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Attention Jade Tate by McAndr1
Attention Jade Tateby McAndr1
There are normal people and then there is Jade Tate. The girl who is everything, she has brains, beauty, and talent. The issue? I am in love with her, did I mention she...
  • sexualfrustration
  • lesbian
  • teenromance
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bitch // billie eilish by billieismybabygirl
bitch // billie eilishby emma
"Mia, i'd like you to leave." "Bitch." ----- h i g h e s t r a n k i n g s #1 on billieeilish #1 on gxg #1 on lesbian
  • billieeilish
  • bisexual
  • gxg
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I Can Be Needy (Ariana/You) by fiestyfirefly
I Can Be Needy (Ariana/You)by fiestyfirefly
Arianaxyou story Based off the song Needy I had an idea about a story. You and Ariana have been dating for just over a year, you are madly in love, Ariana is quite posse...
  • music
  • romance
  • lgbtq
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She's Beautiful And Mine (gxg)  by queenred0312
She's Beautiful And Mine (gxg) by queenred
Samantha Winston. The hottest girl in Blue Valley High. The popular girl. The girl who every other girl wanted to be, who everyone loved. The girl who people dreamed of...
  • bullying
  • lesbianromance
  • highschool
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My crush on the Cheerleader (gxg) by WildcatData06
My crush on the Cheerleader (gxg)by WildcatData06
Addison is gay and has a massive crush on a cheerleader at her school. A cheerleader who is supposed to be 'straight'. But as the school year progressives so does Addiso...
  • lgbtfiction
  • drama
  • gxg
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Why so Sexy, Miss Evans? (GirlxGirl) (TeacherxStudent) by ShVnLy
Why so Sexy, Miss Evans? (GirlxGir...by Shay Zayit
Anna Krause is in her senior year and more than ready to leave high school and start a new fresh life without homework, what she didn't expect however was that she might...
  • student
  • lgbt
  • girlxgirl
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The Guard (Elsa X Reader) by wowie_
The Guard (Elsa X Reader)by Meh
gxg Smut You've never fought a day in your life, so when you get abducted from your hut to become a piece of entertainment of the times, a gladiator, you instantly start...
  • lesbian
  • romance
  • elsa
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Long Gone (Camila/You) by awworld
Long Gone (Camila/You)by awworld
Y/n was best friends with Camila for years until Camila decided to audition for the X Factor. Even though Camila had promised y/n that she was going to keep in touch, sh...
  • camilacabello
  • harmony
  • fanfiction
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Her Luna by GoldInsanity
Her Lunaby GoldInsanity
Valentina the strong female daughter of the alpha of the very powerful Jade moon pack has been trying to find her mate ever since she turned 16, she was the first in lin...
  • love
  • rejection
  • pack
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Chemistry by Teddy_writes
Chemistryby Teddy
The school knows Ezra as the mysterious badass who always speaks her mind, but the truth is that she is barely holding on. She is forced to work long hours to support he...
  • gxglesbianlgbt
  • lgbt
  • girlfriend
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The Artist / Billie Eilish by latibulefeeling
The Artist / Billie Eilishby charlotte
I just, kinda... Wish you were gay. achieved: #1 in billieeilish #1 in girlxgirl #3 in fanfiction #1 in art #1 in music #1 in gxg
  • girlxgirl
  • imagines
  • fan
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Never Just Assume by AcidRain-L
Never Just Assumeby AcidRain-L1
It is senior year, and this is the tenth school Valentine has attended since being in high school. As always Valentine plans to not stick out, draw attention, or make a...
  • army
  • girlxgirl
  • lgbt
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Lost & Insecure by AdrienneCivetti
Lost & Insecureby Adrienne
When Dana Thomas's parents get divorced, and her aunt and uncle pass away, her mother decides it's time for a change - just in time for senior year of high school. Dana...
  • secret
  • wattys2018
  • secrets
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Dear Camila (Camila/you) by fiestyfirefly
Dear Camila (Camila/you)by fiestyfirefly
Camila/You G!P you You are currently serving in the Army you have been there since you were 18, and you contract is 4 years, it is soon coming to an end. You have been d...
  • fanfiction
  • ariana
  • littlemix
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Convict of Interest (GirlxGirl) by jbird2314
Convict of Interest (GirlxGirl)by Jbird2314
Victoria Rhodes is a prison guard who's tired of her job. She goes through the motions, does what she has to do and goes home. After years of the same thing day after a...
  • gxg
  • lgbtq
  • wattpride
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call out my name (billie eilish girl x girl) by augustttwrites
call out my name (billie eilish gi...by augustttwrites
Just because you find your soulmate, doesn't mean you can keep them. Read the sequel: "Robbers." achieved: #1 in billie eilish #1 in lesbianromance #2 in gxg #...
  • songfic
  • calloutmyname
  • lesbianromance
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Billie eilish smut by zafeon
Billie eilish smutby Zafeon
long smut scenes involving billie eilish, and y/n
  • imagines
  • bil
  • billieimagines
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My mate's a girl? by The-Joker-
My mate's a girl?by ʄཞɛąƙ
Vivian Williams is a werewolf, but what she didn't expect was her mate to be a girl. Find out what happens with these troubled two. Will Vivian's pack, and her parents...
  • lovestory
  • mate
  • gxg
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Throb. Finger. Enjoy.💦 by ImAHornySexyBitch
Throb. Finger. Enjoy.💦by Sexy
Some Short Wild Fantasies That I Would Love To Share With You All. Everyone Is Welcome Here. I'll Try My Best To Make You All Horny And Cum. Can Message Me Anytime. Al...
  • shortstories
  • erotic
  • lesbianromance
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I Didn't Know She Was Famous - Billie Eilish FanFic (GirlxGirl) by Shazza99
I Didn't Know She Was Famous - Bil...by Shazza
Everyone imagines meeting their favorite celebrity. They think about the many ways it could go, but what if you met someone you really got on with but you didn't know th...
  • fanfic
  • gaystories
  • lbgt
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