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She is my soul by steeldragonslayer
She is my soulby SteelDragonSlayer
This is a gargoyles Goliath x oc, I don't own gargoyles or it's characters Disney does. I only own the Oc hope you enjoy. Oc is the "cousin" to Elisa Maza.
Night time and Darkness Rising (Gargoyles & Transformers Prime Crossover) by 2ArchAngels
Night time and Darkness Rising (Ga...by 2ArchAngels
Rhea Priya Kinsley is the 25 year old charge of Ratchet. She thinks of Ratchet as a brother, or father figure. She works as a doctor and she is called in to travel to Ma...
It Only takes a Night by TheCaxti
It Only takes a Nightby TheCaxti
The time was 994, in Scotland. Viking attacks were all to frequent. But castles had a bit of an advantage. They had gargoyles. Stone by day. Fierce warriors by night. T...
Gargoyles: The Supernatural Hunter (Harem X Male Reader) by Huyhuynh4061
Gargoyles: The Supernatural Hunter...by Hhuynh24
Gargoyles From Disney. Constantine From DC. I own nothing. (Y/N) Constantine is the exorcist and supernatural hunter/Hell-Blazer and he was the one who hunting some mons...
Au Sans' vore oneshots by April_Gianttale
Au Sans' vore oneshotsby April_Gianttale
The title says it all. If you don't like vore, leave or your gonna have a firey time. Those who love vore... I hope you enjoy. I also take request. Some of the parts in...
The Red Wolf : Healer of Witcher's (complete) by BlueTopazWitcher
The Red Wolf : Healer of Witcher's...by RedRogue
I, Rafaela of Loc Munnine, Rafe to my friends , the Red Wolf, Healer of Witchers and men, am running from one man. I have spent the last 20 years out running him and my...
Sigma/Star by nick
Sigma/Starby Nick from Wattpad
The Earth is approaching the year 2200. It has been divided by four major powers who dwell in ceaseless war. Human pilots learn to drive massive mechanized soldiers call...
Gargoyles (oc female reader) by AllieGirard
Gargoyles (oc female reader)by Allie Girard
One thousand Years Ago, Superstition and the sword ruled. It was age of darkness, it was age of fear, it was age of Gargoyles. stone by day, warriors by night they were...
Beetle of the Night by JungleFurious
Beetle of the Nightby JungleFurious
One thousand years ago, superstition and the sword ruled. It was a time of darkness, it was a world of fear, it was the age...of gargoyles. Stone by day, warriors by nig...
The Gargoyles Will Rise by RockStarNekogirl
The Gargoyles Will Riseby Neko-Nya
The Gargoyles Will Rise It was inspired by the old show Gargoyles A New York girl named Amber, who love the unknown, one day meets the most amazing creature called the G...
The Slumbering Petals: The Chronicles of a Yozakura Slacker by SapphireBlue595
The Slumbering Petals: The Chronic...by Gamer Z
Taiyo Asano found himself in the gold rank spy family: The Yozakura Family.
My little Spider//lmk//toxicinsanity  by Dreaming575
My little Spider//lmk//toxicinsani...by the.gay. has_ spoken
Ever since the spiderqueen came along and made the venom work, and caused his downfall and he can't even look at himself in the mirror now because he fears his own refl...
GARGOYLES: Re-Awakening by drewcharles1
GARGOYLES: Re-Awakeningby drewcharles1
Meet Goliath and the Clan, Elisa, Xanatos, and of course Demona once again. In this retelling of the Gargoyles origin, Goliath must make a choice between his and Demona'...
Gargoyles: Daughter of two worlds by Lilith_Deckerstar
Gargoyles: Daughter of two worldsby Lilith Deckerstar
One Thousand Years Ago, Superstition and the Sword ruled. It was a time of darkness. It was a world of fear. It was the age of... Gargoyles. Stone by day, warriors by ni...
Mission: Yozakura Family (Male Reader) by rip_Exotic
Mission: Yozakura Family (Male Rea...by rip_Exotic
Kaito Asano is a super-shy high school student and the only person he can talk to is his childhood friend Mutsumi Yozakura. However, she comes from a line of master spie...
Gargoyles- The Heart of Everything (Book 1) by LucarioMaster41
Gargoyles- The Heart of Everything...by Quintin Martin
Story belongs to Sunmoonlight on Fanfiction.net all credit goes to them for this amazing story. Brooklyn has been living in a very lonely world and yearns to find love o...
Disney's Gargoyles: The Last Hatchling (NOT FINISHED) by Pr0ngl3z
Disney's Gargoyles: The Last Hatch...by Pr0ngl3z
The start of a new life between a confused clan of NY Gargoyles and a mother gargoyle of one, the last hatchling of her clan. Read to find out her challenges in an envir...
Gargoyles: The Vampiric Knight by ShadowFlame21
Gargoyles: The Vampiric Knightby Aaron Lycan
Gargoyles is owned by Disney, I own the OC. It isn't just Gargoyles that New York has living there. There are those who live in the shadows, who prey upon the humans as...
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The new Gargoyle. (Gargoyles Fanfiction) DISCONTINUED by LibbieBlackout422
The new Gargoyle. (Gargoyles Fanfi...by Libbie Fritz
This story starts off after they find Angela and bring her back (when Broadway catches her eye). A new clan of Gargoyles is found, only 1 of them are found alive.
Gargoyles and transformers prime  by StephanieNolmans
Gargoyles and transformers prime by Stephanie Nolmans
Artemis Darby is a 20 years old detective and moved to Manhattan. she became friends with Elisa Maza and then meet they meet the gargoyles. She and Goliath are dating ea...