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Mesum. ─ Lai Guanlin. by pacamine
Mesum. ─ Lai Eyel.
"Kenapa sih kok gede banget?" "Hah? Apanya?" "Itu yang dibalik kaos lo." "Apaan sih? Dibalik kaos apa?" . . . "Anjenk mesum...
Be the Mommy of the Beloved [MARKNO] END by nyx_gools
Be the Mommy of the Beloved [ leon
[TAHAP REVISI] Maaf... Alaska tapi kamu ayah jodohkan dengan dia Alaska kaget bukan main apa ayahnya itu gila ya mau menjodohkan dia dengan yang tidak seumuran dengan di...
Heroes : Na by jeonasaa
Heroes : Naby Ichaaa
Na Yuta, lelaki tangguh yang demi apapun rela melakukan apa saja untuk keempat putranya dan kekasih hidupnya. WARNING!! BXB!! MPREG!!
Catfish | Park Jihoon ✔️ by Jihoonqt
Catfish | Park Jihoon ✔️by RUSHY.
"Why do I love you, when I should hate you?" In which Jihoon pretends to be someone else to get a girl, but his plan backfires. #150 in fanfics 1/28/18 #253 in...
The Duality by safiuniverse
The Dualityby safi
The duality of shin ryujin and jeno lee. The most iconic students of Neo City International High School
♡Male Grandma♡||Taekook\Completed\ by jenniferVK_
♡Male Grandma♡||Taekook\Completed\by 🍑𝐵 𝑌 𝐸 𝑂 𝐿🍑
Хайрыг бүтээцгээе! S1:Pregnant Male->S2:Male Mom->S3:Male Grandma S3 boy×boy
Cold Love//Park Jihoon FF//Completed by alyyereeen
Cold Love//Park Jihoon FF// Aly :v
Two cold people who rarely meet, Two cold people who accidentally met at a bad timing, Two cold people who became friends, And two cold people who changed each other...
Hello darling | completed by Dreamyday_stories
Hello darling | completedby illuminate 💘
I still fall for you everyday.❤️ Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite.💙 When I listen to my heart, it whispers your name🤍
𝐑. Renjun Oneshoot Collection🔞 by Rumputcantik_
𝐑. Renjun Oneshoot Collection🔞by Railingshy
all about renjun x all memb nct/others.
✔ WUL #1 Teaching Assistant feat. Hwang Minhyun by kangtaehee1998
✔ WUL #1 Teaching Assistant Kang Taehee
Wanna One University Live Series Volume 1 - WUL #1 Book 1 : Wanna One College Life Series - Teaching Assistant (Completed) Book 2 : Minhyun's Marriage Life (Completed)...
✔ WUL #3 Roleplayer feat. Guanlin ➖ Jennie ➖ Minhyun by kangtaehee1998
✔ WUL #3 Roleplayer feat. Kang Taehee
Wanna One University Life Series Volume 3 - WUL #3 Kalo saja seorang EXO-L tidak membuat Jennie menjadi seorang fangirl, semua ini tidak akan terjadi. Semua masalah ini...
flight no. 37 ⌮ lai guanlin by DIORTYUN
flight no. 37 ⌮ lai guanlinby 🦢
❝You know, I start to love you even more as each day goes by.❞ {Seat No. 38 Sequel} © DIORTYUN Started: Dec 22, 2017 Completed: March 9, 2018 _____________________ Wanna...
Baby Piggy (Completed) by BibiUChuu
Baby Piggy (Completed)by Bambibi
Panwink Boy×Boy Wanna One
Love Is Ticking ∞ Lai Guanlin by kiwinishi
Love Is Ticking ∞ Lai Guanlinby hillary
||WARNING|| ||MAY BE VIOLENT OR UNCOMFORTABLE FOR SOME READERS|| Love to him was like a clock, use that girl for a certain amount of time; "ring ring" time's u...
stupid cupid! (Panwink) by taekookjin30
stupid cupid! (Panwink)by ordinary
jihoon itu mak comblang paling top seantro sekolah, tapi sayang dia jomblo! pertama kalinya suka sama orang, eh ketikung sama sahabat sendiri :')
clash | lai guanlin by Millymellymully
clash | lai guanlinby 詩
Clash. In this story , your able to see the clash of personality between two totally opposite characters. start: 12 June 2017 end: 8 September 2017 [ Cover credit goes...
vhoon|| wanna one jihoon & bts taehyung ff by ShugaTae
vhoon|| wanna one jihoon & bts jinyoung 😊
park jihoon and kim taehyung fanfic- no idea if its oneshots or chapters honestly mostly jihoon fanboying i may have over exaggerated jihoons love for taehyung (regrets...
my bad husband |kang Daniel by taeyang156
my bad husband |kang Danielby taeyang156
I hate him, he always flirting with other girls, while I? he likes to have a sex with other girl. why not with me? 18++++
Wanna One Byuntae Imagines by XiLuNa16
Wanna One Byuntae Imaginesby vyna
Ini Byuntae Imagines kau dengan Wanna One. Dah tulis byuntae kat situ. Yg otak suci x pyh baca.Kalau terbaca jugak jgn nak bash author.