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A love reversal by queen_of_fun
A love reversalby Olivera💝
This is my 2nd fanfiction story written about my sweetiest couple, Reymir. Well, here a storyline will go in opposite direction...well, let's start with it that Reyyan w...
There will be more than just us two by nedemeknebelli1
There will be more than just us twoby V.I
I had this Idea in the middle of the night. I thought why not writing it down. It's about Hercai. The series got me at the first seconds on my TV. Enjoy it and please le...
Не хотя стала принадлежать ему 🦋 by Reymir77
Не хотя стала принадлежать ему 🦋by Reymir77
Одним словом , здесь горячо 🤭🔞
"Don't leave me" by Herrcaifan
"Don't leave me"by Hercaifan
This story is my favorite so far. I won't spoil too mutch, only that Yaren will take revenge and it goes different than she expected ..... Enjoy reading:)
,,Because I love you." by queen_of_fun
,,Because I love you."by Olivera💝
This is a fanfiction story where I am gonna write about Hercai couple, Reymir. I will edit and repair series from the very start and here write my version of it. It all...
أنت مدينة لى !  by SAMA194
أنت مدينة لى ! by SA149
ما بين الماضى و الحاضر سور يفصل بينهم تنهيده يحملها الهواء و يرتفع بها ... حيث تلتصق بعاتق اثنين لا يرحمون و لا يشفقون فهل من شئ يوقف كبريائهم .... لتبدأ رحله مجهولة تن...
شغف || passion by hercai_me
شغف || passionby Haneen ❤️‍🔥
ضعيفه و هشه ذات قلباً دافئ مع حنوناً مشغوفاً ؟ بخطوه واحده من الجحيم اشعلت فتائل العشق عندهُ لتصبح هي شغفهُ ، شوقهِ و اشتياقهُ ... فهل سيستطيع الحفاظ عليها ام سيصبح حب...
The truth emerges by Herrcaifan
The truth emergesby Hercaifan
This story is written because @darin513 wanted me to write it . It is about how they live after Elif's death . Also Miran and Hazar knowing the truth. This story is a l...
Hercai stories by MayhamHail
Hercai storiesby May H
Between episodes that left us with thousands of ideas we wanted so see come true and imaginary endings both happy and sad that keep playing in our minds, these stories c...
Find you by marthpaloma
Find youby 𝓅𝒶𝓁𝑜𝓂𝒶
Collection of Reymir Oneshots/Missing scenes
GURUR BENİM NEYİME  by Medina121999
GURUR BENİM NEYİME by Hikayesss___Medina
Masum bir kadının şu an ki hayat hikayesi takipte kalın
And in love, We fall by queenofhearts100
And in love, We fallby Queenofhearts100
Hercai AU What if luck was on Reyyan's side, and she found out about Miran Aslanbey's true colours before the wedding? What will she do? Will she confront him, or give h...
A Starry Night by darksome_light
A Starry Nightby Tuğçe
Reyyan and Miran spending a night with stars, wishes and realizations..
First Encounter🖤 by ANaila50
First Encounter🖤by ANaila50
How will be the first Meeting of Miran with his Son,Their Baby Umut Şadoglu🖤💗 Starting date:04-04-2021 Completing date:04-04-2021 #2 in hercai/09.04.2021 #1 in hercai...
Their first night by vellich4r
Their first nightby Gratia
I wrote this according to how I imagined the scene on the hut in the second episode
Change Your Mind by marthpaloma
Change Your Mindby 𝓅𝒶𝓁𝑜𝓂𝒶
And if the wind were to blow just then, softly but with enough vigor to take with it the pieces he left behind, would he be able to endure the gust of it as it finished...
bts Familie  by BTS__fan__Kooki
bts Familie by kira
Es geht um Drillinge die von bts adoptiert werden sie sind Littles weshalb sie kann adoptieren wollte. Wenn ihr ddlg nicht mögt liest es nicht!!!
Miran's confession.. love and guilt!  by lifeAspoetry20
Miran's confession.. love and guil...by Life as poetry
I wrote this scene for the lovely couple Miran and Reyyan from "Hercai" the turkish Tv show. Hopefully you will enjoy reading it as I enjoyed writing it.
First witness of our Love by darksome_light
First witness of our Loveby Tuğçe
i wished to see a scene like this in Hercai where Miran tells Reyyan how he felt when he met her for the very first time. so i wrote it myself. i hope you'll enjoy readi...
Without You by darksome_light
Without Youby Tuğçe
We all remember the scene when Miran was half-dead lying in that pit and Reyyan was going to the swing in a state of trance. She didn't utter a word but she certainly fe...