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Reyyan and Miran... a story of love and hate by RitaArcher
Reyyan and Miran... a story of lov...by Rita Archer
This is a fanfiction story, about what could happen in Hercai, the amazing Turkish show. Please note, I don't own the characters nor the pictures, and these scenes are n...
,,Because I love you." by queen_of_fun
,,Because I love you."by Olivera💝
This is a fanfiction story where I am gonna write about Hercai couple, Reymir. I will edit and repair series from the very start and here write my version of it. It all...
ReyMir (English) - Hercai by marialrosas
ReyMir (English) - Hercaiby marialrosas
A Love Short Story about Reyyan and Miran. Based in the Turkish Hercai Serie. Enjoy it. Thanks
Kalamata by queen_of_fun
Kalamataby Olivera💝
This is one short story I recently wrote and will conclude only 1 or 2 parts. It is about Reyyan's highschool trip, but on this trip she meets a person who will change i...
A Starry Night by darksome_light
A Starry Nightby Tuğçe
Reyyan and Miran spending a night with stars, wishes and realizations..
Change Your Mind by marthpaloma
Change Your Mindby 𝓅𝒶𝓁𝑜𝓂𝒶
And if the wind were to blow just then, softly but with enough vigor to take with it the pieces he left behind, would he be able to endure the gust of it as it finished...
No secrets left to hide by mardi89
No secrets left to hideby mardi89/stydiastartoftime
I started this MONTHS ago and I thought I incorporated part of it into a different fic but I didn't??? So here we are. I was inspired by thoughts/discussion on Miran's v...
My heart beats for only you by mardi89
My heart beats for only youby mardi89/stydiastartoftime
The Wreck by Delta Spirit I started writing this before ep 20 aired, so now I think of it as an ep20 AU. I took the bts info and rumors of a rain kiss and ran with it. P...
Diyarbakir by mardi89
Diyarbakirby mardi89/stydiastartoftime
I started writing this weeks ago so it's kind of an AU of ep 23. I decided to run w/ it because I liked where it was going and I had several elements (from twitter posts...
I just want you to be mine by mardi89
I just want you to be mineby mardi89/stydiastartoftime
If Our Love Is Wrong by Calum Scott
Hercai  by lostinwonderrr
Hercai by lostinwonderrr
Pictures and lists of my favorite episodes/scenes There is no order to the pictures. I randomly upload them when I find them
The Butterfly   by morska_zvezda
The Butterfly by Milica
The day after Reyyan and Miran's tenth wedding anniversary, their kids break the butterfly pin she was wearing when he first saw her years ago. THIS ISN'T MY STORY. I DO...
Without You by darksome_light
Without Youby Tuğçe
We all remember the scene when Miran was half-dead lying in that pit and Reyyan was going to the swing in a state of trance. She didn't utter a word but she certainly fe...
A love reversal by queen_of_fun
A love reversalby Olivera💝
This is my 2nd fanfiction story written about my sweetiest couple, Reymir. Well, here a storyline will go in opposite direction...well, let's start with it that Reyyan w...
The distance between by mardi89
The distance betweenby mardi89/stydiastartoftime
This was inspired by the second season 2 teaser & the desire for Reyyan to run away, as was written in the novel. This is an AU for how I would want season 3 to start. I...
We need a bit more time by mardi89
We need a bit more timeby mardi89/stydiastartoftime
I started writing this a while back. It was inspired by rumors that Miran would get hurt in ep12 and/or that the proposal would be interrupted. This is my interpretation...
Star-Crossed 💫 by RayRayy91
Star-Crossed 💫by RayRayy91
Before it all began... Before Miran and Reyyan, there was Hazar and Dilşah ♡ This is my own take on the story of Hazar and Dilşah that was left untold in the show 'Herca...
Sob o céu de Istanbul by CS_MyRuin
Sob o céu de Istanbulby Wendy
Fanfic AkRu Ebru/ Akın feita especialmente de fã para fã. Se você, assim como eu, é apaixonada por esse casal de tirar o folego seja bem vinda! Que Alah perdoe noss...
First witness of our Love by darksome_light
First witness of our Loveby Tuğçe
i wished to see a scene like this in Hercai where Miran tells Reyyan how he felt when he met her for the very first time. so i wrote it myself. i hope you'll enjoy readi...