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Do I Ship? by _Rincka_
Do I Ship?by Mediocre Reviewer
This is a multifandom ship review. I take requests from readers, and I will rate the ships. Warning: I often get off topic and talk about random stuff. Spoiler Alert btw
6Teen Preferences  by HoneyLuct
6Teen Preferences by HoneyLuct
It'll go pretty far I hope lol
6teen (Male Reader x Caitlin) by pacquiao27
6teen (Male Reader x Caitlin)by Tactical Triscuit
(Y/N) and Caitlin start to have feelings for each other and they don't know how to tell each other
Shows that this generation won't remember by Chr1smclean
Shows that this generation won't r...by ❴.•♫ ♬❵
I bet you won't remember these shows- ~~~~~ I do not own any of the characters, art, music, shows, edits,ECT all credit goes to their rightful owner.
Lovers poison ~ {{Noco Fanfiction}} by SagtheGreat
Lovers poison ~ {{Noco Fanfiction}}by 𝐴𝑙𝑒𝑗𝑎𝑛𝑑𝑟𝑜
Noah, a 16-year-old sarcastic boy enters the show total drama island. Cody another 16-year-old boy, put on a show to find love. Little do they know they will both get mo...
Kid TV Shows and their Theme Songs (+ Lyrics) by christiaanmatrix
Kid TV Shows and their Theme Songs...by Christiaan
This is a compilation of theme songs from shows you watched when you were a kid and maybe forgot about them. As there's no point in making a Wattpad book without...
Jude Likes A Dude by JeansJawline
Jude Likes A Dudeby Jean's Biggest Fan
Jude and Jonsey were best friends since kindergarten and they're 16 and their hormones are everywhere. Jonsey handles this by hitting on every attractive girl ever and J...
What about us ? • A Derek Trendez Love Story • by shamyawheeler
What about us ? • A Derek Trendez...by shamyawheeler
Flora Nova William , a beautiful African American girl raised on the northside of Georgia who moved to New Jersey at the age of 12 due to personal reasons . Soon she mee...
6teen: Rachael's Story by DarlingBelle06
6teen: Rachael's Storyby Serenity Rose O'Hare
Rachael Earthman recently moved to Canada to start a fresh new life. There, she meets Nikki and her friends. Later on, Rachael falls for a certain guitar player. What is...
The truth's safe inside • A Vallyk Pena love story • by shamyawheeler
The truth's safe inside • A Vallyk...by shamyawheeler
Lanora lived in New Jersey at the age of 4 but is originally born and raised in Georgia . She became friends with 4 boys and grew up with them and they all were insepara...
New Classes And Friends(TDR Fanfic) by JiamShipper123
New Classes And Friends(TDR Fanfic)by ILoveJiam
when other kids and teachers started to join in they are gonna get along fine
Total Drama: High School by TotalDramaWibba
Total Drama: High Schoolby Wibba
This story follows the misadventures of the characters we all know and love from the "Total Drama" and "6Teen" series. Everything is completely based...
Class of 2004 || 6teen Total Dramarama by GwuncanStan08
Class of 2004 || 6teen Total Drama...by |)@!$¥
This is the cast of 6teen as if they went to preschool together! It probably won't have regular updates though. Enjoy :)
The U in Us by atotallylegitauthor
The U in Usby Jane Doe
School is a community, we are told we are one. But I don't see the same way as you. I think you can't see my way at all. I don't know your intentions and I hate it. Why...
🍒Edit shop🍒 by Koolaidlube
🍒Edit shop🍒by ❣ 𝒢𝑒𝓇𝒶𝓇𝒹 𝓌𝒶𝓎
Welcome to my edit shop, here we give out edits. Just request any show you want, I'll find the character and edit them, you may use them as your pfp, background, cover...
weird stuff. by brianaa136
weird stuff.by briana <3
6teen, nhie, total drama, & victorious! some info on these shows will be in the first chapter i dont own any of these characters!!!
Jen the Babysitter by PerkyGoth14
Jen the Babysitterby PerkyGoth14
Jen calls off a night with her friends to try out a babysitting job, but unfortunately for her, she is trapped to babysit a spoiled, obnoxious, annoying little brat: Ed'...