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Hekapoo x Male Reader  by Mecha_Fenix
Hekapoo x Male Reader by Mecha_Fenix
The kingdom of Mewni is a place full of lies and betrayal, but it wasn't always like this. This is a story that tells how the kingdom of Mewni was covered more and more...
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SVTFOE Ship Wars 2! by EduardoGutierrezJr
SVTFOE Ship Wars 2!by Eduardo Gutierrez Jr.
Well it isn't enough for only Star and Jackie so I brought up others! This story is about 5 daughters and sons of Marco Diaz and 5 girls, namely Star, Jackie, Kelly, Jan...
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Hekapoo x Shy depressed reader by Collectionist124
Hekapoo x Shy depressed readerby Collectionist124
(Y/N) is a shy person who is constantly bullied for being himself. Then one day, a miracle brings a certain woman of his dreams to his world. What will happen
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The Magical Misadventures of Marco Diaz by littleannierooney
The Magical Misadventures of Marco...by Annie Rooney
Marco is trapped in a twisted alternate dimension. The only way out is to defeat Hekapoo and get back his dimensional scissors. This is the story of what happened during...
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Svtfoe One Shots by OmegaWilliam95
Svtfoe One Shotsby OmegaWilliam95
You can make request if you want to, I don't really care. And yes, there will be sin.
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Male Reader x Hekapoo (Love And Hate Polar Opposites Yet They Attract Eachother) by alienator999
Male Reader x Hekapoo (Love And Ha...by alienator999
You'll find out in the information chapter what I'm talking about with the love and hate here.
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The Rebirth Of Magic  by Varian122894
The Rebirth Of Magic by Varian122894
After Star destroyed magic she never knew once that some of the magic ended up in another world only to be found by a five year old Naruto, can he learn how to master hi...
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Naruto The King Of Darkness by Varian122894
Naruto The King Of Darknessby Varian122894
What if Minato and Kushina were alive? What if they neglected Naruto for his twin sister? What if he ran away from home and is taken in by Queen Solaria? What if while i...
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Demon Days by Screwballx87
Demon Daysby Screwball
Marco esta enamorado de Hekapoo, pero sabe que el tiempo es un gran obstáculo para su amor, para des-hacerse de ese obstáculo, él abandonará su humanidad.
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Hilo del destino by Cristofer_03
Hilo del destinoby Cristofer
Existen muchas leyendas sobre el amor, pero la del hilo rojo que une a las almas sin duda es una de las más significativas, tal vez un encuentro que no debió darse o tal...
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Memories | SVTFOE Fanfic by whereami_
Memories | SVTFOE Fanficby cracktaebooty_
Star was just walking around her room until someone came in the castle and brought her something or somewhere special. Where did that person take her? Who is that perso...
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Star Vs The Legendary Warrior (Star x Male Reader) Completed by Victor_TheRiper
Star Vs The Legendary Warrior (Sta...by Victor Hernandez
Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz, two 18 year old teenagers, living there life's together as best friends at echo creek, everything goes well until Star's mom, Queen Moon...
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star vs. the forces of evil magical high commission one shots! by Pagankittycat
star vs. the forces of evil magica...by Kora Regalia
I saw that there were no magical high commission characters X reader so I am making this book to fix that :)
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Un Nuevo Sendero by Cristofer_03
Un Nuevo Senderoby Cristofer
Un diferente comienzo... un diferente primer encuentro entre Marco y Star ¿Qué tanto afectara su camino el conocerse bajo otras circunstancias llevando diferentes pasado...
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The One For Me by Ghoul_Toga
The One For Meby Ghoul_Toga
The world is at peace, but as time goes on Steven grows bored and decides to travel. What will happen to him and what pale skinned girl will he fall for. Find out!!!
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Lost in thoughts// SVTFOE// Moon x Toffee by Lucy-LMM
Lost in thoughts// SVTFOE// Moon x...by Lucy-LMM
After Queen Moon Butterfly ascended the throne two years ago, she prepared her whole kingdom for the incoming war against their long-sworn enemies -the monsters- in orde...
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No one cares about the scissors girl by aye_its_hekapoo
No one cares about the scissors gi...by Hekapoo
No one cares about Hekapoo the scissors girl, all they want is the dimensional scissors, they try fail and leave...most of them, and then they leave Hekapoo alone..No fr...
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Indestructible Man O' War (A Star vs. the Forces of Evil fanfic) (HIATUS) by TribalFallerXD
Indestructible Man O' War (A Star...by The Procrastinator
Warmaster Scorpion, (Or simply Kyle Garcia) was part of the Magical High Commission and served as Mewni's war leader. Due to, "The fritz" time was altered and...
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arcoiris de sentimientos :celeste, amarillo y naranja by Saogallade20
arcoiris de sentimientos :celeste...by Saogallade20
Un difícil camino en la vida de Marco después de que la llama celeste de su vida se fuera, dos llamas nuevas surgirán y trataran de llenarlo, lo cual desencadenará una s...
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Raised By The Time Out Guy  by Varian122894
Raised By The Time Out Guy by Varian122894
What if after the Kyuubi attack Kushina sends Naruto away to another dimension? What if he was found by Rhombulus? What it would be like if he grew up with Star as her b...
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