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Total drama world tour: the untold story by thewriterlindsay
Total drama world tour: the Lindsay
The new girl on total drama is Chris's daughter and Clair is so excited to start the show with the original cast. The drama has already begun. Friendships are made, loya...
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Chris's  daughter (completed) by thewriterlindsay
Chris's daughter (completed)by Lindsay
This is the alternate story where Clair didn't go on the show but Chris's other daughter Amanda went on total drama world tour instead. Amanda is shy unlike Clair and wo...
  • alejandro
  • friendsandfamily
  • heather
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Total Drama World Tour [Completed] by LongingForYesterday
Total Drama World Tour [Completed]by Astoria
They are back with an all new season! Two new members arrive as well to make a bigger boost in the ratings! And SINGING! There's even more drama as they travel the world...
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  • drama
  • world
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Total Drama One Shots  by straight_up_geek_
Total Drama One Shots by 👑Emma👑
Just a collection of one shots from the wonderful show "Total Drama!"
  • mature
  • disney
  • humor
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Latin Blood Wins~Total Drama World Tour Alejandro LS by RavenRainyBlack
Latin Blood Wins~Total Drama Raven Black
What happens when the 3rd season of Total Drama starts? What happens when there are 3 new constestants? What happens when the 3rd one has some special advantages from Ch...
  • wattys2018
  • emo
  • chris
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Total Drama All Stars by LongingForYesterday
Total Drama All Starsby Astoria
We are back with an all new season of Total Drama, introducing Total Drama All Stars! We include new things, along with a gorgeous spa hotel that the winners sleep in. T...
  • allstars
  • drama
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Total Drama Texts by glowworm888
Total Drama Textsby Gabbi The Knight
Texts between the Total Drama characters. Trigger warning at chapter 43
  • gwuncan
  • chrismclean
  • drama
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Total Drama Memes by glowworm888
Total Drama Memesby Gabbi The Knight
You need these. You're welcome.
  • gwuncan
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TFM: Total Frat Move // h.s. [COMPLETE] by pimpingstyles
TFM: Total Frat Move // h.s. [ pimpingstyles
President of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, Harry is struggling to keep his brothers in check, his academics in good standing, and his social life relevant while in his last...
  • direction
  • sorority
  • styles
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Total Drama Highschool by xx_preppy_xx
Total Drama Highschoolby Jazzy
What if Total Drama never happened, and they were all fresh out of middle school and going to highschool. Well there will be romance, humor, and LOTS of drama. *This wil...
  • drama
  • tdi
  • tdroti
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It Was Supposed To Only Be A Dare by artsyqueer
It Was Supposed To Only Be A Dareby artsyqueer
First the art I will mostly use is from mitosis-Jones on tumblr, so please go support the art of it will be my own, I will let you know in every chapter. This is a stor...
  • drama
  • island
  • tdi
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Total Drama Island: Enter Wade and Matt by DeadMC55
Total Drama Island: Enter Wade Handsome Dead
Wade and Matt enter Total Drama Island to win 100,000 $ cash and they both have their own reasons. Matt is by Kittycat1001
  • wade
  • drama
  • total
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Ariel's Actions: Total Drama Pahkitew Island FF by Off-Color_Oasis
Ariel's Actions: Total Drama Darius
When Ariel comes to Total Drama, he has no idea what to expect. But he's not in it for the money, he's in it to meet people and make new friends. Cheesy yes, but to him...
  • totaldrama
  • tdpi
  • total
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Total Drama Island: Syler's story by _criminals
Total Drama Island: Syler's storyby _criminals
Syler is a 16 year old girl with a prone injury and color blindness. She just moved to Toronto an her mom sends her off to a summer camp/ reality TV show. While she is t...
  • action
  • tour
  • island
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Total drama After the action by xxdarknessbroxx
Total drama After the actionby Bakuhoe
So this is when Duncan wins Total Drama Action. For some readers, the winner might have been Beth. Like me, on Netflix it's shows Beth winning. But the Canadian version...
  • totaldrama
  • action
  • duncan
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Total Drama Island by JessicaMarie_
Total Drama Islandby Jessica
Twenty-three teens, a gross camp, obnoxious host, a crazy Chef, and 100,000 dollars on the line. Alex can be labled as the Girly-Tough-Girl, going on the island to make...
  • camp
  • duncan
  • chris
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Mike's personalities x reader preferences [SLOW UPDATES] by masterqueen4513
Mike's personalities x reader Nadlix-Writes
Is there really much to explain about this? Personalities include: Chester Mike Mal Manitoba Svetlanta Vito Happy readings! <3
  • mal
  • svetlanta
  • xreader
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Total Drama Island: Paige's Story by undying_loverZ
Total Drama Island: Paige's Storyby undying_loverZ
Paige lost her parents at the age of three and now lives with her nana who is a wedding planner to the stars. Paige is convinced to audition for Total Drama Island. When...
  • paige
  • total
  • tour
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My Opinion on Total drama ships. ;) by Hopemake153
My Opinion on Total drama ships. ;)by Hopemake153
This is my opinion on Cartoon Networks, Total drama Ships. :0) These pictures are not mine all the credit goes to the people that made them and Total Drama
  • gwen
  • drama
  • duncan
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Malevolent Love by ashmercury
Malevolent Loveby Ash
On Total Drama All Stars, you unexpectedly fall for someone you never thought you would fall for. You and Mal face many challenges together, but will your relationship f...
  • chester
  • td
  • svetlana
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