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Life Is A Messed Up Game  ( SEQUEL ) ✔️ by NazAhmad8
Life Is A Messed Up Game ( TranSlytherin
Do we really know who the actual Harry Potter is. What if Dumbledore took him away from his parents? What if Dumbledore was the bad guy What if James Potter is alive? W...
A Slytherin hero (going to be in a lot of re-editing) by purplegumamela
A Slytherin hero (going to be in purplegumamela
Harriet potter was always neglected by her parents because they think her twin brother Harry Potter is the boy who lived, when in reality the real saviour is Harriet. A...
Harry Potter and His Twin Sister by froggiedaggers
Harry Potter and His Twin Sisterby Rebecca
Rebecca Lily Potter and her older twin brother Hadrian James Potter are both betrayed by those that they thought were friends, family, and eventually end up being murd...
Hayley Iris Potter by Lyra_Potter_03
Hayley Iris Potterby Lyra Potter
I don't own Harry potter it belongs to J.K.Rowling After her friends abndoned her in the summer after 4th year Hayley starts to question her life and decides to give up...
A Snake, A Bird, and A Fawn by itsy_bitsy_spidey
A Snake, A Bird, and A Fawnby spidey
Cecily Potter had one wish: to go to Hogwarts like her twin brother, Harry. But the world seemed to take away everything she wanted. Harry said that she wasn't important...
The Dragon's Treasure (Fem!Harry x Draco) by FanonStar
The Dragon's Treasure (Fem!Harry FanonStar
Lady Narcissa Malfoy and Heir Draco Malfoy meet Lady Holly Potter in Madame Malkin's Robes For All Occasion's, and realize she is something far more precious than just t...
Strange Lovers by cutebaby_panda200
Strange Loversby Violet Daisy
Harry finds out who he really is and has been lied to and what happened when his crush turns out to be his mate? And will his mate except him???
The Malfoy's adopted son by Nikolas_dragonslayer
The Malfoy's adopted sonby Nikolas
Harry at age eight has a burst of accidental magic and somehow ends up on the Malfoy's front step. What will happen when the Malfoy's decide to keep Harry?
Save me by Jace_is_ded
Save meby Jace
this is a Oliver wood x harry Potter x cedric diggory fanfic, you don't like it then don't read it. *set around harry's 4 year*Cedric is still alive* harry have been...
Hadrian Severus Potter by Sabigiyuuorsanegiyuu
Hadrian Severus Potterby Sabigiyuuorsanegiyuu
Y'all can just go ahead and read this since I will probably just spoil the whole thing in a summary. I am gonna make this into a series, so you can expect one for each y...
Is The Dark All Dark? by RebeccaClark704
Is The Dark All Dark?by R. J. Wood
The summer before Harry's 4th year another house elf appears in his aunt and uncle's house at number 4 Privet Drive giving him some news that will change his entire life...
Thálassa W.T.M. HP & PJO by MissVampWolf22
Thálassa W.T.M. HP & PJOby Mariah Ann
During Alessia Potter's 5th year movies appeared along with Greek God's, demigods, the Black's, the Potter's, the Lupin-Blacks, the Weasleys, the Malfoys, the ministry...
Lost Son ~ discontinued by Sophie_star03
Lost Son ~ discontinuedby Starlight🌟
After years of abuse from the people he trusted the most Harry finds out the truths.
Family of Darkness (Discontinued For Now) by DemonicWolf1414
Family of Darkness (Discontinued Brittany Seegmiller
Is Harry and his friends really on the light side or the dark side? Would they fine the true family or are they alone. Their will be Dumbledore, molly, ron, and ginny ba...
Second Chances by nightwing2
Second Chancesby Alfred F. Jones
Harry Potter, abused and used, is sick of the lies and the pain and the betrayals. He wants to die, knowing that he should have been in Slytherin. Maybe if he had been i...
The Real Me {FemHarry} by sinna06
The Real Me {FemHarry}by sunshine
Alena Liliana Potter was done. Done with all the bullshit in her life. All the shit that has been thrown in her life for what, nothing! The only thing that did to her ma...
Shadows and broken Souls by fairytailfreak937
Shadows and broken Soulsby ⚡️Best boy Denki⚡️
Harry and Draco have been enemies since 1st year , now in their 5th year their relationship takes a drastic turn when dark secrets are spilled. Draco's going through ter...
𝐋𝟎𝐒𝐓 𝐇𝟑𝐈𝐑 | ғᴇʟɪɴᴇᴛᴛᴇ by cranewings
𝐋𝟎𝐒𝐓 𝐇𝟑𝐈𝐑 | ғᴇʟɪɴᴇᴛᴛᴇby # ᴋᴀᴛʜʏ ⋆.ᐟ✦
L0ST H3IR ━━ MIRACULOUS LADYBUG X HARRY POTTER Felix Fathom is his adopted name but his real name is really Caius Felix Malfoy the older brother of Draco Malfoy. He was...
∂εαтнs мιsтяεss: σηℓү тιмε ωιℓℓ тεℓℓ by wifeofkuroken
∂εαтнs мιsтяεss: σηℓү тιмε ωιℓℓ тε wifeofkuroken
"gσ тσ нεℓℓ үσυ вℓσσ∂ү вαsтαя∂" тнσsε ωεяε тнε ℓαsт ωσя∂s тαℓια αℓιssα ρσттεя вℓαcк ℓαsтяαηgε ρεη∂яαgση-яι∂∂ℓε sρσкε ωнεη sнε тσσк нεя ℓαsт вяεαтн I do not ow...
Regulus Abraxas Malfoy by FreakyFanficFanatic
Regulus Abraxas Malfoyby Mysterium
Harry isn't Harry. He's stolen and forced to age two years. When he comes into his inheritance he forgets everything that happened after his eleventh birthday. He's real...