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The VENOM Squad : Emperor Scorpion ft. Monitor Lizard by Emina_Daisuki
The VENOM Squad : Emperor Emina Daisuki
BOOK 3 OF THE VENOM SQUAD SERIES Gusion Paxley is a known skilled mage in Magical City. Since the day he was born, he has been arranged with Guinevere Baroque, a woman o...
"You Changed Me" • AluYa ft GuGuinLey • Mobile Legends LoveStory by spqcebuns_14
"You Changed Me" • AluYa ft living4ling
"The first time I saw you in our Guild, My heart felt weird and different." - Alucard "You were an amazing friend but... I want something more than that...
High School Love [GusLey] by Flyxuated
High School Love [GusLey]by Dr. Flyxuated
"Whenever you get hurt, I feel like it's my fault" -Gusion "I feel safe whenever I'm with you" -Lesley Gusion was very responsible, smart, fast, lon...
Earphones | GusLey [Completed, Unedited] by RedNReii0819
Earphones | GusLey [Completed, neyouwu
Book Cover Art done by: Buns Arts Two individuals both named Lesley and Gussion respectively, cross each other's path through the world of music. As they bond with each...
I Would Never Let You Go by Sw4etandB1te
I Would Never Let You Goby Lee Min
this all happens because of an unexpected accident, which led to two people becoming lovers. CATEGORY: tragedy, Romance
~ A Love To Last ~ A Gusley Story ~  by mimiii8
~ A Love To Last ~ A Gusley Mi Mi !¡
This is a story on where a girl named Lesley keeps hiding her feelings for Gusion. But Gusion asked her if he can court her. Lesley is a bit of a tsundere here. But what...
My Musketeer (A Gusley Story) by Ellywatterson
My Musketeer (A Gusley Story)by Elly Watterson
As the Vance family disappears for an unknown reason... Lesley: a royal musketeer who enlisted for the Moniyan Empire with her brother Harley, has been given a mission t...
Gusion x Lesley One Shots by howhollowareu
Gusion x Lesley One Shotsby Hollow Ween
This is another fanfiction for the Mobile Legends characters. Again, I don't own any of them. Just a fraction of my imagination for their story. Warning: Not for kids as...
Gusley Oneshots ^v^ by yumyumcheesecake
Gusley Oneshots ^v^by ᴄʜᴇᴇsᴇᴄᴀᴋᴇ
Gusion x Lesley all the wayyyy lol The title says it all Gusley Oneshots
Dangerous Romance [English Vers] by vanillattexx
Dangerous Romance [English Vers]by vanillattexx
"You're mine, and mine alone." Lesley Vance and her family moved to Dawn Village to forget the dark past and start a new life, only to find that the nightmare...
R E Q U E S T S by aneiraixsm
R E Q U E S T Sby ᜒᜒᜇᜒᜋᜌᜌᜈᜒᜄ᜔
Feel free to request! Chapters are going to be mostly fluff though and GusLey [DISCONTINUED] ©aneiraixsm 2017
Save (Gusion x Lesley) by AngAuthorNaUlyanin
Save (Gusion x Lesley)by AngAuthorNaUlyanin
SAber-VEnom ©AngAuthorNaUlyanin Started: May 29, 2019 Finished: September 13, 2020 Disclaimer: - Not affiliated with MLBB/Moonton - Fanart for the book cover is not mine...
unsocialy me: high school story gusley by injvni3s
unsocialy me: high school story _alxa_10
gusion is a very popular guy at Legends School. Lesley hate popular guys cause she thinks that they treat their fans trashly. She started to avoid every popular boy inc...
See You In My Dreams (Gusion x Lesley) by AngAuthorNaUlyanin
See You In My Dreams (Gusion x AngAuthorNaUlyanin
"Let me see her in my dreams." AngAuthorNaUlyanin © 2019 Started: January 2, 2019 Finished: December 29, 2020 Disclaimer: - Not affiliated with MLBB/Moonton ...
Mobile Legends Ships Story  by Marianne-chan
Mobile Legends Ships Story by Marianne
story about mobile legends ships and their love story. ???
To Hell And Back | Granevere | Edited by rekindleme
To Hell And Back | Granevere | Rekindle me
»»COMPLETED«« Volume 1: True love is almost impossible for the young and independent Guinevere. That is until she runs away from her engagement party to find the Death C...
24 Hours GF Challenge (Granevere AU) by IIOceanixII
24 Hours GF Challenge (Granevere C.C.
Guinevere Baroque is a lifestyle vlogger. Charming, lavish, and talented. Recently, she became hooked in this mobile game called "Mobile Legends: Bang Bang". A...
Gusley: This Must be love ||Completed ✔️ by liliynx
Gusley: This Must be love || 𝓵𝓲𝓵𝓲
She avenged her parents, after she did it she gambled her heart and denied what she felt. She changed her identity and started a new life. How playful fate is? They met...
Shattered - A GusLey Fanfiction by SoulStar467
Shattered - A GusLey Fanfictionby SoulStar
A big problem just got bigger. They have gotten themselves into something more than they all bargained for. All because of their past. Something that was already done, i...