lustful vampires? It starts with a broken down car, a Renaissance fai...
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Spain X Bullied! Reader - Crush by MeowHime
Spain X Bullied! Reader - Crushby owo
(F/N) was a plain and unpopular girl attending school. She could deal with the bullies and mostly vented her feeling by keeping a journal. Though there was another probl...
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~Hetalia Next Gen~ by Star_2186
~Hetalia Next Gen~by Star_2186
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A Face that launched a thousand ships by hetaliatahiti777
A Face that launched a thousand sh...by Azuma Atsuko and Azuma Cheri
This story doesn't belong to me but this have spain and england lemon with Philippines enjoy
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BTT x child!reader by LeaBHernandez
BTT x child!readerby BxTRed
What if the Bad Touch Trio took care of you as a child? Well find out in this made up bs story about your childhood with these awesome, sexy, and romatic guys! ((I do no...
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[UNDER REVISION] Reconnection by quaintcanary
[UNDER REVISION] Reconnectionby ✨Bee✨
~•Hetalia Human Café AU•~ Even with his great wealth, to Ludwig, life always seemed bland and grey... That is until he meets Feliciano, a young Italian who works at a sm...
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Hetalia X Reader Oneshots :^ by Chreeios363
Hetalia X Reader Oneshots :^by ~hetaliatrash~
ok im actually gonna try to make a good description..HMMPPPPFFFFFF.....ok i tried anyway, here's some sexy Hetalian bois (and gurls i guess) so i hope u like 'em BTW, fi...
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Reserved Feelings (Spain x Shy! Abused! Reader) by mewbbydude
Reserved Feelings (Spain x Shy! Ab...by Mewbby
(Eight part story) You had hated the way his eyes had seemed to know more about you than even you did. The way they seemed to look right into your soul. It scared you. N...
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oh, simple thing by Seyella
oh, simple thingby vienna
I took great inspiration for this story from Arrietty (the film), which, furthermore, is based on the book, The Borrowers. Lovino and his brother, Feliciano, reside in a...
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I'm Not that Girl (SpUK) by Old_Hexrts
I'm Not that Girl (SpUK)by Marguerite 🇳🇴🇬🇧
As Antonio sits in the audience of his ex's wedding, his mind wanders to what once was. ~~~ Based off the song "I'm Not that Girl" from Wicked.
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The Orient Pearl: The Story of the Philippines by Diamond_Princess217
The Orient Pearl: The Story of the...by LilMissOtaku
In the oceans of the Pacific, there lies a land that was blessed by natural beauty that came from the creator. A place rich in natural resources and wild life, one that...
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Teach me Spanish - [gakuen hetalia] Spain x reader by Namichan_
Teach me Spanish - [gakuen hetalia...by Eva
When your old, grumpy, pervert Spanish teacher Gets absent for the rest of the schoolyear, your class Gets a new teacher. The young and handsome mr. Carriedo, who will a...
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Hetalia Spain x Reader by The-Otaku-Writer
Hetalia Spain x Readerby Ari
That pure look of terror a child gets when they hug your legs and look up to see that you're not their mommy...
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The Vargas Twin - Romano/Hetalia fanfic by HetaliaShiz
The Vargas Twin - Romano/Hetalia f...by HetaliaShiz
Andrea Fernandez Carriedo lives with two Italian twins. As they become closer friends... There will be love, tragedy, heartbreak, death and.... babies! (Jk idk maybe!)
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