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Morrissey x reader ... 💓 by MeeHkfiiffi
Morrissey x reader ... 💓by MeeHkfiiffi
The story of Morrissey, falling in love with (y/n) the different, and mysterious one.
80s bands imagines. by alanwildersnose
80s bands alanwildersnose
boredom got to me, so I'm opening requests for 80s bands imagines. feel free to ask anything, but nothing too smutty or bold. I'm an innocent teenager ya know ;)
highschool!britpop x reader au by HentaiMatsu
highschool!britpop x reader auby Lindsay
>requires basic knowledge of blur, oasis, suede, pulp, elastica, etc. >requires basic Madchester knowledge as well >will have some cameos from obscure bands lik...
Spineless Swines by backbedroomcasualty
Spineless Swinesby The Girl Least Likely To
Johnny is a quick thinking, easy going kid with the best mate in the world and a lovely girlfriend, yet life's pretty dull at his life sucking school. Suddenly he rushes...
The Smiths Text😳🤭 by Unloveable_Children
The Smiths Text😳🤭by Unloveable_Children
this is really gay and uh- yeah😎😎 blease enjoy this hsuhsghshs
This Charming Man - Robert Smith x Morrissey  by crimeandpassion
This Charming Man - Robert Smith I’m so upset
Broken {Waterloo Road} #1 in Broken series.  by _X_Sammii_X_
Broken {Waterloo Road} #1 in 𝐌𝐜𝐇𝐨𝐭𝐜𝐡
[Book One in series] Kenzie is a new girl to Waterloo Road. She's struggling with mental illness. She left her old school when the bullying got too bad. Now she's at t...
"Well I Wonder", A Marrissey One Shot by Pascal5207
"Well I Wonder", A Marrissey One Pascal5207
A one shot involving the "Marrissey" ship. Note: I'm not gay, but this ship is just too cute (and depressing 😔).
Morrissey Reblogs Memes by unloveablemarr
Morrissey Reblogs Memesby jen
Modern day tumblr au. Johnny finds Morrissey's blog and immediately fals for the weird, meme-posting music nerd. *Don't agree to meet strangers from the internet though...
duran duran texts 🕺🕺 by scorpiogonewrong
duran duran texts 🕺🕺by scorpio gone fucking wrong
a group chat with duran duran along w some quality content and a side of orderly chaos 😏😏 hold onto your kneecaps everyone 😡
There's Something Against Us by marrissey
There's Something Against Usby Blah
Really self explanatory. Give it a read! ..I mean...if you want to... You don't need to know the famous people to read this ^.^
johnny marr/ the smiths oneshots by smithsfanatic8287
johnny marr/ the smiths oneshotsby smithsfanatic8287
johnny marr + the smiths oneshots. there's such a lack of smiths content on this bloody app so i decided to write something for my fellow fans. feel free to comment any...
Cats are a Morrisseys best friend by jojosiwaisyourmom
Cats are a Morrisseys best friendby jojosiwaisyourmom
Morrissey has tons of cats that make him really happy. It's not weird if he talks to them right
a chaotic valentines😳💗 by Unloveable_Children
a chaotic valentines😳💗by Unloveable_Children
literally the title says it all😈😈😈 yeth,, this is a smiths fanfic😳 (also Happy Valentine's Day everyone) 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
compilado historias Marrissey by Aylingadot
compilado historias Marrisseyby 👁️ 👁️ 👁️ 👁️
Todos escribían marrissey y yo también quería xD
my plastic girl... by dookiebutt9
my plastic dookie butt
this story is about Nicki Minaj and Morrisey being INLOVE but... there is a big twist. as their relationship goes on someone comes to steal Morrisey from his lover Nicki...