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Catradora. New Life by Flaminghomo20
Catradora. New Lifeby Flaminghomo20
Adora is a foster kid being taken in by a new family. She has lost some friends previously because of them being adopted but there is a possibility of reconnection. For...
Second chance~Catradora [COMPLETED] by GoldenAla22
Second chance~Catradora [COMPLETED]by just vibing
(Based on She-ra season 4!!) With Hord Prime now in custody of Glimmer and Catra, as well as Adora breaking her sword and losing the ability to turn into She-ra and Bow...
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★she-ra oneshots★ by lavieonrosee
★she-ra oneshots★by 𝗟𝗔𝗩𝗜𝗘
★Heyo★ ➫literally anything that comes to mind. ➫any ships in she-ra...ANY! ➫fluff n angst, you've come to the right place. ➫a bunch of mumbo jumbo that people might enjo...
She-ra princess of power one shots by ultimatewhore
She-ra princess of power one shotsby I eat old people
Okay so basically there will be cursing and smut, anything else will have warnings. Yes, I do take requests but only if you comment them on the request page.
Sparkles And Claws. by Chipped_Melog
Sparkles And Chipped_Melog
(AU) Glimmer and Bow forgive Catra after she plays a big part in saving Adora in the heart of Etheria. But Adora changes her mind about forgiving her. Micah ends up br...
She-ra/The United Cubs Group Chat (DISCONTINUED) by PenNameNAV
She-ra/The United Cubs Group *Author_Nyvah*
ppl: TUC, any character with a name in the show. Includes: art work, random memes, inside jokes, puns, pictures, etc. (DOES NOT INCLUDE: TOD -- I have a whole 'nother...
Oh god what have I done?!|She-ra reboot, Glimmer x Catra,(real life au) by Es_Junkyard
Oh god what have I done?!|She-ra Elias McBitchson
Catra-no will to live, no where to go| Glimmer-lost everything and everyone she loved| They realize they are all they have
She-Ra Oneshots (requests closed) by Aesthetic_ugly
She-Ra Oneshots (requests closed)by 𝑾𝒉𝒊𝒕𝒏𝒆𝒚<3
One shots of she ra! 🌺REQUESTS ARE CLOSED FOR NOW🌺
She Ra Month 2021 Oneshots by newwwwusername
She Ra Month 2021 Oneshotsby Anonymous
I decided to participate in the She Ra month challenge this year with a oneshot a day. They will probably mostly be hurt/comfort and will probably vary in length massive...
We're all tired - Glitra by YourLocal_Layna
We're all tired - Glitraby Layna
Glitra Story (major Catra angst warning please read trigger warnings before proceeding) Catra didn't know why. Catra didn't know how. Catra didn't understand. Why would...
it's okay to burnt, as long as you let me heal  by mmmarybeary
it's okay to burnt, as long as mary
"I didn't save Etheria. The heroes did. I'm no hero." "You can be. You don't have to stay with the Horde. All that's left is scrap metal anyway. Come, joi...
She-Ra Headcannons and Oneshots :) by Andrias_kinnie
She-Ra Headcannons and Oneshots :)by charlie
this is just a bunch of head cannons and one shots. YES I do take suggestions but No smut please, it makes me uncomfortable
glitra comfort Oneshot by Gray32Feather
glitra comfort Oneshotby Gray Feather
((cover art by me)) A glimmer and catra oneshot this is less glitra shipping and more just them calming each other a bit. but yknow. My first attempt at a fanfiction and...
lose the cat by BEIF0NGS
lose the catby sarah
catra overthrew prime. when adora comes to save her, catra is on the throne. art by @saixza on twitter
hey, adora - a collection of oneshots by ohmyobsessions
hey, adora - a collection of m v
i may or may not be causing problems on purpose, and can neither confirm nor deny that allegation. just some catradora shit. there will be other ships too, so feel free...
She-ra/The United Cubs: Highschool AU (DISCONTINUED) by PenNameNAV
She-ra/The United Cubs: *Author_Nyvah*
She-Ra Ship roleplays  by DanyisAlwaysMyQueen
She-Ra Ship roleplays by Zav
A She-Ra roleplay ship book with the canon characters Credit for the cover: @dcon_34
Can't call me kitten now(Glitra Fanfic) by OfficiallyCatra
Can't call me kitten now(Glitra Catra Applause MeowMeow
Glimmer wakes up one day as a cat! What stuff in her life will change as this goes on?
She-ra: Rise of The United (DISCONTINUED) by PenNameNAV
She-ra: Rise of The United ( *Author_Nyvah*
I give credit to Artofkace for the drawings and most of the characters for the kids... Check out the first book in TUC Series (--Dawn of The United--) for the backstory...