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Kingmaker (Complete) by galaxy_dars
Kingmaker (Complete)by D. Aden
(second draft almost done) Kinsha is a criminal, and a troublesome one at that. While living in the town of Seca, he has grown accustomed to the constant smell of death...
  • darkmagic
  • sword
  • lowfantasy
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GOODNIGHT N GO  ,  JAMES POTTER. by -paddifoot
━━━ GOODNIGHT N GO | ❛ WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU IN MY DORM ROOM? ❜ in which venus' wish had come true, but not in the way she wanted it to be l...
  • severussnape
  • marauders
  • red
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Seer's Hope (Book 1 of The Seer Trilogy) by MareeAnderson
Seer's Hope (Book 1 of The Seer Maree Anderson
Hope is snatched from her home and transported to a primitive world of magic and capricious gods. The Dayamari people believe she’s a Seer and their only hope of salvati...
  • magic
  • god
  • seer
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Crown of Faeries by Watercolors75
Crown of Faeriesby Watercolors75
IT'S A MATCH OF DEATH Caelia Emerson is about to embark on her greatest journey yet. Her mother has died and her uncle can no longer take care of her anymore, forci...
  • thecrown
  • language
  • firebirds
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War of Prophecies Rewrite : Relic of Time Wars, Book 1 (#wattys2019) by MamaMagie
War of Prophecies Rewrite : Mama Magie &Minionettes
"Never forget, Karstien, Evil appears when least expected, sacrifices must be made, but even in that darkest hour, the stars still shine, and hope endures because l...
  • friends
  • courage
  • farlanders
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Seer's Promise (Book 2 of The Seer Trilogy) - Excerpt Only by MareeAnderson
Seer's Promise (Book 2 of The Maree Anderson
Seer's Promise (Book 2 of The Seer Trilogy) by Maree Anderson Hope’s Sehani powers have finally grown strong enough to risk returning to Earth. Gods willing, she’ll find...
  • healers
  • gods
  • seers
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The Seers of Oak by flanwriter01
The Seers of Oakby Theresa Flannery
"Beware the Seers of Oak-" surrounding kingdoms whisper "-their knowledge may come at the price of their sanity." In this intense mystery adventure (...
  • ptsd
  • murder
  • seers
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   pretty in pink ━ the lost boys.  by veIveteen
pretty in pink ━ the lost boys. by 𝖌𝖎𝖌𝖎
❝la vie en rose.❞ [ sam emerson x oc, the lost boys au. ]
  • thelostboys
  • samemerson
  • coreyhaim
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Not Human ( Sam Tsui, Against The Current, Chrissy Costanza, Kurt Schneider) by pencils_create
Not Human ( Sam Tsui, Against pencils_create
Beings of mysterious powers, the notorious few are back for another story. Prepare yourselves for a book with mystical creatures, magical abilities, involving a few of t...
  • dangow
  • tylerward
  • depression
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The Promise by keelyrae7
The Promiseby keelyrae
Since she was 12, Carmella(Ella) has hated men. She never thought it was much of a problem until her father sends her away to Florida to spend the summer with one of his...
  • lines
  • happiness
  • feelings
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Thorns of Beltane: Rising  by Watercolors75
Thorns of Beltane: Rising by Watercolors75
IN AN ERA OF DECIET & MALFEASANCE... A powerful darkness lurks beyond the golden fire in Piper Cayenne's eyes. A power that is prophesied to end all supernatural kind. ...
  • angels
  • darkness
  • fantasy
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Snowflake Girl | Lily Evans [ON HOLD]  by snitch_1212
Snowflake Girl | Lily Evans [ON cOnStaNtLy tRiGgErEd
When a batty old fortune teller predicts that Lily will find 'love' when the last batch of snow melts, she doesn't think much of it. But when she does have a love at fir...
  • siriusbkack
  • hp
  • jily
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The Silent Shadow by NightSlayer589
The Silent Shadowby SummerKills
"Hi, my name is Kierra West, meaning Dark, or Lord. I am 13 and a half. I like reading, music and a certain someone. I don't like insects, studying and frogs. My dr...
  • creatures
  • demons
  • siren
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Second Sight {Pokemon Fanfiction} [HIATUS] by Serena-Daniels
Second Sight {Pokemon Fanfiction} Serena E. Daniels
A perfect world does not exist, nor will it ever. Since the beginning of time, conflict and war has generated nothing but bloodshed. In a universe filled with only Poke...
  • silver
  • fire
  • adventure
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(Old version) Infinite Heartbeats  by KiarahATA
(Old version) Infinite Heartbeats by Kiara Huang
Warning: Unedited. First drafts. (EVEN ALL THE OLD AUTHORS NOTE PLEASE NOTE THE CRINGE) This is a story where infinite heartbeats are lost among a thousand faces. All h...
  • seers
  • scifi
  • friendship
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The Seers by LadyDarkPhantom
The Seersby Niko Armstrong
Shadows move without their objects. Whispers in the night are all too real. The things that people think only exist in books and movies are my reality. My eyes see wh...
  • demons
  • vampire
  • seers
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Sunfall Ylvis 1 by daliajalia
Sunfall Ylvis 1by D A L I A
After the mysterious death of his older brother, Vegard, Bård Ylvisåker moves to Sunfall, Louisiana to find answers and solve the mystery. But instead he finds out that...
  • fox
  • mystery
  • vampire
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Solomon's Ring by maryjenniferpayne
Solomon's Ringby Mary Jennifer Payne
In the second book of the Daughters of Light series, the demon-hunted Seers are in a race against time to return a stolen ring. Twin sisters Jade and Jasmine are finall...
  • twins
  • cli-fi
  • yafiction
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Draco Legacy: Origins by jonavas
Draco Legacy: Originsby CJ Navas
Alina Dimitru is a sixteen year old high school senior. Originally from Romania, but living in Boston, MA. Sadly, she has had a very sheltered and secluded life most of...
  • solomonari
  • paragon
  • vampire
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Passion by OnTheEdgeOfBeauty
Passionby OnTheEdgeOfBeauty
Ophelia and Seraphina Vita knew what death felt like. They knew the darkness that it brought. Every day they play with this darkness, with life and death itself. It's no...
  • seers
  • necromancers
  • book1
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