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Kpop One Shots by escapethe_gayships
Kpop One Shotsby Jasmine
Boy x boy and girl x girl ships.
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GOT7 IMAGINES (ONE SHOTS)💚💚💗 by igot7_0218_
GOT7 IMAGINES (ONE SHOTS)💚💚💗by igot7_0218_
Different situations of each GOT7 members
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BTS, EXO, GOT7 Soulmate/Lover One Shots (Female Reader) by KingHoseokkie
BTS, EXO, GOT7 Soulmate/Lover Kaden King
BTS, EXO, and GOT7 one shots using Soulmate and Lover AU ideas I found!
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KPOP Oneshots/Scenarios - X Reader! [Requests Are Open] by jaewrxtes
KPOP Oneshots/Scenarios - X Jae
Small Oneshots and Scenarios with your favorite KPOP Idols! Requests: 2 New Requests! Working on: Requests! + Special [S(Number)]= Scenario [Number]= Oneshot [♬] = Song...
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Got7 WWYD, Reactions and Scenarios by jbmtjr_luhan
Got7 WWYD, Reactions and Scenariosby 2jae
Basically what the title says, a bunch of random Got7 'what would you do?'s, reactions and scenarios ❤️ credits to owners of the pictures/gifs credit to @ibighitae for t...
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GOT7 IMAGINES by strawberryjmilk
"smile today." DO NOT SEND IN REQUESTS! - all rights reserved ©strawberryjmilk | 2018
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Im Jaebum Fanfiction by xilhoonie
Im Jaebum Fanfictionby Xilhoonie
Im Jaebum fanfiction! 0106. The sexy leader of Got7, being cute at some point and food fighter. Here is my fanfiction, letting my imagination going wild with him as the...
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got7 oneshots (no smut) by alexxfics
got7 oneshots (no smut)by alex.
im using a random prompt generator and inputting y/n x whatever member and yeah so this should be fun
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GOT7 Imagines ✰ (On Hiatus) by jinbutts
GOT7 Imagines ✰ (On Hiatus)by ella
In which a girl with no life writes about a group of boys who have one for the satisfaction of others and herself.
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GOT7 ONE SHOTS and IMAGINES by maisalovescecil
GOT7 ONE SHOTS and IMAGINESby Princess_Mai1998
Just some one shots and imagines that I wrote during free time at school and home. If you want one, just message me!!
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Got7 One Shots (in the works)  by Amber_hemmings13
Got7 One Shots (in the works) by Amber
It's exactly what the title says. I'll be doing requests, and if you'd like to have a one shot made, please fill out these questions below: Info (Optional):name? Female...
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GOT7 IMAGINE BOOK 2 by thee_kpopper97
Because my first one reached the max amount of parts, and I still.received some requests and I have other ideas, this will be part 2. Enjoy! I have no ownership of these...
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